Public Parks

In addition to its other attractions, Guernsey boasts several public parks that are used by islanders participating in sporting activities as well as by people who just wish to enjoy walking among the abundance of trees, flowers and shrubs, and parents who can find plenty to keep their offspring amused in the various play areas.

Welcome to Sark

A DAY spent in Sark is an experience that you will treasure forever, so tranquil is the pace, so idyllic the surroundings.


FOR AN island of only 500 acres, Herm has attracted some interesting visitors over the centuries.

Visiting Alderney

Visiting Alderney is, in many ways like going back 50 years or so. Nobody appears to be in a hurry, although some probably are.

Fortress Guernsey

The VisitGuernsey and the Heritage Committee have combined forces to establish Fortress Guernsey, a project aimed at making some of the fortification sites still in existence around the island more accessible to locals and visitors.