Embrace those moody hues

Our homes have a dramatic effect on our mood and spirit, so investing in their visual appeal makes perfect sense.

Window shopping


Whether you're blessed with good, natural daylight pouring into rooms, or lumbered with a dark space that needs brightening up, window treatments should never be overlooked.

Splash out on sunshine


Yellow's the colour of sunshine, lemons, sunflowers and buttercups, and even just a small dose of its golden hues will inject rooms with light and energy.

In the jungle


Temperatures are rising, but in our heart of hearts, we know it's not wise in Britain to believe that's a guarantee of more scorching days to come.

Join the country club


Country style's surely one of the most timeless, adaptable and family-friendly looks around, with its emphasis on comfort and informality. Even if you don't live in a picture book cottage adorned with roses, a stately home or a cabin set in the woods, you can still embrace rustic chic.

Make waves at home


Just the sound of waves crashing on a shore, and the high-pitched cry of gulls, evokes a coastal scene and all its pleasures - which, unless you're lucky enough to live by the sea, are usually only enjoyed on holidays.

Going global


Revisiting the Seventies has conjured a fresh approach to the bohemian chic trend. But it's not just time travel that's inspired the latest collections; actual travel is at the heart of the look too, with designers venturing back to favourite far-flung haunts through exotic themes.

Get style licked


Summer just got sweet, with sugary shades inspired by tasty ice cream treats, our favourite dessert for the season, starring on the decor menu.

Step outside...


Sunny days and sultry nights cry out for meals eaten outdoors, and the setting - whether sheltering under the canopy of a tree or gazing up at the stars - can ensure every al fresco occasion is special.

A shed for all seasons


Take your dreams off hold if you're yearning for a quiet retreat or private space to enjoy that all too elusive 'me time', because it's probably already there - at the end of your garden.

Playing with marbles


Marble may once have been the preserve of swanky homes and museums and, most notably, India's Taj Mahal, but it's now on the move and appearing in homes in all sorts of guises.

Revisit retro


Shagpile, geometric patterns, abstract flower prints and lashings of orange can only mean one thing - the Seventies.

Outside interests


In a triumph of hope over experience, we plucky Brits persist in defying our unpredictable weather, eating, socialising and relaxing al fresco as soon as there's a glimmer of sunlight.

A stylish line-up


Life may never follow a straight line, but this year, your decor should.

Blitz your way to bliss


Be honest, are you really itching to flick the dusters, beat a trail with a broom, and generally blitz your home?

Dog days


As a nation of pet lovers, we shouldn't need an excuse to shower love and attention on our furry friends - but just in case you do, National Pet Month, which runs until May 4, is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your pooch's pad or your cat's crib.

The great indoors

Shanghai garden collection including fabric and wallpaper in a violet shade, Designers Guild, Picture credit should read: PA Photo/Handout

Spring and flowers go hand in hand, but this season designs have gone super-natural, with big, bold blooms, tropical foliage and ultra-bright bouquets.

Easy Easter decor


Easter decoration is now more popular than ever, and like Christmas, is becoming the perfect excuse to indulge your inner stylist.