Keeping calm in Brexit negotiations ‘very important’

A SENSIBLE, informed and engaged negotiation over Brexit could leave the UK and the islands in a better place eventually, according to a UK politician tasked with highlighting the islands’ interests in the talks.


Bob Neill MP was in the island at the invitation of the Guernsey International Business Association for its annual meeting.

Mr Neill was a remain supporter but now describes himself as a ‘constructive leaver’.

‘I am pleased that Theresa May’s statement triggering Article 50 was pretty pragmatic and business-like in tone. Let’s now start to move on some of the practicalities,’ he said.

‘There are going to be push-backs, we have seen some of that already, and it is not surprising that the EU is saying nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.

‘We need to avoid a climate where decision-makers are forced into corners on either side. Keeping it calm is very important.’

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Bob Neill suggests, "Keep Calm"in Brexit negotiations. ? Theresa May and her British Government please note. ! For example, in the negotiations all the remaining 27 Countries, agreement is required in E.U. procedure. ! Just the opportunity for Spain to 'put the boot in" ! on Gibraltar, and insist that it must become part of Spain.? How would the British like it if The Isle of Wight was part of Spain by comparison.??



And how would Morocco like it if Spain claimed Cueta it was part of Andalucia? Oh hold on, they do! Total hypocrites.

Spain ceded Gibraltar to Great Britain "in perpetuity" under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. Do you know what "in perpetuity" means?

Le Goubert

And yet you drone on about the Grammar School being scrapped after two democratic votes! Pot and kettle!

Beanjar, if you can't muster enough support to beat Emily Yerby and her yougurt knitting mates I'd pack up and go home.

And Michael Howard threatening war against the Spanish was one of the most hilarious things I've heard in years.

Donkey Boiler

Not just Ceuta, Melilla too in North Africa.

Donkey Boiler


By that reasoning do you think the Channel Islands should be French? We are far closer to the French mainland than the English mainland. What about Bornholm (Danish), closer to Sweden. Bermuda (British), closer to the US. St Pierre and Miquelon (French), far closer to Canada. There are dozens, probably hundreds of examples where a territory is under the jurisdiction of one country but far closer to another. Should all of them be reassigned according to geographical proximity?

Island Wide Voting

The forthcoming elections in Europe may have some bearing on the final arrangements but I reckon Theresa May should prepare to set her biggest team with the brightest staff to work quietly in the background on the task of deciding what England,Wales,N.Ireland and Scotland should do when the 27 v 1 talks eventually break down

Common sense

The negotiations are already farcical, UK believe it can be done in 2 years, EU believe it will take 5 and some experts believe up to 10 . Anything over 2 will result in a period of time under the WTO rules that means instantly higher tariffs e.g. Everything in the UK will cost more.

The government activated article 50 before even undertaking a examination of the economic impact of a no deal situation and yet say they have planned for every contingency, how can you plan for something you have not assessed?

The reality is starting to hit, the brexit minister admitting that immigration will also have to be increased at time -not the silver bullet he promised.

We can only pray the government wake up and see the need to stay in the single market.


to late to stay in now.


More 'project fear' drivel. We might well end up with WTO tariffs if the EU insists on being spiteful and destructive. Nothing we can do about that, and very positive for UK employers and manufacturers. The so-called single market is not essential, Great Britain actually did rather better by itself, and with it's Commonwealth, prior to joining. We have nothing to fear but fear itself!


I agree, there is little chance of any meaningful agreement before the UK leaves the UK in 2 year’s time so we may as well get ready for WTO rules until a separate EU trade agreement can be agreed.

Where I disagree is in suggesting that we should be grovelling to stay in the single market.

The EU is essentially a Franco-German socialist bureaucracy which is sluggish and intransigent and can only operate with the agreement of all 27 remaining member states. Despite the façade of unity, those member states all have their own interests at heart which results in a hopelessly inefficient system of government that more often than not works against British national interests..

And let’s not forget the decision to leave was not just about immigration. Last year the UK paid £6.8 billion (net contribution) just for the pleasure of being a member of an inefficient and undemocratic bureaucracy. We would do well to get our fast before Italy or Spain or Portugal follow Greece in requiring a massive bail-out.


Spot on. The best way of staying in the single market is by planning to do without it. German and French car manufacturers will, for example, be rather keen to keep us in because they stand to lose a great deal if we are out. If the EU wants to hit the 'self destruct' button, so be it.


Beanjar post dated 11th April. he quotes 'The Treaty of Utrecht 1713', ! If my arithmetic is correct, 'over three hundred years ago. Sad to relate but a fact of life is a Treaty lasts no longer than the day it is broken, and no longer. ? That is politics Beanjar. ?? Furthermore, 'start kicking' the remaining 27 Countries which remain in the E.U. even before the negotiations have begun, for me 'gains absolutely nothing'.! The U.K could become the D.K ? Disunited Kingdom with too much 'waving the Union Jack' from the mast of a potentially sinking ship. !


Reginald - I think you'll find they are waving the Union Jack from the lifeboat. It is the EU that is sinking.


Swollocks, your post, well, to my mind ONLY time will prove, either, Brexit was a disaster or alternatively a good vote. Never forget, only about 4%, (approximately 48% against and 52% in favour) was not exactly a huge majority.? Many, who voted for Brexit were either extreme right wing members of the Conservative party, fascists, like Nigel Farage, people who have never liked foreigners, and never will.! Those extreme right wing Conservatives, had no problem 'invading' so many other Countries, in the days of Imperial Great Britain. ! Double Standards, without doubt, but priviledged Old Etonian Boris Johnson does not have 'the brain' to understand.!


What a pathetic, devisive, bigoted and lying post. Not a big enough majority for your liking, eh? You are obviously one of those undemocratic saddos who decided, retrospectively of course, that a majority of 'only' 1,269,501 was insufficient! Despite it always being billed as a straightforward vote so even a majority of one would have been morally binding.

Would you still be crying like a baby for a rerun if your lot had won by such a huge majority? Don't even bother inventing an answer to that one. You should be ashamed but you clearly wouldn't know how.

Le Goubert

And yet Beanjar, being the supreme know it all on TIG you still lost the vote TWICE on the Grammar School. Beaten by a few yougurt knitting wet Liberals sitting on beanbags smoking dope.



What is your obsession with the Grammar school? I presume you are one of those fragile snowflakes 'scarred for life' by failing your 11+? If so, grow up and mind your own business Le Gob.


"Huge majority"- must be another Trump!


The Beanjar post, 16th April, if he was appointed to negotiate Brexit terms for the U.K it would be without doubt completely beyond him.! Beanjar, for once, just attempt to not 'over react', like a very bady tempered little baby who throws all his toys out of the cot, whenever he has a problem.! I have never wanted 'a re-run Brexit vote. Out is Out. At no stage have I been tempted to cry.! please attempt to get a few facts correct !!. Those very wealthy land owning Tory Grandees, (I do not mean you Beanjar !), who use tax havens, ? have won.??, when David Cameron who decided on a Referendum, and gambled they would not win. He lost his job as a direct consequence. You may not wish to enlighten us Beanjar, but, what do you regard as your 'Highest achievement in your life.? Hangman perhaps. ??


I can't be bothered to counter your puerile, irrelevant ramblings... Extremist rabble like you who slur the democratically elected government and the clear majority who won the Brexit referendum as 'fascists and racists' are attempting to spread hatred and should be prosecuted.

100% Donkey


I don't always agree with Beanjar nor am I here to defend him, but if you're going to make socialist comments - don't be surprised if you get a reaction.

The facts of the Brexit vote were Northern (traditionally Labour) districts won the day, not Tory Grandees. As you quite rightly say, time will tell whether it was a smart choice but for many it was a vote against an establishment who had lost touch with the populist vote.

For us here in Guernsey, obviously there will be ramifications for our Finance Industry but I personally think the EU is doomed - both politically and economically. I also think (and will probably be wrong) that the talks will break down within the first year !!


Time will tell!