Floral Guernsey

Guernsey is a very special place for lovers of flowers and gardens. Packed into this Channel Island's easily accessible 25 square miles, there is just about every floral attraction that you could ask for.

In order to focus the Bailiwick's appreciation and commitment towards this natural beauty, Floral Guernsey was set up in the 1990's. In 2004, Floral Guernsey became part of the Events Group as one of the specialist interest groups. Floral Guernsey oversee, fund and work with the Floral Guernsey Council, which is a local body made up of volunteers.

The main annual activity organised by the Council is the Floral Guernsey Community Competition, which takes place in July. The concept behind the event is to encourage all sectors of the community to work together to improve and regenerate their local environments through imaginative planting of trees, shrubs and flowers, attractive landscaping, conservation and recycling projects and cleanliness initiatives.

Each year a local community represents the Bailiwick in the 'Britain in Bloom' national finals.

Other main events organised by Floral Guernsey include the Spring, Summer and Autumn Festival Weeks. More details on these events can be found on the official Floral Guernsey website, at http://www.floralguernsey.gg.

Who are Floral Guernsey?

There are currently seven voluntary members sitting on the Floral Guernsey Council. These are: Tony Spruce (Chairman), John Woodward (Vice-Chairman), Jane Russell, David Miller, Helen Litchfield and Evan Ozanne. Peter Falla, the Marketing Director for Culture and Leisure works closely with the Council, as the liaison to the Department/Events Group.

If you would like any further details on the work of Floral Guernsey, please contact Peter Falla at peter.falla@cultureleisure.gov.gg.