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Airline can’t keep costing millions

JUST what is the point of Aurigny? It is a question that occupied States members again yesterday as they contemplated paying off the airline’s considerable debts.

Time to face up to population issues

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If stabilising Guernsey’s population at roughly its current level is firmly in the States’ ‘too difficult’ tray then it will be equally unachievable when the numbers living here increase, says Peter Roffey. Rather than flood the island with young people who will inevitably grow old, wouldn’t it be more useful to work with our ageing demographic and tap into people’s skills whatever their vintage?

A time to shop on the rock

AS the festive season gets under way islanders are being asked to remember local traders on their Christmas lists.

Water supplies a success

LAST week saw the official opening of the final piece of a massive £35m. project by Guernsey Water. The Belle Greve Wastewater Centre represents not only an historic landmark investment for the infrastructure of the island but a major, ground-breaking feat of local civil engineering. 

Island-wide voting a very real addiction for States


Far from seeing an island-wide voting requete as imperative for here and now, Nick Mann believes the perennial voting debate that will be investigated again in the next Assembly should be put on the shelf until then so the States can get to grips with more pressing matters in the run-up to next year’s election

The bar is set high for environment

NO ONE is against biodiversity. Unlike climate change, even on the far fringes of scientific opinion there is nobody arguing that we need fewer species or less attention paid to the damage humans are doing to the world. So when Treasury and Resources says it cannot support spending £80,000 on a biodiversity strategy no one should accuse them of being anti-environment.

Sark must sort out its own problems

Sark has difficulties that need to be resolved, but it’s shameful that when the island has implemented democratic reform, outsiders should try to undermine its autonomy, says Peter Roffey I’VE been giving a lot of thought to the call from 22 individual Channel Islanders for a Royal Commission-type inquiry into the future of Sark.

Terrifying trends in the digital world

FOR those less cyber-savvy parents out there, revelations about the latest type of online activity our island’s youngsters are engaging in will come as a major shock. News that some children as young as primary school age are exchanging sexually explicit images of their bodies via so-called ‘sexting’ will be hard for them to imagine, let alone accept.

22 reasons to look again at Sark’s future

TODAY’S letter by 22 prominent Channel Island residents is an unprecedented and intriguing step. While petitions gathering thousands of names are relatively commonplace and pressure groups regularly form, a small but high-profile collection of supporters urging action on a single topic is uncharted territory.

Refugees wouldn’t stay for long

A woman looks at floral tributes and candles at the Place de la Republique in Paris, after the terror attacks in the city last Friday.

The suggestion is that 40 homes might take in Syrian refugees but with limited support systems, few Arabic speakers and no ex-pat community why would they want to stay here? Peter Roffey offers his views on the latest Isis atrocities and their impact

Inquiry ends but hurdles remain

A POSITIVE air has surrounded the hearings which will help shape how Guernsey is developed in the next decade. Environment has been in listening mode while people have been commenting on its first draft of the new Island Development Plan, already making some tweaks and tucks to what it will propose.

Pre-school proposal offers choice

THERE is nothing like a deadline for focusing minds. After 17 months of fruitless debate between Treasury and Education over free pre-school education it seemed that no one was going to budge. Education stuck to its guns that 15 hours of free schooling was the minimum and could not be funded solely from its own budget while Treasury was dead set against creating another universal benefit.

States policies subject to fraught money wrangle


With the Treasury department effectively saying no to any new funding requests in an attempt to balance the books, and likely to continue with that stance through to the end of the political term, States members have been left in the unenviable position of putting favourable proposals on the back burner

Attacks must not be allowed to divide

YESTERDAY, the Jersey Evening Post’s front page headline was a single word, Solidarité, as islanders showed their support for the people of Paris. The message from Guernsey’s Chief Minister was the same: we stand alongside our French neighbours.

Landing a piece of history

IT’S not often you almost lose a national treasure. News that the iconic Trislander G-JOEY is winging its way home for its retirement has been greeted with relief by islanders who feel a real sense of ownership for Aurigny’s undisputed VIP – very important plane.