Tom's Christmas Kitchen

He's a perfectionist chef with a chain of restaurants to his name, but in Tom Aikens' kitchen at home, someone is else in charge - two little people, to be precise.

Viva Italia


Antonio Carluccio's home is brimming with personal touches, and as he shows me around, it isn't long before even the most innocuous item prompts a trickle of anecdotes.

'I'll always consider Jamie my boy'

the Sainsbury's Italian Style Fairtrade Ground Cfee

"I post pictures every day - lots of people want to know where you are and what you're doing," reasons Gennaro Contaldo, pouring his morning coffee with one hand and scrolling through his busy Twitter feed with the other.

Hairy Bikers' cracking new fare


"Why did the chicken cross the road, roll in the mud, come back across the road, and then cross the road again and roll in the mud again?" asks one half of The Hairy Bikers, Dave Myers, eyes glinting.

Galetti has all the skills


"I think it'll be safer for you - and me - if we use a peeler," says Monica Galetti, as my hands fumble between a baby artichoke and a serrated knife.

Spice up your life


"Indian cooking is not about chucking in the chilli and seeing how hot you can get it, it's about the layering of flavours," says Hari Ghotra as she stirs the mouthwatering deep red masala sauce for her Thari Wala Chicken.

Simply does it


We tuck ourselves into a nook in an overcrowded cafe, the coffee machine belching wildly, and compare states of bedraggledness - Diana Henry's had a late night; my hair has frizzed in the rain.

Honestly genius


If you should ever have any doubts over the power of prep, speak to green-eating guru - and Honestly Healthy founder - Natasha Corrett.

'A chef's life isn't a rosy as people think'


"I'm flying to Madrid tomorrow and I have a million and one things to do," Ping Coombes whispers down the phone, giggling at her hectic schedule. "And I've just moved house so I am surrounded by boxes. It's madness."

The grand National


When you think of the National Trust, it's likely you picture lush green lawns, meandering walks and family days out. But for me, the cafes serving the unbelievably delicious food are just as worthy a visit as the historic houses and grand gardens themselves.

A taste of Rio


With all eyes on the Rio this summer, as the 2016 Olympics limber up, it's little wonder there's such an appetite for all things Brazilian right now.

Herbert's home comforts


In a cosy dining room filled with light, art and floor-to-ceiling shelves of beautiful crockery, Australian cook and writer David Herbert is apologising about the baked goodies on the table in front of us: "They're not the most attractive-looking scones," he says, with a smile.

There's no stopping Nadiya


"I don't do fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, because that means flavour-free, and I like flavour," states Nadiya Hussain happily.

Meet the new meat master


Neil Rankin can already predict the type of complaints people will level at his newly published cookbook.

Nordic and nice


Fresh from an appearance on Saturday Kitchen, Claus Meyer is in a sea-blue three-piece suit and has spent the morning chopping up a raw inner-thigh of beef to make beetroot tartar with horseradish.

Bake Off's Chetna is Makan moves


She impressed judging duo Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry with her spice-infused recipes, but Great British Bake Off 2014 semi-finalist Chetna Makan maintains she faces her "best critics" at home.