Campaign against GST the highlight of CGI chairmanship

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry has elected a new chairman.

Larry Granger

Accountant Clive McMinn succeeds Larry Granger at the head of the industry organisation at the conclusion of Mr Granger’s three-year term.

‘I was under the impression that 2016 had been a relatively quiet year,’ Mr Granger said at the CGI’s AGM. ‘However looking at the many items of correspondence it became clear that the CGI has been busy representing the interests of its members and the island in general in many different forms.’

He highlighted the CGI’s involvement in the States’ new economic engagement forum, working with other industry organisations to oppose a new tax on the cost of legal services, and a number of meetings with the island’s external transport providers.

The CGI also continues to support the development of after-school coding clubs and last year worked with the School of Popular Music to help to establish two music clubs in high schools.

Membership of the CGI, which represents all business interests outside of finance, hospitality and retail, has remained steady at just below 100 companies and individuals.

Mr Granger continues in his role as the paid director of the industry body. He said he believed that the organisation continued to fulfil its mandate.

‘We lobby and the States listens to us – not only that, but they also approach us nowadays too,’ he said. ‘The CGI will continue to represent the interests of its members wherever possible, now and in the future.

‘I have enjoyed my time as chairman. I have learned a lot. It has been really good working with member companies and thanks for the support.’

Mr Granger picked out the CGI’s campaign, alongside finance industry body Giba, against a goods and services tax as the highlight of his term in office.

Mr McMinn missed the AGM because he was stranded in the UK by fog, but he has been shadowing Mr Granger in the role since September.

Comments for: "Campaign against GST the highlight of CGI chairmanship"

John West

Folks, wake up, GST is already here:

- Fuel duty (one of if not THE highest rates in Europe)

- Waste strategy (£7 per bin bag anyone?)

- Lower than UK Personal Allowance

- Huge hikes in TRP year on year

- Guernsey Finance employee levy

- Guernsey Registry charges for every statutory filing, not just annual fee

- Planning charges

- Increased Greffe and official document charges

- Phasing out of mortgage interest relief (to be fair this is one I totally agree with)

- Small but steady increases in social insurance rates

- Cutting and soon to be removed family allowance

There are more but those are off the top of my head. The big ones are TRP, fuel duty and soon to be waste strategy that would impact on every islander in one way or another.

Rupert Walthumstow

But think of all those extra super high quality services that we are getting for this money.

Oh, wait...

Don Tramp

GST would be the death knell for business and cripple the poor.