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Transformation savings a tale of lost opportunities


With the focus now on further cultural change in the States and with few savings made in the first years of the Financial Transformation Programme, the question of what options have been lost along the way – and why – rears its head

All aboard for a new tax and benefits destination


In the wake of amendments to the Treasury and Social Security departments’ long-debated Personal tax, pensions and benefits review, the island is now heading in a very different direction to that planned. The ruling-out of GST has had a major impact on this but even though it may return at some point, at least Treasury won’t be heading down a money-wasting dead-end

Eco tax ‘rescue’ a timely one


With debate on the Personal tax, pensions and benefits review now on hold until 8 April, it’s time to reflect on the myriad changes that were made last week. Foremost among these was the introduction of the idea of new environmental taxes to fill in for the rejected GST. The amendment came at an opportune moment, says Nick Mann

Exposing the ‘devil in the detail’ of benefits review

cost of housing

As the States prepares to tackle the Personal Tax, Pensions and Benefits Review, evidence has begun to emerge that it is not a balanced package and will leave a lot of families worse off, with nothing as yet in sight to counter its financial impact. Nick Mann argues that the plans do not seem fair as they stand and wonders whether the Assembly will be convinced to take a leap in the dark

A question of when, not if


BY THE end of this month, Jersey should have dealt with a question that refuses to go away – whether there should be an elected speaker to replace the Bailiff.

The right kind of scrutiny


TO SEE how far the States has to go on a culture of openness, you only have to examine the HSSD’s stance during last week’s no confidence debate.