Warm Manx welcome for rebranded stock exchange

THE Isle of Man’s Treasury minister has welcomed The International Stock Exchange establishing an office in the island.


More than 120 members of the island’s business community attended the launch event, including Treasury minister Alf Cannan.

‘I am very pleased that TISE has chosen to establish a presence in the Isle of Man,’ he said.

‘This not only creates direct employment opportunities but, by supporting the fundraising needs of many other local businesses, it has the potential to help generate many more jobs and revenue in our local economy.

‘All of this aligns closely to the objectives outlined in Tynwald’s programme for government and I am delighted to welcome the exchange to the Isle of Man.’

Exchange chairman Jon Moulton was also present at the event.

Comments for: "Warm Manx welcome for rebranded stock exchange"

Heather Trockey

The Isle of Where?

When I was a stockbroker in the 80's non of us City types would have been seen dead sending our clients over to that island.

These fiddling small exchanges popping up all over the place are all very well but don't match the pure and primal experience of going for it with men like I used to do regularly on floor of the old LSE. The old open outcry pit saw some sights that today's mouse clicking traders wouldn't believe.

Sadly the the big bang came all too soon for me and left that part of the 80's (and my clothes) in a sorry state. Luckily next I had the great idea to buy into a chain of Laundromats just as that idea was taking off in Guernsey. Super clean easy money.