Global knowledge brings 225 aircraft to 2-Reg

THE company behind 2-Reg says the unique model for the Guernsey aircraft registry is working well – and its market knowledge is a key to that.

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Joost Groenenboom spoke at a conference in Guernsey on aviation issues and highlighted the different model of the Guernsey registry, which is run by a contracted company rather than by civil servants, paying a royalty on business to the States.

He said that the company’s global expertise was proving important in its success, with some 225 aircraft having gone through the books in three years.

‘SGI Aviation specialises in lease and asset management. We understand the value and influence the value of aircraft and understand what happens when they move from one jurisdiction to the next. Our regulatory team knows a lot about cross-border registration requirements.

‘The bulk of the work we do is inspecting aircraft and doing assessments for the owners. Then, when they need to move into other jurisdictions, we have the insight for what is needed.’

Mr Groenenboom said the registry focused on being simple and commercially-minded with high levels of customer service and said that the registry had been positioned competitively.

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Very good question - it would be very interesting to see how much profit SGI are making compared to how much in royalties are paid to the States.

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