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Renewables potential is only that

At the launch of the Guernsey Renewable Energy Team’s latest awareness drive there was an acknowledgement that to outside watchers it might seem that things are moving at a glacial pace. There is an understandable frustration that the technology has not developed at the rate expected when the potential for tidal power first made big headlines back in the mid-2000s.

Small issues became a big problem

BY ITS own account, Condor must be seething. Battered by relentless winter storms and struggling to manage a ship going through ‘standard’ teething issues for a vessel under warranty, the ferry firm was already having one of its worst years ever.

Race starts, but where will it end?

AND they’re off! Jockeying for position to get an early start to their election campaign yesterday were an encouraging 37 runners and riders.

Brexit vote reveals our EU leanings

IN a few months’ time, as the UK faces one of its most historic decisions in decades, Guernsey will only be able to watch from the wings. While well used to being a bit-part player and disenfranchised on most things our UK neighbours do, this time the scenario feels markedly different.

Amendments shut voters out of process

THOSE who took time to pore over Education’s proposals for secondary education may wonder why they bothered. For the 300-page report had very little to do with how the debate unfolded. Instead, the five-day discussion was hijacked by a series of amendments as deputies effectively made it up as they went along.

If there is a plan B then let’s hear it

DISBELIEF set in yesterday as news of Condor Liberation’s latest disaster reached the islands. Even by the standards of the last 12 months, the decision by the MCA to detain the ship pending repairs to ‘substantial deficiencies’ was jaw-dropping.

This ‘government’ is not working – who will fix it?

It’s game over for this Assembly. Who’s going to make sure we get a better one next time?

We are a hotbed of revolutionary change led by our monarchist, communist, conservative, socialist, liberal, fascist coalition, presided over by anarchists who don’t believe in plans or order, says Horace. So who’s going to speak up and sort this out?

Uncertainty will not let go of schools

DEPUTIES spent yesterday furiously trying to untangle the mess they had made of the review of secondary education. To a large extent they have failed and left it for others to tidy up.

A better fleet could be on the horizon

AS AN observer at Friday’s crunch meeting between Condor and the governments of Guernsey and Jersey, Deputy Paul Luxon was ideally placed to understand the needs of both sides.

Education did not do its homework

AS THE dust settles after a momentous few days in the States chamber it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the Education Department has been outplayed. As a group of principled, well-intentioned deputies, few departments come close to Education. They wear their hearts on their sleeve trying to do the best for the island’s children.

Careless talk of corporate tax changes

TWICE in the past five months Treasury minister Gavin St Pier has been at pains to nail the lid down on corporate tax changes. In November, he told Chamber of Commerce members that government’s prime role was to keep out of their way and create the conditions which enable business to flourish.

Selection may yet rise from its death bed

IN A QUIRK of States procedure deputies barely had time to register yesterday’s historic decision to end school selection at 11 before they were asked to vote again on exactly the same question in reverse. Yes, HM Procureur told confused deputies, the first vote would be entirely null and void if enough deputies changed their mind with the ink barely dry on the first vote sheet.

Waste strategy is not what was agreed

IN FEBRUARY 2012, after one of the island’s largest ever consultations, Public Services brought proposals for a new waste strategy to the States. Gone was the Suez big burner, to be replaced by a choice of three detailed strategies.

No one wants to wreck the lives of pupils

A DEBATE that has been 15 years in the making will finally get under way this morning. After months of consultation, weeks of argument and scores of letters, emails and Tweets, deputies finally get the chance today to have their say on the future of secondary education.

Success –yet future is uncertain

THE turnaround at La Mare de Carteret High School described in its validation report should not be underestimated. Rightly, those teachers and pupils who have been at the heart of the transformation have taken great pride in the result that they have achieved. It made front page news for all the right reasons.