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Rally must maintain its momentum

THERE will be those who will try to play down the significance of yesterday’s protest rally, claiming the tens of thousands who did not attend for their own.

Keep key flight route on the rise

REPORTS that Aurigny’s recently-launched London City service is already exceeding the company’s expectations is welcome news for both the airline and the island.

Protestors get on the same page

IT WAS only a matter of time. The recent launch of a Facebook protest page called Enough is Enough Gsy, railing against the ever-increasing raft of proposed charges threatening to be slapped on already hard-hit taxpayers, was a social media campaign waiting to happen.

Never shoot the messenger

ONE of the most baffling things to onlookers about the maternity crisis engulfing HSSD is that it took a member of staff to appeal to a higher, UK-based body before anyone locally would listen.

Midwives cannot bear all the blame

WITH the exception of the midwife who risked her career by refusing to accept what she saw as the sub-standard investigation into a baby’s death, few people emerge from the Nursing and Midwifery Council investigation in credit.