Perfect Christmas pud

No matter how many pigs in blankets you've scoffed on Christmas Day, you can always make room for some pudding, can't you? The Japanese say we have a separate stomach ("betsubara") for dessert, and it's never more true than on December 25.

Builder, baker, breadstick maker


Richard Burr might not have won last year's Great British Bake Off, but he's definitely one of the show's most memorable contestants.

On the road again


Hairy Bikers Dave Myers and Si King were determined to throw themselves into the action while making new BBC Two road trip series Northern Exposure - even if that meant a spot of wife-carrying.

Quinn of cakes


"There's only so long you can talk, in everyday life, about how much cinnamon you like in your buns before someone's like, 'OK, enough'," says Frances Quinn with a laugh.

Fishy business


Forget coffee, tea or an icy shower, if there's anything guaranteed to give restaurant owners Mitch Tonks and Mat Prowse a boost in the morning, it's their breakfast grappa.

Chewing the fat


In terms of kitchen 'outlaws', sugar has completely overtaken fat as public enemy number one.

Atherton keeps it sweet


Like many chefs, the Michelin-starred Jason Atherton has war wounds from his time in the kitchen. Worst of which is the "big scar" on his leg, the scene of a skin graft "many moons" ago.

Coleman's cherry-picked treats


A couple of years ago, Natalie Coleman was just as likely to be spinning the decks in a nightclub as flitting between saucepans in the kitchen.

Perfect summer pasta


The sizzling weather might signal the start of holiday season for many of us, but while we slow down into relax mode, Italian cook Gennaro Contaldo is gearing up for another busy summer.

Use your loaf


Watching French baker Eric Kayser at work in the kitchen, it's easy to see why he didn't consider any other career options in his youth.

Shaw way to get the glow


Chef and nutritionist Madeleine Shaw's diet plan doesn't just help her clients become healthier in the kitchen - it's improving their relationships too.

Roux Jr. and the mini master chefs


Growing up, Michel Roux Jr. enjoyed slap up dinners made by his decorated chef dad Albert Roux and uncle Michel. No wonder then, that his memories of school dinners pale in comparison to these veritable feasts.

Clean up your plate


Back in 2011, TV presenter and cookery writer Ching-He Huang began to suffer from allergic reactions, weight gain and tiredness.

Eat yourself well


Lily Simpson and Rob Hobson are the best advert for their new cookbook, The Detox Kitchen Bible, arriving for our interview fresh-faced and sparkly eyed, while I'm nursing a chocolate hangover from leftover Easter Eggs (yes, in May).

Granny Berry knows best


Over eight decades, Mary Berry has seen food fads come and go. And the latest one - kale - she deals with in typically firm fashion.

Vegging out


The fridge has been cleared of meat and fish, my kitchen is now better stocked than our local greengrocer's, and I've had my 'last supper' - a steak that probably weighs as much as a small child.

Gluten-free and flavour-full


From your first spoonful of cereal at breakfast, to that lunchtime sandwich and cupcake teatime treat, much of what we eat every day contains wheat, and with it, the protein that forms gluten.