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Cabinet fever, by Peter Roffey

A RECENT editorial in the Jersey Evening Post delivered a scathing attack on that island’s ministerial system of government.

Excuse me – just a couple of things..., by Peter Roffey

NEXT week, the States will consider a ragbag package of possible changes to rules and procedures proposed by the Assembly and Constitution Committee. They range from the eminently sensible to the faintly loopy. I want to concentrate on just two.

Flying solo, by Peter Roffey

WITH just eight months to go before Flybe pulls out of the Guernsey-Gatwick route, the States’ decision to buy Aurigny 10 years ago has never looked better.

All in the balance, by Peter Roffey

ONE big political choice is how to tax your population. Jersey’s Treasury minister has just gleefully announced a £15m. surplus on the revenue account.

Committee versus cabinet

THE panel reviewing Guernsey’s machinery of government says the States must decide between returning to the island’s traditional committee system or adopting a full ‘bells and whistles’ ministerial one.

Difficult path

IT’S an immutable fact of politics that hard or unpopular decisions get more and more difficult to make the closer you get to a general election.