Rethink pink


How many items of pink clothing do you have in your wardrobe?

Snuggle up to the Seventies


It's been by far the biggest trend of the year, so it's no surprise the bohemian vibes that pervaded the spring/summer collections aren't going anywhere for autumn.

Watch it!


While our mobile phones are now smart enough to do it automatically, come October 25, we'll still have to remember to wind all our analogue timepieces back an hour, in line with Greenwich Mean Time.

Fashion fast-forward


Twice a year, the global fashion industry descends upon our country's capital to preview next season's collections, and the latest London Fashion Week has seen us halt our winter wardrobe planning to daydream about more summery outfits.

Find your dream coat

Zara Suede Jacket, £79.99 (, See PA Feature FASHION Coats, Picture credit should read: PA Photo/Handout, WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature FASHION Coats,

It's likely to be your biggest splurge of the season, so wouldn't it be great to have lots of time to thoroughly peruse all the options before deciding on a winning winter coat?

Top trends for fashionable fellas


Now rivalling the lady-centric fashion weeks in length, the sixth biannual edition of London Collections: Men AW15 spanned four days back in June (one more than the previous round), which meant more shows and more clothes - and designers didn't disappoint.

Everything is autumn!


After spring's crisp utilitarian feel and summer's Seventies love affair, fashion takes a turn into darker territory for autumn - with a couple of notable exceptions.

Transitional treasures


Good old British weather poses many a sartorial problem at the best of times, but none more so than that pesky end of summer/not quite autumn period.

Does your bra measure up?


It's an oft-repeated claim that two-thirds of women wear the wrong bra size, and while that research isn't iron-clad (it was based on a self-reporting questionnaire), an uncomfortable or ill-fitting bra shouldn't be ignored.

Fashion gets personal


In the upper echelons of fashion, personalisation has become the new byword for luxury.

Summer stylin'


Everyone likes a few new togs before going on their summer holidays, and children are no different. Plus, they've probably grown upwards and outwards since last year's can-still-get-into-them-but-can't-dance shorts, T-shirt and sandal ensemble.

Now in print


Some of the biggest - and best - trends to emerge from the spring/summer collections were the bold, technicoloured prints that designers emblazoned on their catwalk creations.

Find a real jewel online


The high street is great if you're looking to grab a statement necklace or pack of stacking rings for less than a tenner, but to avoid catwalk copycats, your best bet is to head to the e-shops.

Stride into summer


You probably have most of your summer fashion shopping list sorted by now, but as we kick into high season, thoughts turn to accessories, and how to enhance those hot weather outfits.

Shady times...


Did you know sunglasses were used as far back as 12th century China?

Sale away!


With rack upon rack of cut-price clothes and gigantic signs luring us and our pay packets into the shops, it can be easy to get carried away in the summer sales.

Take the hire road to style


Imagine having a wardrobe full of designer dresses to choose from, whenever the occasion called for a jazzy Christopher Kane minidress, or a dazzling Roland Mouret number...

Join the pool party


Don't underestimate your holiday itinerary when it comes to finding the holy grail of swimsuits. While body shape is key, it's what you're doing in it that really counts. On-the-go thrill-seeker or human sundial, pick a bikini or one-piece that fits with your vacation mantra.

Peak style season


Like ice lollies and BBQ sausages, some things are just better suited to the peak of summer. It's the same for fashion trends that come with a specific June to September shelf life.