We will support 'innovative, nimble and bold' businesses

GUERNSEY businesses have been urged to be ‘innovative, nimble and bold’ – and they will be supported to success by an efficient government, the Commerce and Employment minister has pledged.

Kevin Stewart

GUERNSEY businesses have been urged to be ‘innovative, nimble and bold’ – and they will be supported to success by an efficient government, the Commerce and Employment minister has pledged.

Deputy Kevin Stewart, pictured, addressed a sell-out Institute of Directors’ lunch on the theme of innovation and creativity. He forecast a bright, if not simple, future for the local economy.

‘We need to be innovative, to be nimble and we have to be bold,’ he said. ‘We don’t want interference from government, we want support and facilitation.

‘I think we have a great future. I don’t think it’s going to be easy. It will be a difficult time of transition over the next few years, but I’m buoyant about Guernsey’s future and will work very hard to get to that point.

‘There is still a huge amount of opportunity out there and I’ll do everything in my power to talk it up, be positive, look for strengths and not worry about our weaknesses.’

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More Local Than You

Very fluffy words from 104.7's finest.

The local economy is far from simple and the future is far from bright.


Here we go again

When will this guy actually DO something?

Honeybill Mark 2?


This clown is completely out of his depth, and his hollow words smack of false optimism and unrealistic expectations.

My own prediction would be this; expect a rocky road over the next few years and don't be at all surprised to see unemployment go into 4 figures. Expect a fall in property prices (hopefully not too big) and a drop in earnings in real terms. Expect St Peter Port to look a lot different to what it does today, with more empty shops and even more struggling to survive. Expect tax rises in some shape or form, and a drop in the standard of public services. In short, expect things to get worse before they get better, that's the reality, and it's worrying that people like Kevin Stewart appear unable and/or unwilling to accept the situation as is.

More Local Than You

Love that analysis and hugely agree with that future prediction.

Whilst optimism is a good quality to have, when there are so many weaknesses and threats to the status quo, it appears worrying that Kevin Stewart just wants to smile his way though things.

That said, I wouldn't like his job, I seriously wouldn't know where to start...


I would say he is saying the right things and quite possibly to the right people.

Its just what he gives away to get business here that worries me.

Will he give grants on top of Zero-10?

Will any incoming business employ predominatly local people ?

Can he get the Civil Service to deal with incoming business enquiries without listing reasons why something can't be done as opposed to why it should be done.

Ultimatly he has one term and that it but I do believe he will try his best.

However - it will be a tough call.

We could do a straw poll - Dep Kev or McNulty Barking ?


"not worry about our weaknesses"

Says it all really.

vic gamble

...well at least he appears to have combed his hair in this photograph...this will almost certainly add more gravity to what he said.


I hear this evening that Moonpig manufacturing is pulling out leaving just a few Front Office persons behind.

Anyone heard anything ?


Who is this guy? An ex DJ.

What does he know about business, especially the finance industry and inovative entrepreneurs.

The only saving grace is that the chief minister is a very astute businessman.



I suggest you check up his CV. You may know him as a local DJ but he has been CEO of two UK media groups. His credentials are not as limited as you think!



I disagree, he's still a one trick pony as far as I can see (i.e. media) and his performance so far indicates that he is far more interested in media spin (shock horror!!) than getting to grips with what Guernsey needs to do to develop its economy with a view to minimising the fall out over the next 5 to 10 years.


I'm not so sure - the problem i feel is that he is well connected but very naive.

When he was on the stump he alluded to the very many well placed persons that he knew.

I can imagine that when he told them he was going to be a politician they smiled and nodded.

When he got in not only as an "MP" but as a minister his calls were not returned.

"Minister Stewart again for you Sir Rupert, you know - that funny DJ chap from Jincy"

"Tell him i'm in a meeting Jacinda"

Dave Haslam

Wise words from KS, presumably only applies to non-local businessmen though eh?


Jeepers people, give Kevin a break and stop being personal about him - hes not so bad to deserve personal annon. attacks is he!?

At least he's being pro-active and positive about our amazing island and he is 100% right that we shouldn't get tied up by government interference.

We are so lucky to be on Guernsey and we have many opportunities that others don't have!



Well said, I wish some contributors on these forums would stick to criticising policies & not personal attacks on people who at the very least have the bottle to stand for election & be prepared to sometimes make hard choices that may be unpopular, the families of these Deputies read these forums & its hurtful to hear your father or mother or siblings called names by people who are no better than petty play ground bullies. Why not try coming up with an alternative idea or argument instead of shouting down theirs all the time.

I think at least Kev is trying to be proactive & install a little bit of drive in people who may be thinking of starting a business.


Dear Grippios

Nicely put and thanks.