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Can waste strategy still deliver?

GUERNSEY’S waste strategy jumped one hurdle this week with the infrastructure to be built at Longue Hougue given approval at an open planning meeting. Its real test, though, is yet to come. Before October the States Trading Assets board will present its business case to the Policy & Resources Committee. The question they will have to satisfy is whether it still meets the objectives the States approved way back in 2012. Many have already made up their minds that with all the changes since 2012 it is too far removed, while those behind the plans argue they have not changed the strategy, just the way some elements of it are delivered.

Nick Mann

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Waste strategy may end up being dumped – again


When will the waste strategy be signed, sealed and delivered? That has been the perennial question on many islanders’ minds, including Nick Mann’s. The latest preferred option of shipping waste to Sweden still draws scepticism from certain quarters and may well lead to the whole argument being opened up again by the new States Assembly

Peter Roffey

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‘Making it so’


Whether he believes it is possible or practical is beside the point – Peter Roffey’s job is to minimise the problems of island-wide voting ahead of a referendum and fulfil the will of the people. But that doesn’t mean he thinks all the options are good ones

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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Seeds of change


The bid to move the war memorial and replace the sunken gardens is just one of the stories Neil Ross’ Emile is sharing with his cousin about this month, as he and his old friends reminisce about Guernsey then and now