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Building for the community

JUST three months after launching a rallying call for support, a project that faced a knife-edge race against time can finally begin to take shape.

Education fails 11-plus duty of care

THE measure of an organisation is often best judged by what it does when things go wrong, not when all is rosy. Every business or government body makes mistakes at some stage and has to pick up the pieces. Some do it much better than others.

States gamble that addiction is not an issue

THERE are more than a few contradictions in Culture and Leisure’s report on lottery funding. Chief among these is that while there has been an explosion in the number of scratch cards sold, the department is vowing to support problem gamblers by hiving off a small amount of its booming profits.

Scratch another one down to FTP

AUGUST is traditionally the month when things go quiet politically, at least publicly. There may well be those in the Policy Council who wished this was again the case this year.

Two islands’ needs must be balanced

TO HIS credit, the chief executive of Aurigny faced a potentially hostile audience in Alderney without flinching. Understandably, the people of the northernmost Channel Island take air links very seriously. It is a lifeline service in the truest sense and any suggestion of a reduced timetable or fare hikes is a threat to the economy and lifestyle of residents.

Heading in the right direction

AFTER a difficult journey over the past five years, it seems the island’s bus service may have finally turned a corner as usage numbers start to grow for the first time since 2009.

Is post modernism delivering?

THIS week’s announcement that Guernsey Post has again returned a pre-tax operating profit of nearly £1.1m. comes as welcome news.

Black cloud hanging over FTP ‘savings’

PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE chairwoman Heidi Soulsby may just have made her most important political intervention to date. Her revelations about the ‘fake’ saving made under the Financial Transformation Programme have left a black cloud hanging over the States.

Cycling push needs to go up a gear

Encouraging more people to cycle is one of the central goals of Environment’s new transport strategy. It has already begun to act by confirming a much-needed review of the seafront cycle path.

Sporting pride of Guernsey

AS THE great Commonwealth machine prepares to roll out of Glasgow and life on the banks of the Clyde returns to pre-Games normality, Guernsey’s athletes yesterday also began the long journey home.

Remembering their sacrifice

ONE hundred years ago today, events far removed from Guernsey set in train one of the globe’s bloodiest events, changing this community completely and irrevocably.

The virtual politics of a referendum

SO, that’s clear then. In March, the States comprehensively rejected Deputy Laurie Queripel’s amendment calling for a referendum on island-wide voting by 38 votes to eight. Less than four months later, the same deputies agree to a referendum by a single vote.