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Just who are sports elite?

THERE is no doubt about it. Were it a popularity contest or judged on the amount of column inches in this paper and CTV footage, Ross Allen would be Guernsey sport’s elite performer of 2013.

Groundstaff should unite

GUERNSEY sport is set to thrive for many years yet but, of course, not everything will be perfect.

President's timely return for a party

THE performance may have been scratchy but there was still much to cheer about GRFC’s narrow win at home to Gravesend last Saturday. Not least that club president Adie Le Page (pictured) was up and about and looking no worse for wear after his recent health scare.

Well done GFA and Craig

THEY were nervous about going cap in hand to Jersey, but the GFA summoned the character perhaps previous administrations would not have and posed the question that had to be asked for the integrity of the biggest football match in the Channel Islands.

Captain Cockers right to speak out

HOW refreshing to see the Jersey football team management come out publicly in support of a Muratti switch and, in an instant, kick a dollop of mud in the eye of those who mischievously were wanting a club v. country row.

No shame in date switch

I REALLY pity Mark Le Tissier at the moment and only marginally less so Tony Vance, Colin Fallaize and the GFC stars who have given so much for the club these past two seasons.

All will be fine for GFC

THE prophets of GFC doom do make me laugh. A few games get postponed and suddenly the whole venture is in grave danger of falling in on itself.

Going places on a million

THERE is something very telling about the state of island sport when the three biggest annual prizes on offer, are collected by stand-ins.