‘We are struggling to keep up with Jersey’

GUERNSEY is struggling to keep up with the pace of the Jersey economy, the president of the Committee for Economic Development has admitted.


Peter Ferbrache told the Scrutiny Management open hearing that Jersey was doing a better job than Guernsey in demonstrating a thriving business environment.

Scrutiny Committee chairman Deputy Chris Green highlighted Jersey’s ‘more assertive’ investment in infrastructure and ‘more liberal approach’ to population in raising the inter-island question with the Economic Development president.

‘The general approach and perception that Jersey has given is that they are open for business,’ said Deputy Ferbrache.

‘We, as the States, haven’t shown that and in the last term we didn’t show that.

‘We must not put up barriers and must encourage business.

'If we don’t, we’re in trouble.'

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I know lets spend £30 -40m we haven't got and build a runway extension!!

Is that a parrot siting on Peters Left Shoulder??

100% Donkey

Deputy Ferbrache

Our struggles have nothing to do with what is going on in our Sister Island and everything to do with a government who sit around, and come up with nothing but ideas on how to spend money.

Comparing Jersey and Guernsey is like comparing apples and pears. They are nearly twice the size of us with completely policies and a deficit to go with them. All this 'open for business' cr*p are the comments of someone living in the past.

The challenges (namely Brexit) that lie ahead of us are totally out of our control and will not be solved by a longer runway. If I didn't know better, I would be tempted to think this ridiculous statement was designed to garner support for that in the House !!

What is needed now is a steady pair of hands that will guide HMS Guernsey through what are going to be turbulent waters.....

100% Donkey

completely different policies


Absolutely correct

Except Brexit should help us. The U.K. Joining the eu brought down the end of the tomato and growing industry

guern abroad

'.........highlighted Jersey’s ‘more assertive’ investment in infrastructure and ‘more liberal approach’ to population...........'

Great for Jersey who are fast heading towards a 1 billion pound new hospital build given already predicting over 800 million on the news the other night that will be some bond they saddle themselves with!

Guernsey is already more densely populated than Jersey.


Absolutely correct

Except Brexit should help us. The U.K. Joining the eu brought down the end of the tomato and growing industry

Jersey is run by English imports who have no perspective on being Jersey


and yet in another article in today's press, GSP telling us how we're doing better than Jersey. Nothing like joined up Government



Gavin must be living in an alternative universe, 'cos the talk on my mate Trev's petrol pumps ain't that positive. People being made redundant left, right & centre, hauliers struggling for work, it certainly is not all sweetness and light in the real world. Perhaps Gavin should spend less time with his millionaire mates and more time with workers.

Island Wide Voting

Might be an idea to team up Gavin with Laurie Q for a week in order to get some work experience further down the food chain?

GFC fan

I absolutely concur: it's time to open our skies and lengthen the runway.


A more realistic assessment than the rubbish propaganda spouted by the accountant heading up P&R.

Donkey Boiler

These deputies just can't seem able to deal with Guernsey's main economic drawback, our very limited land mass. Jersey can increase their population by 30,000 before they reach the population density that we suffer today. The IOM could add 650,000 to reach our population density. So, whatever the way forward is, it has to accept that wholesale population growth is just not an option. Of course, the main fans of using population growth to grow our way out of economic problems are those that will suffer least from it. It is easy to inflict dense population problems onto the plebs when you are living in idyllic seclusion in the island's most expensive properties, in the parts of the island that are not going to suffer from being covered with rabbit hutch properties that offer no quality of life. Deputy Ferbrache please take note.

Devil's Advocate

Top post! The bosses and business owners only care about profits, not the island or its inhabitants.


Nobody is talking about wholesale population growth (except the Chairman of Chamber). The Island needs around 200 net immigration per year to keep the workforce at a reasonable size.

The point about Jersey's size is a fair one but the biggest factor in their favour is that their politicians aren't afraid of making bold decisions where necessary.

Devil's Advocate

"The Island needs around 200 net immigration per year to keep the workforce at a reasonable size."

The question is, how do we grow the population temporarily to keep the dependency ratio up without creating permanent population growth which will require more and more people forever. Our island's population policy should be about catering for the demographic 'baby boomer bulge', not the desires of businesses that only have loyalty to themselves, short term profits for their owners and bonuses for their senior managers.

guern abroad

The demographic bulge will be short term in the scheme of things. The UK will find themselves with a glut of empty properties oh wait Guernsey already has a glut of empty properties.


I guess you could allow them to come for 5 years and then make them go again

Don Tramp

Certainly not on the Democracy tariff.

Tim South

Guernsey is certainly is struggling to keep up with the " incompetence " of the Council of Ministers on Jersey.

£250 million borrowed for social housing.

Proposed borrowing of £466million for new hospital wing, payback £900 million over 40 years with interest added.

Public sector wages per annum and rising ( including s/security and employer pension contribution) £380 million (approx).

In the strategic reserve fund £806 million locked away and added to through indirect taxes and charges.

!0,000 fewer tax payers - so guess who has to pay more on an expensive to live rock ?


Jersey's economy is a mess and in deficit, with the Government risking public assets and cash, to build office blocks and flats competing with tax paying - nil risk to the taxpayer private companies.


Guernsey follow Jersey at your peril.

100% Donkey

Good post Tim.

We have our fair share of problems over here, including a Housing Association competing with the private sector. This may help some but it will damage the many.

As for Brexit.....watch this space !!

Island Wide Voting

Tim South

Thank you for pointing out the Jersey version of TIG thread about the concerns of over population by non taxpaying incomers.The March 14 post from Andre is particularly enlightening

An ESSENTIAL read for Dorey of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce and his self serving 90,000 population supporters.Any Guernsey deputy who can't find fifteen minutes to skim through that Jersey thread should resign with immediate effect


Guernsey follow Jersey at your peril indeed