Weathering the storm of climate change

British gardens could end up devoid of luscious lawns, with popular plants proving more difficult to grow and plant pests and diseases spreading, according to a new report from the RHS and leading academics into the impact of climate change on gardening.

90 years of open gardens


Many gardeners and the wider public will be visiting an open garden this year, one which is opened to the public on one or more specific days of the year to raise money for nursing and caring charities.

Love your lawn


Do we, don't we? Just when you think it's time to get the mower out in the fine spring weather, the heavens open and everything has to be put back inside again.

Gifts for the gardening mum


Whether you have a hands-on practical mum who loves new gardening tools or a more leisurely mother who prefers flowers and floral scents, there's something for every gardener on Mother's Day.

Pot luck


Every year I have a number of casualties among my terracotta pots, which end up broken or cracked in the depths of winter.

How to colour your mood


A spiral of colour is the theme top designer Tom Massey has taken on in his latest show garden which displays the way gardens can enhance your mood and help your wellbeing.

A moving experience


So, are you one of the millions who can't afford - or choose not - to buy your own property? If you love your outdoor space, it may be time to consider how to move your garden.

School for green fingers


Not sure how to prune properly? Want a beginner's guide to vegetable growing? Fancy a new career as a garden designer?

Love your gardening Valentine


The way to a gardener's heart is a green-fingered gift and as Valentine's Day looms, there's no better time to splash out on a patio-perfect present.

Attenborough takes action for butterflies


Since creating a meadow area in his own back garden three years ago, Sir David Attenborough has enjoyed an influx of wildlife and is this year hoping to see a wide range of butterflies visiting it.

Be waterwise this summer


We may have had the warmest spring on record, but last winter was also the wettest, so we are a long way from a drought and hosepipe ban.

Gardens grow community spirit


As towns increase in size and green space continues to come at a premium, urban community gardens are springing up to allow people in busy, often deprived areas, some space to recharge their batteries.

A taste of summer


Imagine stepping out on to your patio to pick fresh herbs for your cooking - from fragrant basil to accompany ripe tomatoes and mozzarella, coriander to sprinkle on spicy curries and salads, mint to add to your Pimm's or rosemary to sprinkle over lamb chops on the barbecue. Sounds idyllic doesn't it?

Heaven scent


When I open my patio doors and breathe in the delicious scent of my neighbour's mock orange, with its pretty white flowers cascading conveniently over my garden fence, I know that summer is really here.

Don't use any old compost


Bags of old compost are still being sold in garden centres and DIY stores, with no indication of the date of production on the packaging, according to a report in the latest edition of Which? Gardening, the Consumers' Association magazine.

Does your dad dig it?


Help gardening dads get to work on their allotments, borders and lawns with the great range of gardening gifts on offer this Father's Day. Choose the right tools and accessories and your dad will soon be making light work of his digging, pruning, staking and clipping.

A perfect match


There are some combinations that make life feel better - strawberries and cream, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, gin and tonic.... but for me, one of the classic combinations which will always bring a heavenly note to summer is the pairing of clematis and roses.

Poppy Love


During the First World War, the blasted and bombed battlefields across Europe created ideal conditions for the poppy to flourish.

Show and tell


It's not only ideas for planting your own garden that blossom when you visit garden shows - it's ideas about the accessories, tools and trinkets you see along the way, too.

Gardening Myths Uncovered


If you think ivy kills trees, watering scorches leaves and digging is always needed to control weeds, think again.