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Polling place is now an irrelevance

THERE was political chatter on general election night about the best-performing deputies having ‘the mandate’ for a top role in government. The implication was that by doing well in their district somehow the newly-elected deputy had a greater right to a senior position in the States.

Nick Mann

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Big decisions that brought four years to a conclusion


In the final part of the round-up series looking at the key votes taken by this States, Nick Mann looks at an almost frenetic period for the government – deputies revisited and said ‘yes’ to island-wide voting, rejected the introduction of a reciprocal health agreement with the UK and approved the scrapping of the 11-plus and closing a secondary school

Peter Roffey

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...and it’s goodbye from him


Seven years after taking up his pen, Peter Roffey has decided to hang it up. When asked to become a political commentator for this newspaper, he accepted with some trepidation. Would he run out of things to say? Never. As he admits in his sign-off column, if anything there has been too much to comment on...

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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Park and ride


The new States are going to have to sort out the transport links, that’s for sure, says Neil Ross’s Emile. After all, the present lot were supposed to put in a transport strategy, but look what’s happened. We’ve ended up with a short runway, an unreliable ferry and a toy train going round Town...