Florist closes as owner leaves island

A POPULAR flower shop closed its doors for the last time on Saturday

Alison Lythgoe, right, is moving to London so Saturday was the last day of trading for her business, Blossom & Green. She is pictured with assistant Dara Hubert, who has been with her for most of the four years’ trading.(Picture by Tom Tardif, 17108693)

Blossom & Green was set up by Alison Lythgoe four years ago. For the first six months she operated from a greenhouse, but the business has been based in Trinity Square since.

Mrs Lythgoe, who is moving to London, said Blossom & Green’s success had far exceeded her initial expectation.

‘At times we have been operating at almost over-capacity, especially when it comes to things such as weddings, and our clients have been incredible in terms of their support,’ she said.

Her reasons for moving to London had nothing to do with the business and January was the perfect time to close it, though it had taken her six months to reach that decision.

‘When it comes to weddings you are generally working a year in advance and it would not be fair to take work on and then tell people that you couldn’t do it.

‘Christmas is always busy, then it gets quieter up to Mother’s Day when the season really starts for us.’

Locking the doors for the last time would be a sad moment.

‘It’s been quite emotional with people coming in to say goodbye and the messages on Facebook have been very blubbery,’ she said.

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Don Tramp

Great shame so many people are predictably running as our investors pull out.


These are just the sort of people Devil's Advocate wants off the island. 'Guernsey is Full', apparently.

An AI Forever

Its called the exodus

You may have heard of this before

Living in denial but now its reality

Time to suck on eggs


Sad to see them go!!


Is this PB Falla's latest incarnation - An Al?