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Plastic, plastic everywhere

There is an increasing awareness about the damage our love affair with plastic products is doing to the environment. Indeed, Guernsey was an early adopter in the fight against unnecessary one-off use of carrier bags when it instigated the 5p charge in supermarkets in 2008. That helped to combat a very visual problem, but one of the greatest potential threats is from what we do not see in our oceans.

Nick Mann

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Island pollution: paying the price of emission

STATISTICS that show Guernsey is consistently more polluting than Jersey – and per capita produces twice the amount of greenhouse gas emissions – should make people pause for thought.

Peter Roffey

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Plugging the gap in motoring revenue

The future’s electric, but where does that leave revenue?

The future of motoring is looking more and more like electric, which potentially leaves the States with a £20m. revenue shortfall. How to address that? Peter Roffey has a few ideas

Rob Batiste

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Letters from Emile

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The price of happiness


Some things never change, whether it’s politicians and their plans, the two islands disagreeing over the inter-island ferry service or talk of lengthening the runway. At least there’s a new statue of Victor Hugo to look forward to, as Neil Ross’s Emile writes to his cousin Eugene