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Aurigny shows its compassion

FROM today, islanders facing the sudden death or life-threatening illness of a relative in the UK can apply for a compassionate fare from Aurigny. It is the right move and one that is to be welcomed as embodying the spirit of ‘the islanders’ airline’. At a time of high stress and urgency it is not right that islanders should be faced with paying a punitive price for flights just because they could not foresee the emergency and book early.

Nick Mann

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Use technology correctly to enhance States debate

For politics - social media in the states chambers.

Electronic screens can be the curse of modern deliberation. Members’ attention often wanes in the wake of speeches that are too long or are constantly repetitive. However, employed in the right way, modern-day gadgetry has the ability to obtain answers, augment important issues and bring focus to wandering minds

Peter Roffey

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Let’s not get this party started


Guernsey’s system of consensus government may be far from perfect, but it’s better for our island than any other ideas out there, argues Deputy Peter Roffey

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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Bring on the money-growing trees

money tree pic for Emile

Waste, schools, guess-the-price cycle lane safety measures – all the talk has been of the spend, spend, spend variety lately, Neil Ross’ Emile reports to his cousin in Oz. Yet we’re still waiting on the £2.6m. lost cheque