Fifty in ‘violent’ brawl


NORTH SHOW organisers have condemned a large-scale ‘violent’ brawl that happened outside the gates on Wednesday night which resulted in three people being arrested.

‘States wrong with first-time buyer plan’


REJECTING financial help schemes for first-time house buyers in Guernsey is the wrong decision, a lender has warned, as he suggested such a scheme combined with developing affordable housing would be a better option.

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Forest Park hotel manager is threatened with eviction


HOTEL rooms have been left without hot water for months after a boiler broke at Forest Park Hotel, a court heard yesterday, as an eviction order was sought launched against general manager Elvio Pires in a bitter dispute over money.

Condor kept us in dark, say passengers


FURIOUS passengers yesterday accused Condor of keeping them in the dark for hours, as hundreds of people missed trips, holidays and found themselves stranded after Liberation pulled away from Guernsey without stopping on Monday.