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Renewables debate needs movement

FOR a decade now, the prospect of Guernsey harnessing the power of the seas around it for electricity has been raised but remained tantalisingly out of reach.

No right to be rude

Deputies Yvonne Burford and Peter Harwood passing the Enough is enough protest outside The Royal Court last year. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 9395298)

Public criticism is guaranteed in politics, but rudeness and abuse are a step too far in Peter Roffey’s opinion. He has first-hand experience of the island’s unique proximity to its politicians and believes it would be a disaster if online abuse led to a lack of candidates and less access to those willing to stand

Giving real power to the people

WITH some deputies dismissing the idea of letting islanders vote them out as ‘an expensive novelty’, it’s hard not to think ‘well, they would say that wouldn’t they?’.

End this shallow nod to openness

TWO years ago the new information code was heralded by politicians as a sign of this States’ commitment to openness and transparency. What has happened since has demonstrated just what a shallow commitment to those principles backing the code was.

Motor tax a U-turn on promises

WITH the prospect of a re-introduced annual motor tax looming large in the headlights, suddenly it’s hard to imagine why any of us are even surprised. In fact, surely the tax (and its lure of netting the States £6m.) is inevitable?

The buffet approach

(Stefano Viola/Shutterstock)

Too many dishes can make it harder to choose, and with a smorgasbord-style situation facing the States on the traffic strategy, Peter Roffey is worried that an impasse will be the only thing on members’ plates

Is transport plan running out of steam?

ANOTHER transport strategy, another demo. Unsurprisingly, protestors have already mobilised to organise a second mass rally in the wake of Environment’s latest – and surely last-ditch – bid to fund its controversial vision.

Has Environment earned the right to play?


With the Environment Department’s revised version of its plans for the controversial vehicle emissions tax and the rejection of the free bus service and paid-for parking clocks, Nick Mann says that even the department itself seems to be taking a half-hearted approach to its proposals – so it should not be too surprised that there are already plans for a public protest...

Planning for generations of care

IN A month that has seen the release of several key reports that will shape the island’s future also comes the launch of the long-awaited Supported Living and Ageing Well Strategy consultation. A major body of work that has been in the offing for years, its outcome will decide the way we deliver care and support to islanders for decades to come.

Regulator’s surplus is just part of story

NOT too long ago, the news that the island’s financial services regulator had made a surplus of £1.6m. from its activities last year would have caused concern, if not anger, in the community it was regulating.

Prepare for the worst

Should the UK decide to leave the EU, the impact would be clearly felt here in Guernsey. But does that give us the right to be involved in the decision?

In light of our recent addition to the European Union‘s blacklist, Peter Roffey considers our position in the run-up to the UK referendum on EU membership – and what the impact on us would be...

Damage to island community

NEWS that criminal damage is on the rise is concerning for an island that prides itself on being a safe and secure place to live.

A blacklisted pawn in a political game

IT IS hard not to see Guernsey as the victim of a larger political game when singled out yesterday among the Crown dependencies on an EU tax ‘blacklist’.