Fresh approach for Construction Industry Forum as it relaunches

GUERNSEY’S Construction Industry Forum is to be relaunched this week as it looks to become a more effective organisation for the whole of the sector.

The Guernsey Construction Industry Forum is being relaunched. Pictured at the former Guernsey Brewery site at Havelet are sector representatives, left to right, Jenny Giles, Tim Guilbert, James Hookway, Steve Roussel and Chris Lovell. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 17661923)

Five major organisations within the industry are working together to rejuvenate the forum and give it a new direction.

The Construction Industry Forum was founded in association with the States in 2002, with retired bank manager Eric Legg invited to chair it.

He retired from the role at the end of last year, and Tim Guilbert, a member of the forum’s new steering committee, said it was felt that a fresh approach was now required.

Mr Guilbert said the current climate was challenging for his industry.

He urged construction workers to attend a meeting at the performing arts centre at noon this Thursday where a presentation will be given on the plans for the forum. ‘It’s open to everybody in construction, whether they’ve been to meetings before or never heard of the forum.’

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What an appalling advertisement regarding the blatant lack of personal protection equipment these idiots are not wearing.

If you are trying to re launch yourselves my I suggest that you wear suitable attire and not be photographed looking like a “bunch of amateurs on a day out”

My I also suggest that you spend some time reading the Health and Safety requirements prior to visiting a site.

I am surprised that the main contractor permitted this photo shoot since it also appears that he is totally unaware of his H&S obligations.


mate lighten up. i walk up and down havelet everyday on my commute and the lads on site always seem to be in good check.

as for the photo, looks like there are no hazards overhead so no requirements for a helmet. no sparks flying near by so no need for goggles. think high vis is only needed if several vehicles are passing through and i'm sure everyone can see in broad daylight. the photo is even taken from a safe area behind guarding. open your eyes you donut.


Maybe the main contractor should also take heed of the H&S legislation. Anyone with site supervision experience can see at least seven infringements in that photograph. Talk about a picture painting a thousand words.

Maybe Tim Guilbert should steer his group towards getting the site safety issues in order, and dress accordingly when visiting sites? Judging from the number of sites in a similar state of disregard for the rules that keep the workforce safe when working on them, it's probably just seen as the Guernsey way. Until someone is badly injured or killed.


No need for PPE a sit not on the construction site. You will be just as close walking down Havelet.

Amazing how many "experts" there are on here.

Pen pusher BrehonRod?


Further to my previous post why don't you follow this GP article?

High-vis La Mare pupils put safety first

BUILDER, fireman and athlete were some of the roles La Mare de Carteret Primary pupils dressed up as for the launch of its safety week yesterday.



Get a grip man!! they are standing outside of the site!!


"He urged construction workers to attend a meeting at the performing arts centre at noon this Thursday".

So every construction worker in the island is being encouraged to down tools to attend a meeting?

Could it not be held outside of working hours thereby ensuring projects don't fall behind or workers lose wages for taking time off in the middle of the day?

It's not a very good advert for the industry.....


God help us. But by looking at the faces in front of me on the photo I will say god help the Construction industry.

Don Tramp

Slightly flummoxed as they are not engaged in construction activities nor nearby to moving equipment therefore what safety gear should they be wearing ?


How refreshing to see this group, pictured adjacent to a building site, not feeling duty bound to wear the almost obligatory hi-viz clothing

Island Wide Voting

The problem with Press photos involving obligatory hi-viz clothing is that it is almost obligatory to scowl and adopt the crossed arms pose, and I'm not sure that they could all do that comfortably


There's no sorrowful looking children either.


Maybe the person in question should consider wearing a darker shirt next time and maybe not standing so side on.

Giving balance to the shot though is that young man in ultra skinny jeans and tan coloured pointy shoes.