300 years of a very capable gardener

He is said to be to landscaping what Turner is to painting, and Wordsworth to poetry. And the legacy of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown remains for us all to see in immense parkland and gardens, both at home and abroad.

Doing what comes naturally


As the trend towards naturalistic gardens continues this year, tidy gardeners with pristine plots may need to chill out a bit if they want to really contribute to the balance of nature.

Gardening trends for the New Year


As we plan for new beds, borders, patio plantings and hard landscaping, it's a good time to find out what followers of fashion will be doing to their gardens in the New Year.

Garden experts turn over a new leaf for 2016


If your New Year resolution involves spending more time in your garden, whether working in it or enjoying some valuable downtime, you're not alone. These popular garden experts have big plans for 2016...

Top of the festive pots


The poinsettia has historically been the time-honoured Christmas favourite - but figures suggest it may be falling out of favour.

Festive books for gardeners


As you sit by the fire enjoying your glass of mulled wine and mince pie, now's a good time to start planning your garden for next year - and there are plenty of ideas out there in books.

Festive displays the natural way

a Succulent wreath from The Winter Garden by Emma Hardy (photography by Debbie Patterson) is published by CICO Books, Picture credit should read: PA Photo/CICI Books

As the festive season begins, there's no better time to have a wander in your garden to see what greenery you might be able to use to make your own decorations.

Pick the perfect Christmas tree


If you're trawling garden centres and nurseries looking for a real Christmas tree, there are certain things you have to bear in mind.

Great gifts for gardeners


As shops are already adorned with baubles, tinsel, fairy lights and mistletoe in preparation for the Christmas rush, come in from the garden for a few minutes to consider what your gardening friends and family might like under the tree this festive season.

The secrets of pollination


Did you know that some flowers change colour when the flower has been pollinated, letting insects know there are no rewards on offer?

Autumn days out


Before we have to batten down the hatches for the predicted Siberian winter we're going to face, take advantage of bright, crisp autumn days when we can really appreciate the burnt oranges, deep reds and warm yellows of the season.

Get your greenhouse winter-ready


The first frosts have already arrived in parts of the UK, which is your sign to get tender plants under cover before they succumb to the ravages of winter.

A prickly subject


Hedgehog populations are in trouble. They've declined by 30% in the last 10 years alone and there are now thought to be fewer than a million left in the UK, according to the RHS.

Getting to the core of apple success


October is the month for apple festivals, when National Trust gardens, nurseries, farms and orchards invite the public to taste and buy hundreds of different home-grown varieties, and get tips from top growers on how to reap the best harvests.

Counting on conifers


Gardeners who love a riot of colour throughout the seasons may dismiss conifers as dull, boring specimens which add little to the glory of the garden.

Size matters with giant veg


All over the country, vegetable growers are harvesting giant marrows, pumpkins, carrots and other whoppers to enter into competitions at autumn shows.

Back to basics to boost your plant stock


If you noticed some space in your borders this year, or some of your more established plants didn't flower as well as they have done previously, autumn is one of the key seasons to propagate.

Summer bulbs to lift or leave


Dahlias may still be blooming, but many other summer bulbs including lilies and gladioli, are now past their peak. So, what can you do to give summer bulbs the best chance of returning in future years?