About our Facebook Integration

About our Facebook Integration

We've teamed up with the social-networking site Facebook to make it easier than ever to share all of your favourite stories with your friends. These new features mean that you can add links to any of our content onto your wall at the click of a button and even sign in to comment on our site using your existing Facebook profile.

'Liking' our content

Facebook 'Like' screenshot

Under each of our articles, you’ll find a ‘Like’ button and, if you’re already logged into your Facebook account, this will show up automatically in your profile so that all of your friends can see it, as well as adding your name to the hopefully long list of people who also enjoyed it. If you haven’t yet logged in, then you’ll just be redirected over to Facebook to do so first.

Commenting with Facebook

Facebook comment integration screenshot

We’ve also made commenting on local issues quicker and easier. Just click the ‘Login with Facebook’ button and it will automatically fill out the detail boxes so that you can concentrate on penning your thoughts. And what’s more, if you want to share your comment with all of your friends, all you need to do is tick the checkbox and we’ll publish it straight onto your wall once it's approved. What could be simpler?