Meet the cupcake king


If Mary Berry is the reigning queen of baking, then Tarek Malouf is surely next in line to the throne.

Easy freezy


MasterChef judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace aren't known for getting emotional on screen (unless the latter is enthusing about a buttery biscuit base).

Jimmy's hunt for the best of British grub


Farmer, entrepreneur and TV presenter, Jimmy Doherty has proved himself to be far more than a one-trick pony, winning a well-deserved place in the nation's hearts since his trials and tribulations setting up Jimmy's Farm were first documented on screens back in 2004.

Hom sweet Hom


When Ken Hom visits the UK, there's one souvenir he insists on stocking up on.

Ella stirs up a blog storm


Whether she's whizzing up veggies for a juice or heading to yoga for a morning stretch, award-winning food blogger Ella Woodward glows with good health.

High 5:2 losing weight


How's that New Year's resolution of losing weight coming along? If the sweet treats have crept back into your daily routine, or Dry January has become awash with weekend wine, don't despair.

Rise and shine


What did you have for breakfast this morning? A slice of toast on the way out the door? A quick takeaway coffee from the petrol station, or worse still, nothing at all?

Mama made marmalade


Every year, without fail, my mum whips up a batch of the most delicious marmalade. It arrives in January - the only time of year when the bitter Seville oranges are available - and disappears by about February, spread liberally on as much toast as my household can consume.

Healthy Bikers keep on truckin'


In March 2014, Hairy Biker Si King was "hit with a side swipe" when he was admitted to hospital with severe headaches and discovered he had a life-threatening brain aneurysm.

Don't go cold turkey with your leftovers


Whether you break the wishbone at the Christmas table or take turns to have a ceremonial carve, it's likely that a roasted turkey will be the jewel in your Christmas dinner crown.

Spare yourself a turkey flap

Herb Buttered Turkey, Roasties & Cranberry,  See PA Feature FOOD Turkey,  PA Photo/Handout/Elisabeth Parsons/BBC

What's your earliest Christmas memory? Peeling the wrapping paper off your very first bike? Sledding down some powdery snow on a tea tray? Or lovingly laying out mince pies and port for Santa?

Sweet treats for a festive feast


Christmas is the one time of year when we don't have to feel guilty for stuffing our faces with sweet treats. But for Martha Swift, co-founder and now sole owner of Primrose Bakery, which she set up more than a decade ago, sugary indulgence takes place every single day.

Fantastic fromage

Crumbly Cheese, British Cheese Board,  PA Photo/Handout

Forget chocolate fountains and sweet treats, as a self-confessed cheese-fiend, I was in seventh heaven on stepping into the mammoth marquee at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich earlier this year. And I wasn't the only one.

Have yourself a Berry Mary Christmas

Mary Berry Cooks The Perfect, published by DK, PA Photo/Handout/DK

She's the firm but fair baking queen who isn't impressed by shop-bought fondant icing or binned Baked Alaska, but Mary Berry insists her loved ones won't be nervous when they present her with their own home-made offerings this Christmas.

Bake your cake and eat it

Rachel Allen,  PA Photo/Handout/Alex Wallace Photography

Making a Christmas cake is a bit of an epic challenge, isn't it? First comes the planning, then the mixing, then months of feeding it booze, then baking, making marzipan and spending an eternity icing it - only for half your Christmas party to eventually turn their noses up and opt for the chocolate log. It's a whole lot of festive faff I've never involved myself in.