Playing with marbles

Marble may once have been the preserve of swanky homes and museums and, most notably, India's Taj Mahal, but it's now on the move and appearing in homes in all sorts of guises.

Blitz your way to bliss


Be honest, are you really itching to flick the dusters, beat a trail with a broom, and generally blitz your home?

Dog days


As a nation of pet lovers, we shouldn't need an excuse to shower love and attention on our furry friends - but just in case you do, National Pet Month, which runs until May 4, is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your pooch's pad or your cat's crib.

The great indoors

Shanghai garden collection including fabric and wallpaper in a violet shade, Designers Guild, Picture credit should read: PA Photo/Handout

Spring and flowers go hand in hand, but this season designs have gone super-natural, with big, bold blooms, tropical foliage and ultra-bright bouquets.

Easy Easter decor


Easter decoration is now more popular than ever, and like Christmas, is becoming the perfect excuse to indulge your inner stylist.

Supermarket sweep


If you go down to the supermarket today you're sure of a big surprise - a trolley full of designer-style homewares at purse-friendly prices.

Bring the wildlife indoors


Inspired by spring blossoms, designers have opened the back door to find garden life is a rich source when it comes to brightening the home.

Home is where the art is


It could be argued that we're all artists, snapping away with our mobiles and generally enjoying a more visual world, but all too often our 'work' ends up unseen.

Blue-min gorgeous


At this time of year, even a glimpse of bright, blue sky, with its promise of spring, lifts the spirits.

Cooking up a stylish statement


Kitchens are for eating, drinking and socialising, but the heart of the home also speaks volumes about our taste - as a glimpse into the kitchens of Prime Minister's wife Samantha Cameron and celebrity chef Nigella Lawson recently revealed.

The great grey takeover


First came the book, and now cinemas across the land are bracing themselves for Mr Grey's big entrance.

Room for romance


Romance is a funny old thing; it can sneak up on you, hit you like a thunderbolt, or just be tantalisingly out of reach, but there's one place where it's all too easy to feel the love - at home.

Store and adore


Affairs might shatter relationships but household clutter, it seems, comes a pretty close second, not to mention the havoc it wreaks on decor, too.

Fall in love with your home again


Homes - just like relationships - suffer over time from familiarity, and once that early passion for decor and DIY has faded, rooms can end up sad, pale shadows of their formerly glowing, super-smart selves.

Study in style


Holidays leave many of us yearning not to return to the office, and increasingly, we're taking the option not to.

Master the bedroom


With spring on the horizon (almost!), and designers launching their latest bed linen collections, there couldn't be a better time to give your bedroom a little bit of love and attention.

Join the blush rush


Fling away the paint charts, ditch dithering over bafflingly-named colours and embrace the future - it's red wine and copper-coloured.

Fast-track to festive

Aged Zinc Florists Vase; Twenty four small red bauble set, Cox & Cox, See PA Feature INTERIORS Festive Finishers, PA Photo/Handout

If your home's still a festive-free zone, or despite your best efforts, still hasn't got top-of-the-tree style, there's no need to panic.

Scents and sensibility

True Grace Manor Vanilla Scented Bowl Candle,, among selection, Picture credit should read: PA Photo/Handout

Against a background of glitzy decorations, beautifully wrapped presents and festive fare, Christmas is as much a sensory experience as it is a sumptuous feast, and enhancing your space with the right fragrance is like the fairy on top of the tree.

Homes from home


You're truly pure of heart if you've never wanted to snoop around other people's homes, lingered on the street to peep into a lighted room, or viewed a house, with no intention of buying - just to satisfy your curiosity about what it's like inside.