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Cycling safety message too real to ignore

ANYONE reading our story this week of the astonishing recovery of cyclist Jo Watts after a potentially life-threatening road crash will be amazed at her powers of recuperation.

Ferry fiasco may scupper islands’ good reputation

Arrival of Condor LiberationPicture: PETER MOURANT

It was hailed as a craft that would signal a brave new world in ferry travel between the islands and the UK, yet Condor’s £50m. Liberation has so far failed to live up to the hype – so much so that, if not sorted out shortly, there’s a danger that it will damage our reputation as a tourist destination. Time for Deputy Kevin Stewart to step in, reckons Peter Roffey

Taking down the barriers to adoption

THE ‘glacial pace’ of social reform in Guernsey – as one deputy put it – has the opportunity to pick up speed next month when proposals to change the adoption law are presented.

A model example...

Emile cartoon May

The architects of the new Town plans claim their models worked, but Neil Ross’s Emile isn’t so sure... although he’s certain there was plenty of Lego involved

Helping at the heart of the crisis

AS Nepal continues to reel from its second earthquake in only three weeks, Guernsey can be proud to know it is playing a part in helping people struggling to survive the devastation.

Cycle of child abuse must be broken

A DEPRESSINGLY frank depiction of social care for children paints a picture of an under-funded, overly bureaucratic service housed in tumbledown buildings struggling to cope with rapidly expanding numbers of young people in need.

A strategy going to waste

Public Services minister Scott Ogier at Mayside Recycling. Kerbside has increased the amount of recycling islanders do – but not as much as was hoped, writes Peter Roffey. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 8560272)

It might seem like his pet subject at the moment, but Peter Roffey is concerned that for the waste strategy, time is of the essence. Costs keep rising and strong debate is vital, he believes, if we are to get an affordable, sustainable and suitable solution to our rubbish problem

Single-party government could lead to rapid change

General Election 2015 aftermath - May 8th

While last week’s Conservative victory in the UK elections has been seen by some local pundits as being good for the island, there are ramifications from the UK having a single party in power. There has been talk of replacing the Human Rights Act and, perhaps more importantly, the chance that the country could hold a referendum and vote to leave the EU...

Chipping away at a gem of a Town

IF, AS the Countess of Wessex ventured, Guernsey is a jewel in the crown of the British Isles, then St Peter Port presents its finest facet.