Guernsey ‘an increasingly attractive option for Asia’

ASIA continues to be a strong source of work for Guernsey firms, according to a local lawyer.

Asian students

Marcus Leese, practice partner at Ogier, who spent four years in Hong Kong helping to develop the firm’s office there, said there were good prospects in China and he expected a rise in new work from Japan next year.

He said Guernsey was an increasingly attractive option for Asian clients because of the range of structures available.

‘Hong Kong, South-east Asia and mainland China continue to be a strong source of work for us. And that demand is only growing.

‘Onshore clients do have a lot of choice in terms of offshore jurisdictions for establishing structures, but Guernsey has a lot of attractions.’

He highlighted the range of structures available, many of which were attractive to clients in Asia.

‘The strength, credibility and flexibility of Guernsey’s company law is also a real plus, as is our position as a leading jurisdiction for structuring investment into the UK, especially real estate investment.’

Mr Leese spoke in Hong Kong when Guernsey Finance launched its office there in March and attended the Step Asia conference in Hong Kong recently.

Ogier marks 10 years in Hong Kong next year.

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Is Marcus the one wearing the mask?


Sorry, but I find this hard to believe. Strikes me it's more a case of someone trying to justify their job and role in the company......

Don Tramp

The only attraction left since we abandoned privacy for clients is no VAT and the Polits would ruin that if they could.