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You can trust States to shirk responsibility

RESPONSIBILITY is a theme to which this newspaper frequently returns. All too often the blunder is obvious – undeniable even – but who is responsible is always less clear.

Nick Mann

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Misplaced secrecy a stumbling block to effective government


Two critical, if dissimilar, issues were propelled into States debate last week – the matter of herbicide glyphosate in local streams and the reciprocal health agreement, both topics where greater clarity would have led to a far quicker and better-understood conclusion

Peter Roffey

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...and it’s goodbye from him


Seven years after taking up his pen, Peter Roffey has decided to hang it up. When asked to become a political commentator for this newspaper, he accepted with some trepidation. Would he run out of things to say? Never. As he admits in his sign-off column, if anything there has been too much to comment on...

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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Bring on the plastic palm trees

emile cropped_900

Once a year he gets out the old crystal ball and gives it a good polish. And what Neil Ross’ Emile sees for 2016 puts the island right up in the forefront of ‘visitor experiences’ – but it’s bad news for ormer trawlers...