Come together

Talent from Jersey and Guernsey joined forces at the Tav last weekend. Reviewed by Hannah Saul...

Oliver Farrimond and Fran Bacon of Bright_Lights
Oliver Farrimond and Fran Bacon of Bright_Lights

Talent from Jersey and Guernsey joined forces at the Tav last weekend. Reviewed by Hannah Saul...

LAST Saturday night saw the Fermain Tavern bombarded with Channel Island talent.

Local boy Jack Fletcher had organised Fermain Fest as part of a Future Shock promotion – a small indoor festival to celebrate the heaps of musical talent the islands have to offer.

Jersey band Bulletproof joined Guernsey acts Tantale, Bright_Lights, Lifejacket, The Black Vote, RentOClean, The OK, The Phantom Cosmonaut and Mike Meinke for a diverse night of music. The event saw more than 200 people pass through the venue’s doors from 3pm till midnight.

I arrived late and was greeted by the indie-pop sound of Party In Paris. The band’s lead vocalist, Gemma Honey, was wowing the audience, gathering a large crowed of partygoers to the dancefloor. Although the band were powerful, both musically and in terms of stage presence, they obviously had a lot of local support from family and friends.

Once finished, and after a huge applause, Lifejacket took to the stage.

The trio were once again immediately accepted by an audience that seemed to have multiplied. With the slightly punky tone to their songs, Lifejacket reminded me of Joy Division. They incorporated military-style drumming and heavy guitars, sending a rhythmically pleasing tempo out through a crowd that was happily absorbing the music.

After Lifejacket had finished their set, the lights went down and the buzz grew as Bright_Lights stepped up to play. This is another band that appears to have a strong following. Their fans seemed to soak up the dance/dubstep vibe and began to move. The atmosphere was electric and it was hard not to want to dance when listening to Fran Bacon’s vocals, which were strong and dominant. It made a lasting impression, giving me high expectations for the next band.

Before the following act came on stage, man behind the event Jack presented a raffle; the prizes were canvasses created by local artists invited to contribute work. All the pictures were fantastic to say the least and it was good to see some great pieces af art.

The last act was Tantale, who came on stage with gusto, but by this time the audience appeared to be heading home. It thinned out a lot and I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the boys. Still, they were true showmen, holding the ones who’d stayed and carrying on through. With their upbeat rock sound it was a brilliant way to finish the night on a high.

I spoke to Jack about the gig and asked what made him want to go through the stress of putting on something like this.

‘The whole idea behind this event is to get Channel Island bands under one roof to encourage them to engage with one another to help galvanise more of a “scene” feel in Guernsey,’ he said.

‘Some of the bands on the bill would never normally play alongside each other in an indoor venue, so I thought it was a great opportunity to diversify’.