GP Opinion

House price ratio keeps on growing

THOSE searching for reasons why more people are currently emigrating from the island than coming to live here could do worse than look at the ratio of house prices to earnings.

It is about more than turning up

TALK to some of the harder working deputies and they will tell you that the published list of members’ attendance records is a meaningless sham.

The target is pointless if it can’t be hit

AS ‘finger in the air’ planning goes, the Strategic Housing Target takes some beating. Four years ago, a large and detailed study was conducted by UK research experts based on interviews with 1,500 households. It determined that Guernsey had a ‘requirement’ for 451 new dwellings to be created each year.

Showing what makes us special

YOU can’t keep a good show down, whatever the weather, but somehow Guernsey’s West Show always rises to a whole new level.

Deputy will never be a team player

WITHOUT knowing any of the details of the code of conduct allegation against Deputy Mike Hadley it is impossible to have an opinion on his guilt or innocence.

Cycle of abuse must be broken

IF EVER there was an example of the value of being pro-active it is in combating the neglect and abuse of children.

This is no joke, it’s a metaphor for failure

THIS is getting silly. States deputies sometimes wonder why people give them such a hard time. Why there is so little respect and understanding for all the difficult work they undoubtedly do.

Public debate needs careful handling

AS YESTERDAY’S published letter from a former right-hand man to several Lt-Governors shows, there is nothing new in tension between UK ministers and their island counterparts.

Game on for 2021 opportunity

JUST a month ago we could only look on with envy as our biggest sporting rival hosted the spectacular showcase that is the NatWest Island Games.

Key traffic manoeuvre up ahead

TODAY could see Town finally put out of its ‘misery’ – or most of it – if Environment follows a call from on high.

Time to open up on cruise liner changes

AFTER another day of angst on the roads for motorists in Town the chief minister was keen to stress that the working party reviewing the changes was listening to peoples’ concerns.

Striking the gender balance

‘OVERWHELMINGLY male and overwhelmingly grey.’ This characterisation of our Assembly, incidentally by a male deputy, is hardly a ringing endorsement of the make-up of our government – nor a particularly flattering one.