New director-general is picked from 150

THE Guernsey Financial Services Commission has gone to Ireland to find a new director-general.

William Mason

THE Guernsey Financial Services Commission has gone to Ireland to find a new director-general.

William Mason will join the commission from the position of head of risk at the Central Bank of Ireland.

Previously he worked for the Financial Services Authority and at the UK Cabinet Office, where he wrote a report for 10 Downing Street on regulation.

Current director-general Nik van Leuven knows Mr Mason, pictured, through consultation on the development and implementation of its Prism supervisory methodology – the risk-based framework for supervising regulated businesses.

‘I am certain his knowledge and experience will be of great value to the commission in these times of threat and change,’ he said.

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Another nail in the coffin

Bring back the Good Old Days

And Kick Out The Finance


Yet again a top post goes to an off islander,with all the extra cost of relocation , housing licence etc, if the finance industry in Guernsey is as good as they and the States would have us believe why could they not find someone who is already on the island to fill this top post.

Island Wide Voting

Word in the Mariners is that the other two on the final short list were Arnald and PBFalla


IWV[Ray}, is that the same Mariners that hasn't been able to have any words for the last couple of months since it's a building site? Is the "word in the Mariners" you mention as pathetic as the point you are trying to make?

Actually, to your credit your output has improved over the last couple of years, some of it even cuts through the general Guernsey banality. Of which, of course, you feature in that medium quite often.

Anyway, Ray, your poor attempt at humour failed to pick up this " ". *sigh* I can't be bothered to cut and paste the absurdity of the entire article.

I am sure this gentleman will be kindly forgotten by ignorants like you the next time these bloated types fail to understand anything when all the real cash disappears into the pockets of the guys that Guernsey hold so dear.

Wow! You'll say, they employ a a gardener! Without that where would gardeners, garden?!

Ray, if you want to use my name facetiously, make a point. The fact is you have none, you are merely a more articulate "PB Falla", who is actually funnier than you most of the time.

Island Wide Voting

Hi Arnald

Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you.In fact I genuinely thought that you must be dead,or at the very least emigrated to North Korea, because we haven't had the pleasure of your ultra left wing drivel for quite some time

Yes there are workmen in the Mariners which you obviously know as it's less than thirty seconds away from your own workplace .. but workmen talk amongst themselves you know

In fact they were saying that you didn't get to the interview stage because of your insistence on not proceeding without your very best friend Murphy at your side

PBFalla didn't reach the interview stage because he couldn't find the building

So there you have it Arnald, according to the workmen in your lunchtime watering hole that's how we ended up with yet another off islander in a very important post



Couldn't agree more. We are supposed to be a leading financial institution yet whenever a top post comes up we have to import from the UK, ridiculous and a poor reflection on us we if can't fill the post locally.

Ihave asked Dave Jones on another post to find out how Mamy civil servants are here on licence but as yet have not seen a reply.


I don't necessarily agree with this. We may have people who are able to "fill" the post but it does not hurt us as a jurisdiction to attract somebody who quite clearly has an excellent CV (and professional network), to take the job. It clearly adds value to the island. I wish people wouldn't be so precious.