Aon Insurance ‘is a fantastic role model for Guernsey’

A ‘MULTI-JURISDICTIONAL business with Guernsey values’ was how one of the judges described Aon Insurance Managers, the Guernsey Business of the Year for 2016.


Another said the company, which revealed impressive financial performance – including all but doubling profits in 2016 and employing 28 new people over a two-year period – was ‘inspirational, a fantastic role model for Guernsey and how we can punch above our weight on the international stage’.

Managing director Paul Sykes thanked the States for supporting the island’s growing insurance industry.

‘The States gives the Guernsey insurance industry great support and I hope we will pay that back. We appreciate the support we receive and long may it continue,’ he said.

Mr Sykes said that the spirit and effort demonstrated by Aon was being reflected across the local insurance industry.

‘We don’t want to be the only show in town. As much as it would be great to have a monopoly on the business, we won’t catch up or come close to Bermuda without other firms joining in.

‘We have been working with GIIA [the Guernsey International Insurance Association] to socialise our successes and to bring more firms to the table to do what we do.’

Mr Sykes also thanked the staff of more than 80 for their efforts. ‘Hopefully they will enjoy this recognition and feel enthused and invigorated,’ he said.

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I wonder who took the photo, personally I would have used the star studded backdrop to capture the glamor of the moment , rather than have the walls and celling in the photo too.