Condor CEO is frustrated by ‘inaccurate’ political comments

FORWARD bookings for Condor Ferries are significantly up this summer.


After two bleak summer seasons, with 2016’s struggles coming off the back of the turbulent introduction of Condor Liberation on to the UK route in summer 2015, the ferry company has said that a combination of improved service and early booking offers had seen ‘really strong’ forward bookings for this summer.

Inter-island bookings were up 80% and bookings from the UK to the islands up 48% compared to March 2016, figures which have been welcomed by Visit Guernsey.

But chief executive Paul Luxon said while the company felt the bookings were ‘really pleasing’, there was no sense of complacency.

‘We remain committed to growing visitor numbers coming to Guernsey by sea and will invest more than £1m. this year in our marketing,’ he said.

Mr Luxon said that the company’s recovery plan, introduced after the 2015 failings, had produced much-improved reliability in the past six months, and, speaking after the company had come in for some criticism at an open Scrutiny Management hearing with the Committee for Economic Development, he said he hoped that would be recognised by the committee.

Mr Luxon was unable to attend the hearing – he was out of the island on business – and was frustrated by comments from Economic Development president Deputy Peter Ferbrache that Condor could be being sold by its owners Macquarie Group.

‘That was completely, totally and utterly inaccurate and not helpful when the entire company is focused on our improvement plan,’ he said.

‘We are looking to stabilise and improve our service reliability, punctuality, customer service and communications, and it is really frustrating when incorrect, unhelpful comments are made with no purpose but to put confusion out there.’

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Good isn't He.. A meeting has been arranged but he is out of the Island. Did it not occur to anybody to rearrange the meeting. Not that much common sense needed there between all parties. Breweries and something. up. spring to mind.


The Island is really important to Condor - well it would have been if had not been a meeting elsewhere!!


Condor the most expensive ferry service in Europe no opportunity for day trips unreliable all in all to be avoided.

I always fly on our expensive airline and hire a car.

It does not matter how many meetings are arranged what will change?


Interesting that they decide to use March to do their comparisons. A month where the island was hit but some of the thickest and longest lasting fog in some time forcing many to abandon flying and instead have to travel by sea. I think it was about a week in total during March that the airport was effectively closed, that's bound to have an impact.

guern abroad

Any reference to punctuality is a joke seeing as the Condor have an agreement it's ok took reschedule at any time be it even during a crossing so it's hardly going to be late then is it! Oh and cancellations due to weather don't count even when it is just a breeze and we still do not have the promised 5 metre wave height.

Major Denis Bloodnok

Ever so true we arrived at the harbour on Friday to go to Portsmouth only to be told that the ferry was running an hour late. Later on whilst an hour and a half into our wait for the clipper BBC radio Guernsey cheerfully announced that there were no delays at the harbour - a bit of a fib!!! And the cabin was a bit tired to say the least with a very strong aroma of mould in the bathroom


Peter Ferbrache should be challenged as to the origins of his allegation that Condor was for sale


Yes you are right, Mr F should tread carefully.

Jack Toff

Condor are frustrated by inaccurate comments? Must be national irony day.


Poor old Paul, he looks as if he has aged 20 years since he took on that job!


Nice to see Mr Luxon spitting his dummy out of the pram yet again.

What about all the inaccurate information ( " rescheduling ") etc that we have had to put up with over the years from the Spin Department at Condor who would put Tony Blair to shame.

Donkey Boiler

Paul Luxon is frustrated with political comments?

We're frustrated with:

False claims about the virtual end of sick bag use when Liberation was introduced.

False claims about a 5 metre wave height limit.

False claims about increase in capacity.

Additional cancellations when wave height is WITHIN limits, but moderate wind speeds mean Liberation can't berth.

Customer services ignoring customer emails.

Rescheduling late services so that they are no longer statistically late.

Extortionate fares.

Garbage timetables.

Repeated denials that Condor, and Austal, were owned by Macquarie.

And, after a very mild winter as regards wind speeds, and a very sparse service anyway, a claim by Luxon that punctuality and reliability has improved!


I have contacted Condor regarding the 5 metre sea trials and have been told it is an internal matter and that they can't tell me when or if they are going to take place.

I'll leave you to come to your own conclusions!

Devil's Advocate

Luxon said on the radio recently that they weren't going to go for 5 metres, but something better than the existing 3m.

Election Issues

"We are looking to stabilise and improve our service reliability, punctuality, customer service and communications, and it is really frustrating when incorrect, unhelpful comments are made with no purpose but to put confusion out there"

So when are the Macquarie Group going to sell Condor Ferries?

They have just sold on Thames Water and just look at the fine they have just received for polluting the Thames with raw sewage!


It is rumored that Condor was offered to the States of Guernsey and Jersey to purchase, if this is the case then Peter Ferbrache is correct, but if this is not the case he should be made to produce evidence to support his comment, after all in his old days that is what he would have asked for in a court of law so I am sure he would have checked his facts before going public.

And then maybe we would get shot of that Luxon.


Travelled on Condor twice in the last week & the service was fine. Left early and arrived early.

But this vessel is a nightmare in bad weather. Last Saturday from Poole the weather was choppy but I have never seen so many people ill.

IMHO it is dangerous in anything apart from very calm waters as it leans badly in swell.

They were running out of sick bags lol

i wondor

Everyone is throwing false information except CONdor, what a joke. This company is and long has been a bunch of miss truthful imbeciles. Paul Luxon has just added to the collection in the office.

A pathetic, money grabbing, deceitful, community wrecking, shameful sham of a company.

Shower of S...

Common sense

Unfortunately from the press release Mr Luxon clearly shows he has failed to understand what the issues Condor are facing really are. The sailing times are no good for those who live on Guernsey or those travelling from the UK (morning from the UK, afternoon from GSY) the continual refusal to change this factor must mean they feel the internal financial savings e.g. Staff in continuing this policy must be very great.

£1,000,000 in advertising, more money wasted, use it to reduce ticket prices and try and win back those like myself now prefer the option to fly and hire a car, the end result will be an increase in tariffs to recover the money.

Mr Luxon will have to face facts until they improve their service times and vessel and invest (and possibly lose money) while they increase the customers base again things will only get worse.

Back to basics - listen to the customer or they will continue to find and use alternatives, having the monopoly on sea travel is not the same as having the monopoly on all travel to and from the island and the people of Guenrsey have shown they will boycott Condor.

Island Wide Voting

I will be boycotting Condor's 'day trips' to Jersey

The time schedules are absolutely useless and who would want to visit the murder capital of the Channel Islands anyway?


I'm frustrated by the BS about how good your tub is,

I'm frustrated by the BS about how your tub will handle bigger waves,

I'm frustrated by the BS about how the passenger experience will be improved,

I'm frustrated by the BS about using less sickbags,

im frustrated by the BS about how this tub is the future of fast sea travel, considering how no other fast ferry operator would touch this tub with a barge pole, and there are no other fast ferry operators even considering building a useless piece of junk like the Liberation.

I'm frustrated that my travel plans have been ruined so many times by that bloody great white elephant

I'm frustrated that I am paying more for an inferior service and am supposed to be grateful for it

I'm frustrated that you persist with your BS about how you are striving to improve your service to your customers when you continue to use this patently unsuitable vessel

I'm frustrated by the fact that as a local politician you arranged a 10 year sole operator agreement with out even getting a signed performance agreement,

( Jersey had the brains to ) and cor bugger me la!! You are now the Mr Big that Same company, well I never, how convenient is that?

I'm frustrated by the BS that you have Guernseys best interest's at heart when you are doing so much to mess us up, and expect us to believe you

I'm offended by the BS that you and McQuerie have nothing in common and no connections

I'm offended by the BS that you still state that you bought the best vessel for the channel island route Jen it has been proven time and time again that this is factually incorrect

I am offended by the despicable way your company treated Weymouth when you had the Liberation foisted on you by your parent company Mcquerie and realised that the Liberation could not use the port of Weymouth because of her design and bow thrusters that drop down instead of actually being housed in the hull as any normal vessel is, and McQuerie who funnily enough trousered £50,000,000 from you, to be paid for by us suckers to ofload the lberation as she had been sitting in their yard for 5 years gathering cobwebs and barnacles

I am frustrated by The fact that i have to sit here and put Finger to keypad and point out to you that all you say is BS, because you know it, is and because our politicians are in you pocket and are totally out of their depth, you are doing whatever the hell you like, and don't really give a toss about what we think because you are the sole authorised operator and can continue to milk us dry to get off the islands with our vehicles.