‘Guernsey should put more into e-gaming’

GUERNSEY needs to up its game to support Alderney and its e-gaming industry, a local technology consultancy has warned.


Marc Laine and a team from C5 Alliance in Guernsey attended the three-day International Casino Exposition Totally Gaming conference at London’s ExCeL, as part of Alderney Gambling’s ‘Team Alderney’.

The event, Europe’s largest and most wide-ranging gambling conference, was attended by more than 25,000 people.

It showcased new developments across the gambling sector for both land-based and online casinos, and offered a number of seminars on topics such as the latest law changes.

Mr Laine, managing director of C5 in Guernsey, said the event highlighted the need for Guernsey to refocus its efforts on attracting e-gaming to the island.

‘Ice is the premier event in Europe for e-gaming, the industry continues to grow globally, and it is increasingly apparent to me that Guernsey needs to remind the sector not only that it is open for business, but that as a jurisdiction it is an attractive place to do business,’ he said.

‘We have a world-class infrastructure and connectivity on the island, a fibre network and three major data centres to serve the market.

‘With back-office support and short journey times to London we are excellently placed, and we are outside the EU and the uncertainty about the Brexit effect on tax in this industry.’

Mr Laine, who attended the event with client relationship manager Adrian Bott, said that there was a ‘noticeable increase’ in jurisdictions with a presence at the conference, including Jersey, and noted the role that enhanced government funding was playing in the growth of e-gaming in jurisdictions such as the Isle of Man and Malta.

He said that competitor jurisdictions like the Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Malta now had e-gaming industries which were significant employers and economic contributors.

He said that Guernsey should look again at the industry’s economic contribution to Alderney and Guernsey, and look to develop a new strategy to reassert its place as a well-suited location for operators licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

The future development of e-gaming is on the agenda for a meeting of the Economic Development Committee today. President Deputy Peter Ferbrache said that he had no reason to be critical of the AGCC, but it would need to be aware of increasing global competition.

It is expected that Economic Development will look at the sector later this year.

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Maybe the States Should get involved, they like gambling with tax payers money anyway, Plus maybe Gav can use his Bond to try and win some money.


According to the Trump thread you can get odds on him being impeached. If Peter Sherbourne was still a Deputy he might've put a requete forward to put a big bet on.


E-gaming?!? We need real jobs for real people not 'e-jobs' for e-diots...


Ironically spouted, online, by someone who clearly doesn't understand the subject...

'Real' jobs are required to support e-gaming.

Donkey Boiler

Let's really improve Guernsey's reputation, and base our economy on gambling. The fact that it can be highly addictive, and ruins people's lives doesn't matter.


Difficult one this. I don't like gambling and I'm aware of the damage it can do but on the other hand, people are going to gamble and it's probably better they do it in a well regulated jurisdiction than Brick Top's bookies (for those familiar with the movie Snatch).

One thing I'm pretty sure of is that C5 Alliance will do well out of any future business sent to the islands. You don't send your Managing Director and client relationship manager to an event to make up the numbers.

John West

Guernsey really does not appear open for business on this, from a recent client enquiry, Jersey is far more geared up and ready to fall over themselves to assist where they can.

Must make a difference to Alderney now the administration office is with a Guernsey-based fiduciary, rather than in Alderney, which has added greatly to the running costs.


Thank goodness we aren't open for this sort of bloodsucking business


I can't think of a better way to ruin the reputation of the finance industry in Guernsey. Yes, I know a lot finance is people betting on the markets but it certainly looks better if it's not packaged with the 3.30 from Lingfield and whether Wayne will score in the 10th minute.


Biggest reputational risk to the Balliwick. Too easy for money laundering, most reputable companies won't touch these.


Lets not be hypocritical here!

It was Alderney who evolved what is now recognised as a World Wide success in terms of strict regulation and certification.

It was Guernsey who refused to allow high speed broad band access for Alderney and so, effectively forced the major employment opportunity to be transferred to Guernsey, some years ago.

Since that time, Guernsey has benefitted to the tune of between £40M and £60M per year from employment related income from the Alderney Gambling Commission's work whereas Alderney can only earn a measly approx. £2M per year from the licensing arrangements.

Readers might now understand why many Alderney folk do get very upset by the parsimonious budget allocations for Health and Education for Alderney, compared to Guernsey!

Alderney tax-payers even contribute to Guernsey's subsidised bus service, even though they have no access to that service!

Think about it!

Rupert Walthumstow

Guernsey taxpayers contribute to the subsidised Aurigny flights back and forth to the tune of £25 per person per journey. Get over yourself.


...And so do Alderney Tax payers. You know where Alderney income tax goes, right??


Good morning

Gambling does divide opinion - I do not indulge other than place some bets at the polling station every four years - yet to pick a winner.

However - why is a well regulated, well run e-gambling firm worse than some of the appallingly badly run Trusts that the GFSC have taken action against recently ?

Stockbrokers are only bookies with less dress sense.

And good points Dick Turpin - that will get "Chris from Alderney" up on his hind legs on Sunday morning.

Donkey Boiler

Why doesn't Aldeney EITHER go it alone completely, OR simply become the 11th parish of Guernsey? This halfway house situation causes unecessary duplication of services and civil servants. Take registry of motor vehicles as just one example. There is no advantage in having two seperate systems. All vehicles should be registered under one system, doing away with the AY numbers, and all administration done from one office. This would also simplify the process when vehicles are sold on between owners in the other island.

Guernsey cgull

How dare you suggest a very sensible idea !


Please NO - this is an addictive habit and undesirable business to make an island habit of it. Yes, maybe one of 2 businesses but to attract this despicable business to our shores would be a shame on all of us - making money out of poor and addicted people's misery - no thanks


Rokayne.....Guernsey has been making enormous amounts of money from Gambling for at least 10 years now.....riding on the back of Legislation designed and produced in Alderney.

As for making money out of poor and addicted people, that is a very dangerous assertion to make...many of the clients are very far from being poor! By your measure, we should also declare Prohibition and revert to the miserable life advocated by the Puritans. Look where Prohibition got the USA in the '20's!

Please do not make the mistake of extending your own frailties and weaknesses to everyone else.


How much does Guernsey and Alderney get though really, because I don't think we get that much of the pie? On line gambling is big business, for example BET363 revenue last year was in the region of £1.65 billion and the year before it was £1.57 billion. (http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/profits-up-at-online-gambling-giant-bet365/story-29734553-detail/story.html).

https://www.statista.com/statistics/270728/market-volume-of-online-gaming-worldwide/ shows that it is a growing market.

The gaming market is even higher https://newzoo.com/insights/articles/global-games-market-reaches-99-6-billion-2016-mobile-generating-37/

As long as we are not paying them to come here, but they pay us something, then it could be a good way to pay for our aging population.


Can you breakdown the 'enormous ' amounts of money Guernsey has made over the last 1oyears. My real experience in the industry does not reflect that view.