Parts of Proteus need closer scrutiny

PROJECT Proteus has been given a cautious welcome by a leading businessman.

Marc Laine, C5 Alliance and Chamber IT sub-group

PROJECT Proteus has been given a cautious welcome by a leading businessman.

Marc Laine, pictured, managing director of pan-island IT services provider C5 Alliance, said there were aspects of Deputy Kevin Stewart’s vision which required deeper scrutiny.

Project Proteus is the Commerce and Employment minister’s plan to make Guernsey a top-10 technologically advanced jurisdiction.

‘I support the aims and objectives that Kevin Stewart has with regard to Project Proteus and I salute his enthusiasm,’ Mr Laine said.

However, he took issue with some aspects of the vision.

‘In some ways the message is being created that the digital sector is somehow a separate industry, but all the steps outlined in the Project Proteus document are equally necessary for the financial services industry. They, too, need those same skills to flourish and survive as much as every industry.

‘This is not industry specific, it is a tool that every industry needs to exploit to survive.’

Mr Laine said that skills and knowledge should be at the heart of a plan to create a technologically advanced society.

‘We are in a knowledge economy now and this new economy is going to be a knowledge economy on steroids. Levels of education will be even more important.’

Comments for: "Parts of Proteus need closer scrutiny"


oh Marc, m'luv, come ON, we may as well say we're going to build space rockets over here...!

We haven't got the infrastructure, even if we did have the budget to sort it, we don't own or have any control over the infrastructure, it's too expensive for most businesses - apart from finance - to afford to do business over here, there's not enough locals with the proper skills so half the bloney staff will have to be imported....I could go on.

This is pie in the sky nonsense from a man who should never have given up his day job and is desperate to prove that he's worth the substantial wage he's being paid, nothing more.

God help us.


We have no infrastructure it is archaic and needs total renewal . My God how can you get any bandwidth through old copper, hello the world uses fibre optics now Guernsey. We pay OTT prices for a 4th generations service that UK had in the 90's.


Well, technically you can get 10Gb over copper but let's not split hairs...


surely everyone desperately tries to prove they are worth their wage every day?


Marc Laine has already revealed the poor quality of his advice by suggesting the island IT sector is currently prospering.

Can I suggest the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce send the Chairman of their Digital Sub-Committee to Estonia for an intensive course on what a modern digital society (including businesses) can achieve, so that he has a better appreciation of what needs to be done by a Guernsey Government exercising belated leadership.

In the mean time let us be grateful that two of our most capable Ministers Gavin St Pier and Kevin Stewart intend to visit Estonia as part of their efforts to define and implement an effective and competitive Digital Society in Guernsey, as outlined in Kevin's competent, clear, and well defined digital objectives in his visionary 'Project Proteus' proposal.

We should all be supporting them in defining and implementing what will be the most significant investment and reform of government, economic and social practice undertaken by Guernsey in a recent decades.