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Another step down a long, winding road

Proposals that will transform the Bridge have taken a big step forward after planners’ gave them the thumbs up. Another stride should come next week when it will fall to the Development & Planning Authority’s political board to have the final say on the Leale’s Yard scheme, a development that holds the potential to give the wider economy a £300m. shot in the arm. Transformation of the site is long overdue.

Nick Mann

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Old habits die hard when it comes to politics game


A new system of government, but nothing much has changed, says Nick Mann. Politics being what it is, the usual issues are surfacing less than four months into the new States with planning, education and the waste strategy showing that April’s new broom hasn’t swept away much of what was there before. But these minor political spats are likely to be forgotten when the States runs into the tough decisions to be taken on the Budget, pensions and benefits and the full debate on the Island Development Plan

Peter Roffey

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Why rolling elections may become essential

(Picture by Peter Frankland, 15814409)

Should we introduce a system of rolling elections instead of one big one every four years? That, says Peter Roffey, depends on whether or not island-wide voting is a goer...

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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What’s with all these chinks in our links?

The good old days, when you didn’t need a website to tell you if the ferry was running on time...

Back in the days when cousin Eugene lived on home turf, you could rock up at the airport, hop on the scales and be in Jersey half an hour or so later. In his monthly missive, Neil Ross’ Emile explains why that or any kind of nippy travel is increasingly elusive these days...