Destination style

Decor never stands still. It takes new directions each year, which may be major turns, or simply a variation on a theme, but will have an impact on our homes nonetheless.

Eat your heart out


There's no doubt kitchens are the centre of our homes, but although they're the area we choose to spend the most time, either eating or socialising, it seems all too few of us have our 'dream' space.

Six style 'keepers' for 2016


Decoristas get as much pleasure from beautifully designed interiors as fashionistas get from clothes, but even the most devoted don't want (and can't afford) to be such dedicated followers of trends that it means redecorating every season.

Dressed to impress


You've shopped 'til you dropped, wrapped gifts, decked the tree and got enough food for a siege - but before you can sit down and eat, drink and be merry, there's just one more task...

It's a wrap


It's beginning to look a lot like... Or is it?

Style going spare


Guests can be a duty - or a pleasure - but whichever category they fall into, they need a stylish, comfortable room for overnight stays.

Scent the halls


The power of scent is well-known - it can turn back time, bring back memories and transport us to other worlds in a nanosecond, which probably explains why more and more of us are embracing home fragrances. Especially at Christmas time, when we feel nostalgic as well as merry.

Coming home for Christmas


Whether they love shimmer and shine, pared down elegance or are fun and funky, there's a decadent deco or heavenly homeware out there with their name on....

Show your metal


Metallics are weaving their magic throughout our homes, with glittering gold, blushing copper, beautiful bronze and even cooler touches of white gold or silver making their mark.

Velvet underground


It may take courage to create an ultra glam look with extravagant textures in rich hues and jewel tones, but moody room sets come into their own this time of year, and grand designs can be a pleasure to come home to.

Come dine with me


Our dining dreams are getting grander, and a 'proper' dining room is increasingly featuring on home wish lists, as we rediscover an appetite for lingering over meals and savouring the opportunity to connect and socialise with loved ones.

Boom, shake the room


Love it or hate it, Halloween appears to be getting bigger each year. But it doesn't have to be all about tricks, treats and tacky decorations.

Bright & beautiful


A splash of paint here, a vibrant cushion there - it's amazing how you can transform a room with some simple but lively touches.

Warm, glowing & berry welcoming


With the leaves turning and the countryside ablaze with fiery reds, burnt oranges and straw yellows, there couldn't be a better time to spice up your space and introduce some warm accents and comfy chairs to 'fall' into.

Tidy up your life


If all your possessions bring unadulterated pleasure, you are not only blessed but unusual. Most of us are apparently struggling with too much stuff, and half of it we don't even like.

Decor's new frontier

Hey Foxy mug, 2,50, Tesco Direct

Play-it-safe decorators may already be hunkering down for Autumn in that time-honoured way - piling on old and familiar cosy throws and cushions - but the adventurous should explore decor's wild side.

Deck the halls


College is calling, and those first-time students are all set to fly the nest and endeavour to create a new perch of their own.

Embrace those moody hues


Our homes have a dramatic effect on our mood and spirit, so investing in their visual appeal makes perfect sense.

Another bit of all bright


Soon, summer's final sunset will have been and gone - and yes, the warmer months always seem to slip away too fast.

Last days of summer...


Dream escapes might last one or two weeks of the year - if you're lucky - but creating a sun-kissed theme at home means you can 'live with' that holiday glow for longer.