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Eyes are wide open to issues for the young

THERE is a renewed focus on helping the island’s young, which is to be welcomed. And, increasingly, it is those working from outside the tight confines of the States who are driving the change.

Lukis House spaces are just a perk

AS A matter of principle, former Environment member Barry Paint will not be paying the £165 charge for parking at Lukis House. That is his right, as it is every States member’s.

Get ready for the long and winding road

YOU know it is going to be bad when the apologies come in a month before the roadworks are even due to start. It is a safe bet that motorists trying to get from Town to the airport or past it will struggle to maintain their cool as they negotiate an alternative route through six parishes.

Better paid does not mean better

UNCONVENTIONAL as he is, John Gollop is often willing to venture where other deputies fear to tread. With his popularity at the ballot box seemingly bulletproof, the St Peter Port North politician is happy to talk deputies’ pay and even to suggest that the £32,000 basic rate is far too little.

Ministers let target spoil their vision

IT MAY be couched in political terms but there is a tangible sense of irritation in the chief minister and Treasury minister’s defence of all things FTP.

New route gives critics an answer

AURIGNY gave a good answer to those who question the value of owning an airline when it wisely yielded to pressure from the business community and launched its service to London City Airport this week.

Time for taste test on road policing

THE latest ‘sandwich surveillance’ operation against motorists by police may be a well-meaning bid to make our roads safer, but have they really thought this one through?

Beau Sejour chicanery discredits FTP

TO RECAP: Consultants brought in to help pull the island out of its financial black hole identify opportunities to save £31m. a year through States efficiencies. As and when these ideas come to fruition, the consultants get a cut of the savings.

The need for a truly fair society

DECIDING on priorities for social policy will always be a challenge. News that legislation will be launched in Jersey from the start of next month outlawing racial discrimination in the workplace can’t help but highlight sharply the fact that no such measures are in place, or even being actively considered, over here.

Market plays its part in flight path

DESPITE recent revelations that the number of passengers this year travelling on the Gatwick route has slumped by almost 6,000, you still can’t help feeling it’s not all doom and gloom on the air travel front at present.

A road test for Education’s big vision

WITH the new school term starting next week comes the acid test of Education’s assurance that it could close schools without damaging children’s learning.

Building for the community

JUST three months after launching a rallying call for support, a project that faced a knife-edge race against time can finally begin to take shape.

Education fails 11-plus duty of care

THE measure of an organisation is often best judged by what it does when things go wrong, not when all is rosy. Every business or government body makes mistakes at some stage and has to pick up the pieces. Some do it much better than others.

States gamble that addiction is not an issue

THERE are more than a few contradictions in Culture and Leisure’s report on lottery funding. Chief among these is that while there has been an explosion in the number of scratch cards sold, the department is vowing to support problem gamblers by hiving off a small amount of its booming profits.

Scratch another one down to FTP

AUGUST is traditionally the month when things go quiet politically, at least publicly. There may well be those in the Policy Council who wished this was again the case this year.

Two islands’ needs must be balanced

TO HIS credit, the chief executive of Aurigny faced a potentially hostile audience in Alderney without flinching. Understandably, the people of the northernmost Channel Island take air links very seriously. It is a lifeline service in the truest sense and any suggestion of a reduced timetable or fare hikes is a threat to the economy and lifestyle of residents.

Heading in the right direction

AFTER a difficult journey over the past five years, it seems the island’s bus service may have finally turned a corner as usage numbers start to grow for the first time since 2009.

Is post modernism delivering?

THIS week’s announcement that Guernsey Post has again returned a pre-tax operating profit of nearly £1.1m. comes as welcome news.

Black cloud hanging over FTP ‘savings’

PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE chairwoman Heidi Soulsby may just have made her most important political intervention to date. Her revelations about the ‘fake’ saving made under the Financial Transformation Programme have left a black cloud hanging over the States.