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Time to open up on cruise liner changes

AFTER another day of angst on the roads for motorists in Town the chief minister was keen to stress that the working party reviewing the changes was listening to peoples’ concerns.

Striking the gender balance

‘OVERWHELMINGLY male and overwhelmingly grey.’ This characterisation of our Assembly, incidentally by a male deputy, is hardly a ringing endorsement of the make-up of our government – nor a particularly flattering one.

Scrap ‘open skies’

The smaller an island community, the more important good connectivity becomes – but the harder it is to achieve. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 9377293)

As the Scrutiny Committee looks at our air links, Peter Roffey suggests that sole operators are the way forward – but with agreements that would protect islanders

Deputies will have to keep eyes on the big picture


The days when a politician got involved in minor parochial matters are about to end, with the impending slimming down of the States likely to mean that all members will have work of a far more important nature. But, writes Nick Mann, while the new breed of deputies will need to discipline themselves to stay out of such things, it could be an opportunity for the douzaines...

Mind the gap

(John Gomez/Shutterstock)

A look at George Osborne’s budget tells us that the gap between the UK’s low-paid and Guernsey’s is growing – and not in our favour. All but the highest earners here are actually paying more tax than their UK counterparts, who are to enjoy a rise in their personal allowance and in the minimum wage. Peter Roffey makes some unfavourable comparisons and considers the way forward for us

38÷4…How island-wide voting could work...


How many deputies do we need and how should they be elected? That and the issue of how to direct commercial States-owned businesses were the main points of dissent in last week’s system of government debate. Peter Roffey has views on all three...

Step down from this ivory tower

THOSE arguing against turning Green Acres Hotel into a dementia care home have the luxury of ignoring inconvenient truths.

Could public inquiry have been avoided?

RELIEF that a police investigation into the deaths of four Alderney residents has found no evidence of criminal acts by an island doctor has to be tempered with concern about the damage done to all connected to the case.