Pic by Adrian Miller 27-07-15 Beau Sejour Centre Neil McMillan who suffers from Fabry disease and HSSD will not fund his treatment.

Deputies pressure HSSD on Fabry sufferer’s cause

POLITICAL pressure is mounting on HSSD to reconsider its decision to deny life-prolonging treatment to charity volunteer Neil McMillan, as deputies support calls for a review of the case and investigation into funding policies.

Boulangerie owners fined £9k for poor sanitation


A MOUSE ran out from underneath a bread-slicing machine while Environmental Health officers were inspecting Boulangerie Victor Hugo’s premises at Bouillon Lane, the Magistrate’s Court was told yesterday.

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One tree goes in St James compromise


ONE sycamore was removed from behind St James as tree surgeons completed a scaled-down felling operation, described as a ‘satisfactory compromise’.

Cafe fined after inspections

Clarona Ltd wants to erect a pitched roof storage building, alter fenestration in the lobby of its existing building, remove a window and install a door at Boulangerie Victor Hugo, Bouillon Lane, St George’s Esplanade. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1316347)

OWNERS of the Boulangerie Victor Hugo’s premises at Bouillon Lane were fined a total of £9,000 at Magistrate's Court, after Environmental Health officers exposed hygiene concerns.