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Team P&R looks to find its formation

For every action there is a consequence. This has been shown with the States decision not to fully back the Policy & Resources president’s picks for his committee at the start of this term. The consequence this time is the shoehorning in of Deputy Al Brouard to lead on environmental policy, not a field he has been a particular champion of in his States career including recently voting against investigating green taxes. But at least a vote in favour of funding the biodiversity strategy late last term gives some green credentials.

Nick Mann

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The period of calm will not last long for new Assembly

‘There’s no money left’: David Cameron holds up Labour MP Liam Byrne’s ill-thought-out handover letter following the UK General Election in 2010.

With presidents and committee members being decided with barely a murmur of disquiet, the new States Assembly may now be entering a period of relative calm, says Nick Mann. Now is a time quite different to the ‘policy-making whirlwind’ of the end of the last term – it is now the time for committees to get a shared vision in place before drawing up new policies in a hurry

Peter Roffey

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...and it’s goodbye from him


Seven years after taking up his pen, Peter Roffey has decided to hang it up. When asked to become a political commentator for this newspaper, he accepted with some trepidation. Would he run out of things to say? Never. As he admits in his sign-off column, if anything there has been too much to comment on...

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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Back in with the old...

Newly-appointed president of the Policy and Resources Committee Gavin St Pier. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 14875324)

...after a close-fought vote for the top job, as Neil Ross’s Emile explains to his cousin. And there is much for him to write about – not least an election, the slow forming of a ‘new’ government and the latest crime figures from the head of law enforcement