‘You must make your voices heard’ – new YBG chairman

MORE junior members of the business community need to get their voices heard on big business issues, according to the new president of the Young Business Group.

Young Business Group council members following its annual general meeting. Left to right, Josh Payne, Matt Stanbury, Sarah Allisette, outgoing president Lindsey Dean, Russell Meakin, new president Stephen Rouxel, Dene Reardon and Robbie Le Messurier. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 17653115)

Stephen Rouxel said he wanted his year in office to ‘facilitate discussion’.

‘This is a changing environment, things are going to be substantially different at the end of this year than they were at the beginning, including our relationship with the UK, and how the island’s business is set for growth,’ he said.

‘The States is developing a 20-year vision and I think the island’s young business people shouldn’t be excluded by age, they should have a large voice in saying what the 20-year strategy should look like and should be engaging with what’s going to happen, because in time it will all be on their shoulders.

‘I think we should start discussions now about what it is we as young people are going to want to achieve and how we can be involved.’

He also hoped that starting a discussion would lead to more popular events, speakers and networking opportunities arranged by the group, and closer interaction for YBG members on Chamber of Commerce sub-groups.

Mr Rouxel, who works at HSBC Management as head of operational oversight for its alternative investment group, has been a member of YBG for some time. He served as vice-president in 2016. He said he saw YBG as a great networking forum for younger people.


Comments for: "‘You must make your voices heard’ – new YBG chairman"

Fortune Teller

Oh dear, it rather looks like the Young Business Group (YBG) Council weren't given advance warning of the official photo call for the local media, or were they up all night doing the last minute preparations for the Annual General Meeting.

I agree that YBG has great potential as a networking forum, but I do hope that council spokesmen and women will ease off on their intention to have "a large voice" in Guernsey's 20 year "Vision Strategy". Their views will not be ignored on the basis of age, but will be judged on their value. There may be some brilliant suggestions, but the "it's our future" argument should not grant the younger generation some additional say so. An ability to access wide ranging research and apply lateral thinking to problem solving is what will impress.

Decisions are based more on experience than prediction, so if you've only been on the planet for just over 20 years you are unlikely to match the judgement of an older generation, even if you can wipe the floor with them at Playstation.

Cher Eugene

All can instantly have knowledge but wisdom takes ages to acquire. Success comes when you can mix both together.