Spice Up Your Life


When Anjum Anand decided to give up a steady career in business to become a full-time foodie, her parents weren't so sure.

‘Horses can bring out the best in human beings’


Rarely off our TV screens, Clare Balding is fast-approaching ‘national treasure’ status, but her career could have been very different. As a leading amateur flat jockey she gained championship status before becoming a BBC trainee... and the rest is history. And these days she’s added ‘author’ to her CV...


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A grand day out - the halycon days of St Sampson's regattas

SAD to say, the heydays of St Sampson’s harbour are long gone. Any substantial revival to its former glories lies in the hands of commercial opportunities nobody has yet to identify. And the odds are very much against the island’s second port, for so long its main industrial maritime haven, ever becoming much more than a marina for local boat owners.


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Aiming to take away the pain


Despite its 14m. population and a poor track record in road safety and obstetrics, there are only around 30 trained anaesthetists in the whole of Zambia. But all that is changing thanks to a scheme in Lusaka, where locally-born doctor Michelle Le Cheminant is helping to advance the country’s first proper training programme for anaesthetists. She told Martyn Tolcher why the work so important – and how everyone can help

‘Concentrate on what you can do rather than the things you can’t’


Parkinson’s disease – a degenerative condition affecting mobility and speech – can radically change the lives of those diagnosed and their loved ones. To mark Parkinson’s Awareness day, which takes place today, Jill Chadwick visited a support group event where she learned from those living with the condition – and their carers – about the challenges they face