'Real hope' growing India business links

GROWING business links with India is a real hope for the island’s finance industry, particularly in the funds sector.


GROWING business links with India is a real hope for the island’s finance industry, particularly in the funds sector.

A Guernsey Finance delegation has spent what it described as ‘a very encouraging week’ in Mumbai.

‘There were clear signs that India and Guernsey can significantly build on their current relationship, particularly in terms of fund structuring and wealth management services,’ said Fiona Le Poidevin, chief executive of the promotional agency.

‘We appreciate that this will take time but we are committed to raising our profile in the country and building on the progress already made.’

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China. India. Where's next? I hear Australia is quite nice this time of year (unless you're an English cricketer that is)

Perhaps Guernsey Finance will sniff a "business opportunity" down under as well. Or, as we're getting near Christmas, perhaps relationship building in Aspen or Val D'Iseres is next on their list?

Honestly. Yes, Ms Le Poidevin, I'm sure you're committed to raising your profile in India.

Island Wide Voting


Actually it makes good sense to tap up these two space hopping countries.They need somewhere safe to stash the millions in aid being sent to them from the UK


They purposely miss out the Giant of all Economy in minerals and Fossil Fuels, Russia. Wonder why ?

EU thats why.


Surprise Surprise a BRIC country. Yes you may actually make some money now.

@ Island Wide Voting , you mentioned Space Hopping and UK, the 2 do not mix. Since 70% of the Indian Space Research and Missile Research is funded by Russia and China. AKA the Brahmos Concept in Hypersonic travel.


I wish I could call on a bottomless pot to pay for trips here, there and everywhere. That would really be living the life. As we are all getting taxed ever closer to the poverty line some are living a quality of life and travel beyond their wildest dreams.

The ironic part is the fact that we pay for all of this and get hit with ever more inventive ways to keep paying more and more.

Surely Kevin Stewart has had more than his fill with taking full advantage of the hospitality of us taxpayers already? If he has more away jollies planned anytime soon I can imagine lots of people getting very annoyed with his objectives. He has done very well so far on the travelling front.