Celebrate the risk takers, says Guernsey's Governor

GUERNSEY’S Lt-Governor has urged islanders to celebrate the business leaders who take a chance on their future to drive the island forward.

lt-Governor Air-Marshal Peter Walker

GUERNSEY’S Lt-Governor has urged islanders to celebrate the business leaders who take a chance on their future to drive the island forward.

In presenting the best business award – the Commerce and Employment Guernsey Business of the Year – to Livingroom estate agents, Air-Marshal Peter Walker, pictured, said capitalism had to be celebrated.

‘We need people with ideas who are prepared to innovate, take risks, put their futures and that of their families on the line to create the wealth that allows us to have a health service, social services and an education system and quality of life we enjoy in Guernsey,’ he said.

‘All of you who contribute to that deserve our undivided support and praise for the job well done.

‘To those who were not fortunate enough to be on the platform but made the shortlist, that is an achievement in itself and they should be extremely proud.’

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Would these risk takers include the States.

Ferry pier ! - gimme strength.

pb falla

Who listens to this claptrap ?

I think he needs a slogan


Our economy needs risk takers and entrepreneurs who stimulate economic growth, and acknowledging successful business ventures is good. Nevertheless I fear the Governor got a bit carried away with all the mutual back-slapping and forgot the philosophy of capitalism: individualism and self-advancement. Yes we all benefit from a successful economy (which these entrepreneurs contribute to) but leave off with thinly veiled suggestions that all these business leaders were doing something altruistic.


Thousands of these types worked in the Banking Industry, and look where we are now!

Town Dweller

Ed, per chance can you explain what happens, financially of course, a small businessman the extreme consequences when the risk taken, does not fulfill its projected outcome?

To all other readers a translation; who picks up the bill when a rich person takes a risk and it all goes t**s up??

That's right the small busiessman or the tax payer picks up the tab.

So for your benefit Ed, what the Governor was in fact saying was "Just take a punt on any financial deal, and if the wheel comes off don't worry, because people like us never have to foot the bill".

As we have seen after the banking crisis and the current meat fiasco the profits are always privatised and the loses are always socialised. So, the Governor and his toadies always find themselves in a 'win win' (sic) situation whatever 'risk' they take.

pb falla

Nick Leeson ?


Howard Holland comes to mind.


Forgot to add, the current Harbour master, with his big ideas on how to spend our islands cash with no risk to himself.

Saints Bay

Or DEp Kev and his plan to fill in Belgrave Bay. It is know as OPM - Other People's Money.