Low jobless figures show strength of our economy

JOB losses across all sectors of business have not led to a big rise in the number of unemployed people in the island, which demonstrates the strength of the Guernsey economy, the Commerce and Employment minister has said.

Kevin Stewart

JOB losses across all sectors of business have not led to a big rise in the number of unemployed people in the island, which demonstrates the strength of the Guernsey economy, the Commerce and Employment minister has said.

Deputy Kevin Stewart, pictured, made the comment as he announced the shortlist for the Business of the Year award, sponsored by his department, at the Awards for Achievement gala evening.

And although he referred to 200 job losses in fulfillment and other recent redundancies, the impact on the jobless total had been ‘meaningful, but not significant’, he said.

‘I believe that this is a reflection of the ongoing strength of the Guernsey economy. We cannot and must not, however, be complacent.’

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Quite unbelivable !

The unemployment figure is ONLY MEASURING THOSE WHO HAVE SIGNED ON !!!!

Wait until Sportingbet sale goes through - another 200 is what I am hearing.



Exactly, more spin and waffle from Guernsey's finest. When talking of these issues it is not only the amount of unemployed that should be looked at, but also the amount of jobs in the economy. For instance, a fulfilment business closes down resulting in a loss of 100 jobs (10 local people and 90 guest workers, who all leave our shores). The unemployed figure goes up by 10 but that does not reflect the true impact that the closure has on Guernsey's economy. Of course it will be difficult to get people like Kevin Stewart to ever discuss such issues as it goes against his policy of false optimism and not telling the public the full extent of the position.


So the public aren't supposed to get 'Complacent', eh? How about our useless government who have been happily presiding over steadily rising unemployment figures whilst dishing out licenses to foreigners. We need not have any long-term unemployed people here, but we do. Why not tell us how many unemployed and how many license holders we have, Kevin Stewart?


We need also to take into account the loss of tax and sales revenue in straightened times. This remains a loss even when it is only 'foreigners' involved.



Quite right - it is very frustrating when I attend my parish surgery and try and discuss this with the deputies that bother to turn up.

They are completely in thrall to the finance sector and can't comprehend a future without this busted flush.

I know several people who are out of work who won't for various reasons sign on - they themselves are aware of others in the same boat.

Stewart should absorb the reality that no manufacturing would re-locate to Guernsey,digital businesses by their very nature are low head count, what is left of the finance sector will have the "back office" duties performed in the far east.

The States should be focusing on the umemployment trend - a nuance that is beyond them i am afraid.

The college of FE should be running hospitality courses so local can train up to take the place of migrant workers in the hotel and service industries.

I would estimate that in 1 year there will be a "real" unemployment figure of 1000.

I would also expect Stewart to walk away citing health reasons within the next 24 months.


I don't disagree with your estimate re unemployment figures, and it was interesting to see that Dave Jones wouldn't bet against it either when so challenged.

I'm afraid that when it comes to business most of our deputies are clueless, and I really do mean totally clueless. Quite how we ended up with Kevin Stewart in this position instead of Roger Perrot is astonishing. RP isn't everyone's cup of tea and I'm not convinced about his position re "independence" but at least he can understand a set of accounts and converse with business leaders on an level footing.


My view is that Dep Kev when canvassing future support and interest in Guernsey amongst his contact base, which I don't doubt is impressive, was given the opinion that they, his contacts, would love to re-locate.

When against all of their expectations he got in as a Minister (remember their experience would be be based upon long term experience of an MP as a junior minister prior to Sec oF State)they had to come clean and admit that Guernsey was of no real interest.

I remember Dep Kev trumpeting EBay and other such exotics as being eager to re-locate - really ? Why ?

Dep Kev is no doubt eager, hardworking, motivational, also able I am sure to read a balance sheet. But he could be also be either delusional or naive.

He set is stall out and will be judged by results - tangible results.

I suspect he is in the wrong department. Perhaps Social Security or Income Tax would benefit from his work ethic - but C&E is the department he wanted and for what his legacy will be.

We need substance over image.


Still believing our economy is unaffected, really?