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Nick Mann

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Deputies will have to keep eyes on the big picture


The days when a politician got involved in minor parochial matters are about to end, with the impending slimming down of the States likely to mean that all members will have work of a far more important nature. But, writes Nick Mann, while the new breed of deputies will need to discipline themselves to stay out of such things, it could be an opportunity for the douzaines...

Peter Roffey

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Scrap ‘open skies’

The smaller an island community, the more important good connectivity becomes – but the harder it is to achieve. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 9377293)

As the Scrutiny Committee looks at our air links, Peter Roffey suggests that sole operators are the way forward – but with agreements that would protect islanders

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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The black and the white of dredging all over

Emile cartoon July

Back-patting, pontoons and an eye-popping ‘poo pipe’ – plus a bit of hobnobbing. Neil Ross’ Emile has plenty to tell his cousin Eugene this month – and some of it, he reckons, takes the biscuit