GP Opinion

Cycling safety message too real to ignore

ANYONE reading our story this week of the astonishing recovery of cyclist Jo Watts after a potentially life-threatening road crash will be amazed at her powers of recuperation.

Taking down the barriers to adoption

THE ‘glacial pace’ of social reform in Guernsey – as one deputy put it – has the opportunity to pick up speed next month when proposals to change the adoption law are presented.

Helping at the heart of the crisis

AS Nepal continues to reel from its second earthquake in only three weeks, Guernsey can be proud to know it is playing a part in helping people struggling to survive the devastation.

Cycle of child abuse must be broken

A DEPRESSINGLY frank depiction of social care for children paints a picture of an under-funded, overly bureaucratic service housed in tumbledown buildings struggling to cope with rapidly expanding numbers of young people in need.

Chipping away at a gem of a Town

IF, AS the Countess of Wessex ventured, Guernsey is a jewel in the crown of the British Isles, then St Peter Port presents its finest facet.

Decisive election is right result

AFTER an extraordinary election night which confounded all the polls, the Bailiwick of Guernsey awoke this morning to consider the implications.

Royal delight highlights islands’ links

THERE’S nothing like a new baby to bring people together. And, as with the recent royal birth of the Princess of Cambridge, a whole nation and beyond – including Guernsey – has been able to feel part of the historic joy and delight.

Smoke-free Town a vague proposal

WHILST not impossible to see the thinking behind calls to make Town a smoke-free zone, what is far less clear – positively blurry in fact – is whether we actually need such a radical, zero-tolerance scheme.

Daz is latest in long line of charity stars

THE thought of staying awake for 24 hours is a daunting one. It might be commonplace for junior doctors and rock stars but, for most people, it takes a very good reason.

At least close scheme to new entrants

IN A year of big decisions – La Mare, 11-plus, GST, population – tomorrow’s pension debate holds its own. Not so much because of the financial implications – although they are substantial – as the potentially ruinous effect on the States’ relationship with thousands of its staff.

Setting out on the trail of history

AS THE islands prepare to mark the 70th anniversary of one of the most significant moments in their history, the story of Liberation from Nazi-occupying forces will not be far from people’s thoughts in the days ahead. Such a major milestone, noting a precious seventh decade of freedom, will see a mix of events ranging from more reserved, commemorative reflection to carefree festive celebration of the release from the darkest period in island history.

A tale of two islands filling black holes

TWO quite similar islands – two very different tales. Guernsey’s government, having run a deficit budget since the introduction of zero-10, is predicting a surplus of £3m. by 2017.

Coastguard move must be well grounded

THE pressure on Public Services to revisit its decision to route calls to the coastguard to an emergency call centre at the police station should not be underestimated. When people of the calibre of former harbourmasters and pilots with an experience level at sea unmatched in the islands are united in their belief that lives are at risk it would be foolhardy not to take stock and consider whether this is the right course.

La Mare pays the price for lack of love

LIKE an unloved child, La Mare de Carteret has always been bottom of the States’ priority list. Fourteen years ago, when the Education Council presented its radical plans to end the 11-plus and close two secondary schools, La Mare and St Peter Port were the unlucky pair.

Treasury must present its evidence

EVIDENCE-BASED decision-making was the mantra meant to characterise this States. Gone, in theory, were the days when departments could present to the States flimsy, fact-free arguments with all the options uncosted.

Treasury up to their necks in education

ON THE eve of publication of a report that was originally meant to be about rebuilding La Mare, Treasury and Resources has set hares running that it will not be able to stop. In deciding to meet with the Grammar PTA last week it has created instability and left the public to wonder just who is in charge of the island’s education system.