Getting to the core of apple success

October is the month for apple festivals, when National Trust gardens, nurseries, farms and orchards invite the public to taste and buy hundreds of different home-grown varieties, and get tips from top growers on how to reap the best harvests.

Summer bulbs to lift or leave


Dahlias may still be blooming, but many other summer bulbs including lilies and gladioli, are now past their peak. So, what can you do to give summer bulbs the best chance of returning in future years?

Bag some bulbs for spring


Summer is nearly over and canny gardeners will now be stealing a march on spring by ordering their bulbs for autumn planting, or visiting local garden centres to see what's on offer.

Perk up your pond


In our increasingly urban landscape, ponds not only provide a place of solace and relaxation, but also a fantastic haven for wildlife.

How secure is your garden?


You may think your shed and all your garden contents are covered while you're away on holiday - but think again, because you may not be sufficiently insured.

Gardening? It's Child's Play!


School's out for summer - but while some parents have every day meticulously planned with activities and time away, others are having 'staycations' and trying to coax their children into the garden.

Slow the flow this summer


We may have had the hottest July day on record and relatively little rain this month, but water companies are indicating they're not going to introduce hosepipe bans this year, according to a report in trade publication Horticulture Week.

The power of healing plants


As a teenager, Chris Beardshaw was a keen sportsman, running half-marathons for his county, destined to achieve great goals as an athlete.

Everything's coming up roses


Everything is blooming in the rose garden this year, thanks to the mild winter and spring, with little in the way of frost, providing stress-free conditions for growing.

When the cat's away...


Now, I don't want to be a killjoy about people's pets, but when I see a neighbour's feline stray into my garden, I just want to get my claws out.

Scent-sational summer blooms


Stepping out onto the patio to be engulfed in waves of different fragrances is one of the most glorious sensations of summer.

Gifts for green-fingered dads


As Father's Day looms, everything should be flourishing in the garden. But there are always some little extras gardening dads could use to help them in their outdoor work and play area.

Blooming, beautiful and British


I've always found that buying flowers is so much less rewarding than growing them myself. When I see a beautiful bouquet, I often consider whether I could replicate its contents in my own garden.

Cost-cutting exercise


Living in a frost pocket, as I do, it's inevitable that each year I lose plants which are on the tender side, leaving gaps in my beds and borders which need to be filled.

Plants which stand the test of time


As a man who has lovingly cared for, cosseted and cajoled a plethora of plants into looking their best for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, you might think that gardening guru Andy McIndoe might be a little dismissive of some of our old garden stalwarts.

Made in Chelsea


The buzz has, until recently, been about the royal baby, but when Chelsea kicks off all eyes will be on Prince Harry, whose charity Sentebale is returning to Chelsea with a garden.

First garden impressions count


So, you want to sell your house? Then there's two things you should know: summer is the best time to do it, and the deciding factor may be your garden.

A touch of frost


It's so tempting, I know. All those annuals you've sown indoors from seed are now big enough to plant out, the tomato seedlings are doing well and you just want to clear those windowsills, the greenhouse or the conservatory to make a head start on summer.

Love your lawn


As the weather warms up, the grass will be growing - so you need to get rid of lumps, bumps and bald patches to ensure you have a carpet of green velvet in the months ahead.