How we used to live

Guerin Collection

THERE’S a chance to see what local life was like a century ago at Guernsey Museum’s current exhibition, An Unseen World: Photographs of Edwardian Guernsey.



Mobile phones, industrial landscapes, and even their school uniforms – Elizabeth College art students took inspiration from the everyday objects and sights around them for their end-of-year show. Shaun Shackleton went to take a look

Getting the (big) word out


We all enjoy hearing a story, especially a love story, so prepare yourself for Big Word of Mouth, a night out with a difference. Jill Chadwick met up with organiser Paula Kontelj to find out more about a fun fundraiser where secret stories will be shared...


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more stories

Aiming to take away the pain


Despite its 14m. population and a poor track record in road safety and obstetrics, there are only around 30 trained anaesthetists in the whole of Zambia. But all that is changing thanks to a scheme in Lusaka, where locally-born doctor Michelle Le Cheminant is helping to advance the country’s first proper training programme for anaesthetists. She told Martyn Tolcher why the work so important – and how everyone can help

‘Concentrate on what you can do rather than the things you can’t’


Parkinson’s disease – a degenerative condition affecting mobility and speech – can radically change the lives of those diagnosed and their loved ones. To mark Parkinson’s Awareness day, which takes place today, Jill Chadwick visited a support group event where she learned from those living with the condition – and their carers – about the challenges they face