GP Opinion

Time to open up on cruise liner changes

AFTER another day of angst on the roads for motorists in Town the chief minister was keen to stress that the working party reviewing the changes was listening to peoples’ concerns.

Striking the gender balance

‘OVERWHELMINGLY male and overwhelmingly grey.’ This characterisation of our Assembly, incidentally by a male deputy, is hardly a ringing endorsement of the make-up of our government – nor a particularly flattering one.

Step down from this ivory tower

THOSE arguing against turning Green Acres Hotel into a dementia care home have the luxury of ignoring inconvenient truths.

Could public inquiry have been avoided?

RELIEF that a police investigation into the deaths of four Alderney residents has found no evidence of criminal acts by an island doctor has to be tempered with concern about the damage done to all connected to the case.

Keeping foreign affairs close

AT a time when Guernsey looks increasingly under fire from external forces it’s unsurprising we feel the need to defend ourselves more than ever before.

Schools get their own test scores

WHILE Education’s critics have been keenly awaiting the results of an inspection of its management by Education Scotland, what has been less widely publicised is that the same body is now the official inspector for all island schools.

Step up fight to clear our name

IF SHOWS of sympathy were enough to strike Guernsey’s name from a damning EU blacklist, the injustice and reputational damage would have all been over weeks ago.

Time for rules of engagement

TIMING, as we all know, can be everything. Which makes it ironic that this week’s debate, about the proposed shape and scope of a future States internal watchdog, comes just days ahead of a mass demo against the Assembly’s decision-making.

Renewables debate needs movement

FOR a decade now, the prospect of Guernsey harnessing the power of the seas around it for electricity has been raised but remained tantalisingly out of reach.

Online abuse a political minefield

PUBLIC service can be a thankless task, as many States members will attest, yet when the criticism turns personal, frightening even, it becomes a whole new ball game.

Giving real power to the people

WITH some deputies dismissing the idea of letting islanders vote them out as ‘an expensive novelty’, it’s hard not to think ‘well, they would say that wouldn’t they?’.

End this shallow nod to openness

TWO years ago the new information code was heralded by politicians as a sign of this States’ commitment to openness and transparency. What has happened since has demonstrated just what a shallow commitment to those principles backing the code was.

Motor tax a U-turn on promises

WITH the prospect of a re-introduced annual motor tax looming large in the headlights, suddenly it’s hard to imagine why any of us are even surprised. In fact, surely the tax (and its lure of netting the States £6m.) is inevitable?

Is transport plan running out of steam?

ANOTHER transport strategy, another demo. Unsurprisingly, protestors have already mobilised to organise a second mass rally in the wake of Environment’s latest – and surely last-ditch – bid to fund its controversial vision.

Planning for generations of care

IN A month that has seen the release of several key reports that will shape the island’s future also comes the launch of the long-awaited Supported Living and Ageing Well Strategy consultation. A major body of work that has been in the offing for years, its outcome will decide the way we deliver care and support to islanders for decades to come.