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States risk farce on ‘referendum’

So Guernsey will have a ‘referendum’ on whether to move to some form of island-wide voting. But after the States decided it will not be bound by the result in any way, the question remains how many people will now go to the trouble of heading to the polls. The message from the 19 deputies that tipped the debate was that, after a decade of indecision, we need your guidance – but not that much.

Nick Mann

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Deputies drove deal onto rocks through meekness

Ferries 2017

An unwillingness by the States to be seen publicly in disagreement backfired when it came to a possible deal with Condor to run an inter-island passenger service, says Nick Mann. That ship has sailed until next summer, but if a proposal had gone before the Assembly there is a good chance that the combined economic and social case would have won the day

Peter Roffey

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Care before cash


When unexpected medical bills can devastate low-income families, is it strictly necessary to run health services on a commercial basis, asks former Board of Health president Peter Roffey?

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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The price of happiness


Some things never change, whether it’s politicians and their plans, the two islands disagreeing over the inter-island ferry service or talk of lengthening the runway. At least there’s a new statue of Victor Hugo to look forward to, as Neil Ross’s Emile writes to his cousin Eugene