200 years

The Guernsey Press and Star is 200


TODAY the Guernsey Press has been at the centre of our community for 200 years, writes Suzanne Heneghan. The bicentennial milestone marks not only a special birthday for the newspaper but also a significant moment for the island, as throughout the centuries we have been here to tell you Guernsey’s special and unique story. On 29 June 1813 the very first version of the Guernsey Press & Star – then known simply as The Star – hit the streets.

LOOKback special - All the rage

Today's LOOKback special recalls the Island Games football competition in Guernsey in 2003, when a female referee failed to impress the Rhodes football team.

'In our hearts and lives...'

Yvonne, 18, and Tony Ozanne, 23, winning a prize for their cha-cha-cha at the Channel Island Hotel, 1959.

Things have changed a lot at the Guernsey Press and Star in the last 200 years, but it will always be at the centre of island life for Yvonne Ozanne.

Midweek Murphy - 19 June, 2013

I CAN say this as a guest on these pages rather than as a salaried employee and I can say it because it is true: the Guernsey Press’s 200th birthday is just cause for the raising of glasses, the stringing of bunting and a party-size portion of ballyhoo.

Lookback Special - Saving souls at sea

His Sunday lunch was in the oven, but a former deputy and his lifeboat crewmates were more concerned with getting the 30 people aboard the sinking Bonita to safety than sitting down to eat.

LOOKback special - The great ormer tragedy

Three island men losing their lives while out ormering would be front page news if it happened today, but back in Occupied Guernsey in 1941 it was kept off the front page by Nazi propaganda.

LOOKback special - Set in Stone

GP15 18 Jun 13_475

The newspapers of 1853 might not have enjoyed the style of the front-page splash of modern editions, but, back then, no one could complain they didn’t get a good write-up – or a good turnout for events.