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Passengers have a right to complain

‘TO MAINTAIN and develop year round, long-term, reliable, robust and reasonably priced roll on/roll off passenger, car and freight ferry services.’ That was Jersey and Guernsey’s vision when the two islands agreed in 2012 to act in concert to secure a long-term deal with a ferry operator.

Nick Mann

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Peter Roffey

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Ferry fiasco may scupper islands’ good reputation

Arrival of Condor LiberationPicture: PETER MOURANT

It was hailed as a craft that would signal a brave new world in ferry travel between the islands and the UK, yet Condor’s £50m. Liberation has so far failed to live up to the hype – so much so that, if not sorted out shortly, there’s a danger that it will damage our reputation as a tourist destination. Time for Deputy Kevin Stewart to step in, reckons Peter Roffey

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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A model example...

Emile cartoon May

The architects of the new Town plans claim their models worked, but Neil Ross’s Emile isn’t so sure... although he’s certain there was plenty of Lego involved