Rob Batiste

GCB hand forced into going down UK route

THERE was really no other road to go down than the UK route for the Guernsey Cricket Board when they sat down to once again consider how to best prepare its elite cricketers.

Sport flourishes despite government

IT IS fair to say from recent Comment and opinion pieces that some senior figures on this newspaper would do away with Culture and Leisure with a snap of their fingers and before a groundsman can pick up the phone to text: ‘Sorry lads... too wet.’

Jersey RIGHT but wrong to go public

FOR an organisation so professional, and one that this column has consistently held up as a paragon in offshore island sporting development, I am amazed at the dog’s breakfast Jersey RFC have made of discussing the future of the Siam Cup.

Golf debate should be a catalyst for change

L’ANCRESSE without golf? You really are having a laugh and I refuse to believe that come 1 January 2017 someone will not be crashing a drive off the first tee in the direction of Ladies’ Bay.

Baroness argues for ‘physically literate’ children


MARK LATTER, the Guernsey Cricket Board chief executive, must have been smiling from ear to ear when, in front of a packed house of sports people and dignitaries at Beau Sejour on Thursday, he witnessed Stuart Falla, chairman of the Sports Commission, politely throw down the gauntlet to government bodies to back its fight against obesity.

Classic match will be long remembered

I NEVER understood the fascination of someone throwing themselves head on into a 16-stone man running at top speed and with his big hand outstretched ready to gouge out your eye.

What's the big problem folks?

THE Twitter feeds were feverishly hot yesterday and Sam Cochrane (pictured right), the good and determined skipper that he is, was bravely batting for the Green Lions as the club came under fire for begging for money to save an FA Cup campaign before it had even started.