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Time for answers for Anthony

IT is a heart-wrenching story that has touched thousands of our readers since we first revealed the tale of little Anthony McMahon’s battle for a life-changing leg operation.

Course still unclear for junk project

A CONTROVERSIAL arts scheme to build a Chinese junk has already been through its fair share of stormy waters since its launch. Yet after news this week that the ambitious project has stalled due to funding, the project’s rough crossing looks doomed to continue.

Where do you park a burning car?

DISBELIEF has greeted Public Services’s decision to order a woman whose car caught fire to stump up £1,000 for repairs needed to the tiny section of road upon which it came to a halt.

Don’t bet on a speedy States helping out

MUCH of the talk at this year’s Institute of Directors debate was about how the island needed to regain the fleetness of foot that had brought it such success in the past.

School vision deserves its sporting life

THE debate over how much to spend on sports facilities at the new La Mare de Carteret Schools will be worrying for the island’s sporting community, which already fears some important lessons have not been learned.

Problems at La Mare arrive too late

GIVEN that the schools at La Mare de Carteret passed their 25-year lifespan at the turn of the century and have been high on the agenda for redevelopment ever since, it is disappointing that the States will be under considerable time pressure over its decision in November.

Paid parking opponent false starts

AS IS his democratic right, paid parking opponent Al Brouard wants to reinvigorate the debate by placing a requete demanding improvements to the bus service before Town parkers start paying.