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Pre-school straitjacket was too tight

AMONG the political bombs going off in the States chamber on Wednesday morning was news of a volte-face on free pre-school education. The flat rate of £5.90 for 15 hours a week paid to each pre-school per pupil was to be replaced by a lower rate of £5 with schools able to charge a top-up rate of 90p if they wanted. For those wedded to the ‘universality’ of the plans it was a massive turnaround which undermined the whole ethos of the plan.

Nick Mann

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Alderney’s issues are laid bare by eloquent report

Pic by Adrian Miller 29-10-15Alderney Stock photos for archive

A report by the Constitution Unit of University College London into Alderney’s administration warns that it is inconceivable Alderney can be administered satisfactorily by 29 people and that shared services are going to come under ever-closer investigation in Guernsey as it looks to control spending and ensure efficiency. Change is vital if its independence is not going to be questioned, suggests our political columnist

Peter Roffey

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Why rolling elections may become essential

(Picture by Peter Frankland, 15814409)

Should we introduce a system of rolling elections instead of one big one every four years? That, says Peter Roffey, depends on whether or not island-wide voting is a goer...

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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What’s with all these chinks in our links?

The good old days, when you didn’t need a website to tell you if the ferry was running on time...

Back in the days when cousin Eugene lived on home turf, you could rock up at the airport, hop on the scales and be in Jersey half an hour or so later. In his monthly missive, Neil Ross’ Emile explains why that or any kind of nippy travel is increasingly elusive these days...