GP Opinion

Salerie move is a sign of progress

IT is hard to believe that despite a shocking tragedy at what is now a notorious island accident spot, some road users are continuing to flout the law.

Pensions wait has island on hold

WHAT is shaping up to be one of the longest-running negotiations ever between the States and its employees looks set to remain unresolved into yet another new year.

Could people power be enough?

WE DON’T get many demos in Guernsey but (and excuse the pun), just like buses, we’ve now had a few come along at once.

Counting the true cost of abuse

IT CAN be a devastating blight on lives and ultimately our society, but the true extent of domestic abuse remains unknown.

Winning team or double trouble?

ALDERNEY’S recent election result has thrown up a rare chance for political watchers to see whether teamwork can ever really survive the States.

Where will pensions row end?

AS NEGOTIATIONS on the States pension between unions and the Policy Council entered a new low yesterday, hopes of gaining an agreed settlement before the end of the year seem further away than ever.

Outlawing legal highs a clear signal

AN EXPECTED shift in drugs policy would appear to be gaining ground with yesterday’s announcement that the law against former legal highs has been strengthened.

Keeping the tills ringing

MORE shoppers than ever before reportedly turned out on Saturday for the big Christmas lights switch-on in Town.

Doubt ruins a good day for La Mare

TODAY should be a day of celebration for teachers, pupils and parents at La Mare primary and high schools. After more than a decade of procrastination, the decrepit and unfit-for-purpose schools are finally going to be rebuilt.

Stepping up the battle against abuse

BEHIND the stiletto-heeled footwear and fun of the weekend charity fundraiser, which saw men literally tripping along the seafront in women’s shoes, there lay a serious message.

Permits are no panacea for business

TWICE in recent days, senior business leaders have used the keynote speech at their annual gala dinner to call for a more flexible population system.

Just three questions do the job

FOR those who believe that the simplest way to clear up the dog’s breakfast that is the island’s Sunday trading law is to stop regulating it, Commerce and Employment’s consultation could not be easier.

La Mare at risk from cost backlash

TWICE in the past few days, La Mare High students have made a point in these pages of talking up their school and its many qualities.