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Reading the signs for life

IT is one of the most misunderstood of learning difficulties, despite affecting in some way around 10% of the population. Yet for those managing their dyslexia every day, that is just one of the challenges they face. Here in Guernsey, thanks to a valued local charity now celebrating its 30th year, much work has been done to explode the myths surrounding the condition – a specific reading disorder, which can also affect numeracy but does not reflect low intelligence.

Nick Mann

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Scrutiny can shine a light into shadow of overspend


News that the work at Salerie Corner junction would cost some £80,000 more than budgeted has overshadowed what should be seen as a positive step, writes Nick Mann. He hopes that some light will be shone on the overspend by the Scrutiny Committee, but it would have been reassuring if Environment & Infrastructure had taken a more proactive stance and revealed why it was investing in things such as CCTV. Its failure to do so means that the heavily-criticised transport strategy has got off to an inauspicious start

Peter Roffey

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Let’s not make it a popularity contest

A States meeting in 1987, with a young Deputy Peter Roffey on the right side of the central section of the chamber, second in on the second row. (16706162)

In an era of seemingly populist politics, Peter Roffey looks back to the ‘good old days’ of his early years in the States to contrast and compare – and finds some of the changes a surprise

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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Looking to the Future Plan

Was it really necessary for the work at Salerie Corner to take so long and cost so much? (Picture by Steve Sarre, 16691071)

Planning for the future is all well and good, says Neil Ross’s Emile, but he’d much rather the States looked at the problems facing the island now before debating what’s yet to come