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easyBet was not worth the risk

FROM the moment the States guaranteed a loan for Aurigny to buy a new jet, it was clear the strategy was totally dependent on no significant new competition arriving on the Gatwick route.

What about the workers? By Peter Roffey

THE fact that former Guernsey employees of defunct shipping company Huelin-Renouf are to get no redundancy pay while their colleagues in Jersey and the UK do should come as no surprise.

Compare and contrast, by Peter Roffey

HERE’S a question. During a period of economic downturn, is it absolutely essential for the States to balance its books? Or is it more important to avoid structural damage to the island’s broader economy, even if that means depleting government reserves?

In need of closure? by Peter Roffey

UNDERSTANDABLY, all of the immediate reaction to Education’s policy letter on primary education has focused on the proposed closure of St Andrew’s and St Sampson’s.

Money talks, by Peter Roffey

AS THE States struggles to find funding for all its priority capital projects, once again the siren call of borrowing is whispering in members’ ears.

Crash tactics, by Peter Roffey

ONE of the most frustrating things about being a States watcher is seeing things taking place that are bound to end in tears but where no one steps in to stop them until the damage has been done.

All the government's men...

...and one woman. Peter Roffey looks at the ministers and committee chiefs and considers how they’re shaping up so far this term.

Shiny new facilities don't = success

WHILE there’s no doubt that La Mare de Carteret School is in desperate need of redevelopment, it was a bit rich for the Education minister to blame disappointing exam results on the state of the buildings.

Cabinet fever, by Peter Roffey

A RECENT editorial in the Jersey Evening Post delivered a scathing attack on that island’s ministerial system of government.