Welcome home, petal

Even the word 'floral' can strike decor dread into those who associate blooms, sprigs and sprays solely with chintzy country cottage settings, or fussy female boudoirs.

Six simple spring solutions


Just as we shake up our wardrobe at this time of year, following the same approach indoors can brighten our homes for spring. It's not difficult to shake off winter chills, and add instant cheer to rooms so they're smart for spring: simply follow our six-step plan...

Easter decor delights


Easter - a time for fun and frolics with family and friends - and why not decorate for the occasion?

And so to bed


When it comes to creating the perfect environment for a good night's sleep, your style is as important as the bed you choose.

Best seat in the house


Sofas are one of the hearts of the home - where we slouch, lounge, surf and even snooze - and choosing the right one is all-important.

Grey's anatomy


Once upon a time, magnolia ruled in homes. The warm peachy shade was for years apparently the only choice for walls - until out of the shadows came grey.

Destination style


Decor never stands still. It takes new directions each year, which may be major turns, or simply a variation on a theme, but will have an impact on our homes nonetheless.

Home is where the hearts are


Want to celebrate Valentine's Day, but don't fancy sharing a restaurant with a roomful of other couples, or paying more than usual for that 'special' themed menu?



Winter's baffling dips and dives - ranging from mild to Arctic - and more predicted cold spells ahead, mean it's important to have effective, versatile heating at home.

Painting the way


Are you yearning to feel sun-bronzed in these chilly times, considering flirting with a little pink, or maybe dreaming of serene blue skies?

See the light


Lighting can transform rooms, creating different atmospheres and even, by visual trickery, changing the dimensions of a space.

Eat your heart out


There's no doubt kitchens are the centre of our homes, but although they're the area we choose to spend the most time, either eating or socialising, it seems all too few of us have our 'dream' space.

Six style 'keepers' for 2016


Decoristas get as much pleasure from beautifully designed interiors as fashionistas get from clothes, but even the most devoted don't want (and can't afford) to be such dedicated followers of trends that it means redecorating every season.

Dressed to impress


You've shopped 'til you dropped, wrapped gifts, decked the tree and got enough food for a siege - but before you can sit down and eat, drink and be merry, there's just one more task...

It's a wrap


It's beginning to look a lot like... Or is it?

Style going spare


Guests can be a duty - or a pleasure - but whichever category they fall into, they need a stylish, comfortable room for overnight stays.

Scent the halls


The power of scent is well-known - it can turn back time, bring back memories and transport us to other worlds in a nanosecond, which probably explains why more and more of us are embracing home fragrances. Especially at Christmas time, when we feel nostalgic as well as merry.

Coming home for Christmas


Whether they love shimmer and shine, pared down elegance or are fun and funky, there's a decadent deco or heavenly homeware out there with their name on....