The no-waste world of fashion on the ration


From the amount of metal allowed in a corset to the length of a pair of socks, even the width of the gusset in a pair of women’s knickers, the government exerted absolute control over what people wore during and after the Second World War. Historian and biographer Julie Summers explains to Rosie Allsopp how wartime women used ingenuity to cope with rationing and keep looking stylish

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Anti-depressant use has rocketed


ANTI-DEPRESSANT prescriptions in Guernsey have risen by more than 40% over the last five years, and are costing the States nearly £300,000 a year.

Spark! lantern parade lights up Guernsey


TOWN was flooded with light on Saturday night as the lantern parade saw thousands of people march from Cambridge Park to the Albert Pier.The event was organised by the Guernsey Arts Commission, and funded by the Sarah Groves Foundation in Sarah’s memory and in keeping with its mission to ‘enhance young lives’. Islanders were invited to create their own lanterns and join the parade, which was led by international street drummers Spark!. Click on this main picture to see some more of our favourite images from the night. Photos by Adrian Miller.

I'd planned motherhood meticulously... but it didn’t work like that

Emma Desprescredit Nick Despres

When yoga teacher Emma Despres realised she couldn’t conceive naturally, she turned to IVF and prepared herself for pregnancy using her natural therapy skills. Now the mother of two is running classes to help other women ‘connect with themselves’ and cope with today’s increasingly challenging life, as Samata Russell reports