Chamber boss: ‘We need to pause over population regime’

ANOTHER last-ditch appeal has been made by a business leader to delay the implementation of the island’s new population regime.

Chamber of Commerce president Martyn Dorey

Chamber of Commerce president Martyn Dorey told the gathered audience at its latest lunch event of his concerns about the new laws.

As Deputy Gavin St Pier, president of the Policy & Resources Committee, was about to speak, Mr Dorey said that his concerns were reflected by other business groups, and he said he was concerned about ‘the signals we are sending out about Guernsey’.

‘I was very surprised at the consistency of views [from business leaders] around the table saying that it’s very wrong for the States to keep moving on [with implementing the laws from the first week of April].

‘I appreciate the laws were written a long time ago but there is a feeling that we have got to do something, that we need to take a pause, have a think.

‘The world is a different place now, with two changes of States since the law was conceived.’

Mr Dorey said that he wanted Guernsey to be open to attracting the best talent to enable the economy to thrive.

‘We’re in a fight for global talent and our population laws need to reflect that.

‘What I’m hearing from business is not that population numbers need control, but to make sure that the values of people coming in to the island fit in with the values of the community, and that is completely missed in the proposals.’

Deputy St Pier said that his committee had not recently discussed the population laws – the States is expected to agree the commencement date when it meets next week.

But he rejected the idea of a delay.

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Sometimes there comes a point where flip-flopping does more harm than having an imperfect policy and sticking with it.

Devil's Advocate

Perhaps if businesses actually bothered training people like they're supposed to instead of relying on license holders they wouldn't be in such a 'bad' position?


If Martyn Dorey actually did his homework before making inaccurate statements about the new Law his comments would carry a lot more credibility.

Instead much of what he has said so far has been plain wrong.


More money than sense

Sinking Fast

My understanding is that a person born in Guernsey on or before the 31st March 2017 they will need to live in Guernsey for 10 out of 20 years to qualify for residency. A person born on or after the 1st April 2017 they will only need to live in Guernsey for 8 years to qualify. If of course the parents and grand parents of that person are locally born then they will get immediate residential rights going forward. I appreciate that there does need to be a cut off but it can be seen that there will be situations where a child has automatic rights but his/her elder siblings do not. This does seem a bit unfair.


May I enquire, 'exactly what is the official and reliable number of people living in Guernsey at present. ?Surely, 'this number' is very important, 'before' anyone starts to 'jump up and down' with excitement, and enact legislation.??

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