CISE’s bitcoin fund listing believed to be a world first

A WORLD FIRST has been claimed by the Channel Islands Securities Exchange in listing a regulated bitcoin fund.


The CISE has approved the admission to listing of all of the redeemable participating no par value shares of the open-ended Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund (Gabi), which is managed by Global Advisors (Jersey).

Gabi was launched in 2014 as the world’s first regulated bitcoin fund when it received certification as an expert fund from the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

It is the first digital asset-related listing on the local exchange, joining more than 2,000 other listed securities on an exchange which now has a market capitalisation of more than £300bn.

One of the key people behind Global Advisers and Gabi, Daniel Masters, said it was the right time to list the bitcoin fund.

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Just let me get my barge pole...

John West

I'll give you a billion bitcoins for it...

John West

The first Bitcoin was mined on 3rd January, 2009.

My question is - in 7 years, and with the basic online demise and decimation in value of bitcoins (about 2 years ago I believe), does it not say something in that nobody has done this type of investment before?


It did tank a couple of years ago from a peak of about $1,000 but it's now at around $830 it's highest since Feb 2014.

I don't hold any, I dabbled with a few coins at it's peak and lost out to the crash but I have a friend who works for a crypto currency trading firm and he's sitting on a personal fortune of about 300 coins right now.

It's good to be in the industry and know what you are doing being able to monitor the price at all hours and trade over your phone.

Not for me though, if I were to buy again I fully expect I to tank again, that's just my luck,


Bitcoin price has gone from $0 to approx $1,200 in 2014, it then crashed to under $200 in 2014/2015, since then it has risen steadily to well over $800 today, times four in the last two years, it's very volatile but digital currencies are the future, not that shabby imo: