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Scaled down Samp makes a good start

PERHAPS the greatest disappointment of the last States Assembly was its failure to get to grips with its property portfolio. At a time when the island was desperate for savings – to the point where it was trying to close public toilets – the lack of a coherent strategy for its £2.2 billion property portfolio was unacceptable. The answer was Samp, the Strategic Asset Management Plan, which sought to start making more of the States’ 2,600 properties, selling off some and making others more suited to their task.

Nick Mann

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Avoid voter fatigue, take heed of Brenda from Bristol

Brenda from Bristol reacts to news of another election.

She’s the most unlikely of political commentators, but Nick Mann believes the words of Brenda from Bristol, whose reaction to the snap UK general election caught the attention of the media, should be in the minds of States members when they debate the island-wide voting referendum. He says that many islanders believe the States should be concentrating on more important issues and the decision on IWV risks ballot box fatigue with elections every two years

Peter Roffey

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Transport strategy needs another look

It works in the US, so why can’t we put our car culture to one side when it comes to school transport wonders Peter Roffey.

It was controversial when put forward by the last Assembly and the watered-down version of the transport strategy could do with a few tweaks. Let’s talk about size and school buses, says Peter Roffey

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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Prison’s ultimate security is a ‘hang of a big moat’


Why does the prison need £1.7m.-worth of extra security when we’ve got nature’s own moat to deter escapees? Why is Environment crowing over a 7cm reduction in the new buses’ width? And will the extra money made by Aurigny charging taxpayers for drinks become a ‘saving’? Neil Ross’ Emile is (almost) at a loss for words...