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Government cannot be one man’s vision

A READER rang the Press offices the other day to complain about Deputy Gavin St Pier. Not that she had anything particularly against the president of Policy & Resources, just that she was tired of seeing his picture in the newspaper. ‘He must be imprinted on our very souls by now,’ the caller grumbled.

Nick Mann

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What’s the real buzz about P&R’s vision of the future?


The Future Guernsey vision is seeking to make the island ‘the happiest place to live’. But at the same time as promoting this dream, P&R is saying there is no money to help the island’s poorest. The apparent contradiction between the goal of reducing poverty while bringing in tax rises and increased charges shows the tensions inherent in this bold plan

Peter Roffey

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So, what do you think...?

So many questions – but are we really listened to?

What are your views on the burning issues of the day? Increasingly, the States is asking that question – but do they really listen to the answers? Peter Roffey has some questions...

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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What’s with all these chinks in our links?

The good old days, when you didn’t need a website to tell you if the ferry was running on time...

Back in the days when cousin Eugene lived on home turf, you could rock up at the airport, hop on the scales and be in Jersey half an hour or so later. In his monthly missive, Neil Ross’ Emile explains why that or any kind of nippy travel is increasingly elusive these days...