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Treasury must present its evidence

EVIDENCE-BASED decision-making was the mantra meant to characterise this States. Gone, in theory, were the days when departments could present to the States flimsy, fact-free arguments with all the options uncosted.

Treasury up to their necks in education

ON THE eve of publication of a report that was originally meant to be about rebuilding La Mare, Treasury and Resources has set hares running that it will not be able to stop. In deciding to meet with the Grammar PTA last week it has created instability and left the public to wonder just who is in charge of the island’s education system.

Smashing the silos is the next step

WHILE millions in annual cash savings achieved through the financial transformation programme are good to have, it will ultimately prove far more important whether the process has changed the States. If, as Policy Council says, it has transformed the way in which government views its finances and ‘embedded an improved culture of cost consciousness across the public service’ then the £5.5m. paid to consultants will have been tremendous value for money.

HSSD makes the case for change

A CONSISTENT message is coming out of Health and Social Services under its new regime – things need to change. Spending pressures continue, whether it is dealing with short-term crises such as the midwifery service, the day-to-day operations, or looking to the future where people will live longer but fewer will be working to help pay for their needs.

Doctor’s best interests lie in full inquiry

WITHOUT knowing the details of the police investigation into an Alderney doctor and four deaths linked to his practice it is impossible to be conclusive about any observations. It may be weeks or longer before islanders in both Alderney and Guernsey know quite how serious the allegations are and how well founded or otherwise they will prove.

The mixed messages of the march

BROADENING the public sector pension march to include islanders who do not want to work until they are 70 seems at first a canny move by union leaders. It may dilute the message to deputies about the anger felt within the public sector about the Care pension deal but it will certainly swell the numbers.

Why telco tax fell at the first fence

IT is important to know when you’re ‘losing something’, according to our Commerce & Employment minister. Yet surely it would have been far better to back the right horse from the start?

GST is not dead - it’s just resting

AS A statement of the bleedin’ obvious, news that GST cannot be ruled out for this States, let alone future parliaments, should win some sort of prize.

Vulnerable elderly need protection

THERE can be few offences as despicable as a carer taking advantage of an aged person’s dementia to steal from them. To do so once is unforgivable, to do so twice is unbelievable.

Busy States must use its time well

BY THE end of this week there is every chance that deputies will have spent seven full days debating the personal tax and benefits review.

An urgent need for safety change

AS THE new road layout along The Quay beds in, there is another project on Environment’s to do list which is arguably more pressing.

How many people is enough?

UNDER the heading ‘Admitting our impotence’ former deputy Peter Roffey confessed in 2007 that while his minority report called for the population to be capped at about 60,000 he had no faith in its success.

New e-census puts an end to the guessing

IT IS hard to overstate the importance of knowing where the island’s population is and where it is heading. The personal taxation, pensions and benefits report makes it clear that population had a ‘significant bearing’ on its proposals and assumptions about the island’s future prosperity.

Mortgage payers yet to find a voice

WHAT a difference a few years makes. Late in 2012, suggestions that mortgage interest tax relief should be phased out brought howls of protest from homeowners and Facebook protest groups were set up to oppose any cuts.

Tax package is out for the count

LIKE a boxer on the ropes, the personal tax review rumbled on yesterday taking heavy punishment from a series of well-aimed blows.