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  1. Christian Aid door appeal ‘is chugging’
  2. ‘Island needs to spend more on overseas aid’
  3. Election was illegal, claim unsuccessful candidates
  4. Widow says she will stand firm over memorial garden
  5. Condor may buy new ferry following review

Bigger Admiral Park depends on parking


THE developer of Admiral Park’s £70m. office, hotel and cinema complex has pushed ahead with a planning application which includes 700 parking spaces, despite a negative response from planners in the pre-application discussions.

Christian Aid door appeal ‘is chugging’


GUERNSEY’S leading politician has warned against donating to Christian Aid because a large percentage of money it collects on the doorstep will go towards its campaign against the island.

Islands look at joining forces on education


EDUCATION departments of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are exploring the possibility of jointly approaching the UK to ask for islanders to be able to access the Student Loans Scheme.