Letters from Emile

Newly-appointed president of the Policy and Resources Committee Gavin St Pier. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 14875324)

Back in with the old...

...after a close-fought vote for the top job, as Neil Ross’s Emile explains to his cousin. And there is much for him to write about – not least an election, the slow forming of a ‘new’ government and the latest crime figures from the head of law enforcement

Plugging the gaps

emile nov_900

With Environment dead set on leaving the L’Ancresse anti-tank wall to crumble, Neil Ross’s Emile is sure he’s found a way to help fill the gaps and find a new home for some unwanted items at the same time. But with Treasury looking to import people to plug its funding hole and the States making cuts as the civil service grows, his cousin has plenty to digest in this month’s letter

Carried away by the UK

Peewee cartoon for Emile about paying for carrier bags.

A trip to Town has irked Neil Ross’s Emile, who discovered that UK chains are forcing their carrier bag fees on islanders. And as he explains to his cousin, it’s not the only aspect of Guernsey life that’s influenced by the mainland. Sunday trading has now been voted in, but there are lots of resulting issues that haven’t been thought through...

A matter of understanding


With so many big issues before the States, and a few of them controversial, Neil Ross’s Emile has plenty to tell his cousin Eugene. From education to Condor, the Leopardess to our relationships with other places – it’s all about money and ‘understandings’

Stealth, wealth and a deliberate rain dance

Emile cartoon Sept

The schools are back and we’re into September. Time for everything to get back to normal after the summer. Trouble is, as Neil Ross’s Emile tells his cousin Eugene, what with the harbours and Environment and the money that’s left going round in circles, he’s not too sure what normal is any more...

The black and the white of dredging all over

Emile cartoon July

Back-patting, pontoons and an eye-popping ‘poo pipe’ – plus a bit of hobnobbing. Neil Ross’ Emile has plenty to tell his cousin Eugene this month – and some of it, he reckons, takes the biscuit

A model example...

Emile cartoon May

The architects of the new Town plans claim their models worked, but Neil Ross’s Emile isn’t so sure... although he’s certain there was plenty of Lego involved

‘Sarnian spring’ gets hit by fog

Emile cartoon April

The States are spending madly on ‘improvements’ we don’t want, inventing new taxes to pay for them and complaining about being £50m. short of funds they never had in the first place. No wonder people are leaving the island, says Neil Ross’ Emile

Whatever happened to the Sarnian Spring?

Peewee cartoon for Neil Ross column Letter from Emile.

Neil Ross’s Emile has so much to tell his cousin, it’s hard to know where to start – between the toing and froing of the traffic strategy, the fears over importing food, closing the Albert Pier and a single-lane Quay, Eugene’s going to wonder what’s going on in Guernsey… 

Round in circles, by Neil Ross

Peewee cartoon for Letter from Emile column.

In his monthly letter to his cousin, Neil Ross’s Emile relays the news that Oscar Puffin is going solely online, buses are travelling nowhere fast and Sir Isaac Brock could be playing at musical statues.

Blast times, by Neil Ross

Emile cartoon by Peewee

It would take a bomb to get some students out of bed on a Sunday morning. And as Neil Ross’ Emile tells his cousin Eugene, Bluebell Wood obligingly supplied one last weekend...

Extended leave? Join the queue...

(Illustration by Peewee)

Retiring at 85? What’s old Tosty the veg man thinking of, asks Neil Ross’ Emile, who has plenty to tell cousin Eugene about housing licences, the Perelle sea wall and the ever-present possibility of the States starting from Plan Z...

Commitment issues

(Illustration by Peewee)

Allegiance is the theme of Emile's monthly letter to his cousin, as one airline sells off its Gatwick routes and the going gets tough for the UK-owned bus company. And it looks like the States are reneging on their savings promises too...

States of secrecy

(Illustration by Peewee)

In his monthly letter to his cousin, Neil Ross’s Emile reveals his concerns about deputies’ confidential dealings and worries that his future postings might not be so illuminating...

Overworked and over here

Emile, 9/2/13

In his monthly letter to his cousin, Nick Ross’s Emile bemoans the rise of UK workers and wonders at the States’ ability to manage its finances. And there’s the little issue of ormers, too...

All about the money

(Illustration by Peewee)

Overspends and cost-cutting are at the heart of Neil Ross’s monthly letter from Emile to his cousin – and the States comes in for a fair bit of stick. But in his pre-Christmas missive, the police and Border Agency also share the hot coals with the chestnuts for a seasonal roasting...

Flooding on the dance floor

(Illustration by Peewee)

Our friend Emile has water on the brain and money on his mind – and, ultimately, where it’s gone. In this letter to his cousin, he fills him in on the floods, Island Hospital and the latest exploits of the States...

Everything’s temporary

(Illustration by Peewee)

Electricity price hikes, sea wall reports and semi-permanent traffic lights are all hot topics for our island friend in his writings this month. What will cousin Eugene make of it all?

What’s point of armed police when States just hands over millions?

(Illustration by Peewee)

Our Olympians did bloney well, but it’s not all been gold medals and big grins this month, says Neil Ross in his Letter from Emile. How can a well-regulated finance centre ‘lose’ £2.6m., for example? And are we ever likely to find it, given that we’re still looking for £20,000 that went missing years ago...