The Bailiwick island of Alderney has its own, smaller, version of Guernsey's States, which discusses and decides upon matters of specific interest to the island. But since it is part of the Bailiwick, on occasions Guernsey States will debate Alderney issues.

There are 10 members of Alderney's States, plus a president who oversees the monthly meetings. Every member, including the president, is elected by islanders. Members serve for four years, and elections are held every two years. The president is elected every four years.

The States's constitution was changed a few years ago, doing away with its committee structure and replacing it with two committees - Policy and Finance and General Services. Recently, a third committee was created - Building and Development Control. Members are elected by their fellow States members to these committees, which oversee all aspects of life in the island.

Two members of Alderney's States are elected by their peers to sit in the States of Guernsey, where they are able to vote on issues affecting the entire Bailiwick.

Airport Manager; tel. 822624

Clerk of the Court; tel. 822817

Clerk of the States; tel. 822816

Fire Brigade; tel. 822672

Harbour Master; tel. 822620

Hospital (Nursing Services); tel. 822822

Admin. And Support Services; tel. 824415

Income Tax; tel. 822811

Police Station; tel. 822731

President of the States; tel. 822060

States Engineer; tel. 822811

States Office, QEII Street; tel. 822811

Tourist Office, QEII Street; tel. 822994

Tourist Information Centre; tel. 823737

Treasurer's Office; tel. 822811

Water Services, Newtown Pumphouse; tel. 823254

Out of Hours, Emergency Only; tel. 823253

Works Department; tel. 822408