Lottie’s West End adventure

With day-trips to London every Sunday to study musical theatre and a packed schedule during the rest of the week, Lottie Reynolds has her work cut out. And she loves every minute, she tells Shaun Shackleton

Women walk together to raise £30k


PINK tutus, bracelets and face paint were out in force on Saturday evening, as around 1,500 of Guernsey’s women came together for the Pink Ladies’ Sunset Coastal Walk.

Sterling stuff


With 300 entries and a ‘fantastic’ standard of work, there was stiff competition in this year’s WriteStuff writing challenge, reports Nick Le Messurier


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May we present the perfect 10

PG Wodehouse was just one of the high-achieving alumni of Elizabeth College, and today sees the launch of a new LOOKback series on their achievements. Made possible thanks to a new digital archive, we’ll be taking a close look at their lives and times – and there’s the chance for readers to pitch in...


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Aiming to take away the pain


Despite its 14m. population and a poor track record in road safety and obstetrics, there are only around 30 trained anaesthetists in the whole of Zambia. But all that is changing thanks to a scheme in Lusaka, where locally-born doctor Michelle Le Cheminant is helping to advance the country’s first proper training programme for anaesthetists. She told Martyn Tolcher why the work so important – and how everyone can help

‘Concentrate on what you can do rather than the things you can’t’


Parkinson’s disease – a degenerative condition affecting mobility and speech – can radically change the lives of those diagnosed and their loved ones. To mark Parkinson’s Awareness day, which takes place today, Jill Chadwick visited a support group event where she learned from those living with the condition – and their carers – about the challenges they face