Vandals target Little Chapel

THE Little Chapel has been vandalised for the third time in a year.

THE Little Chapel has been vandalised for the third time in a year. A stained-glass window in the main room of the chapel was smashed and six posts pulled from the front fence overnight on Saturday.

The resident caretaker made the discovery on Sunday morning, finding two posts by the broken window.

The stained-glass pane is probably an original piece, which would make it about 80 years old.

'It's very sad and quite distressing,' said Blanchelande Girls' College principal Lesley Le Page.

The school has had guardianship of the chapel since moving to the St Andrew's site about four years ago.

'It's a real pleasure to be responsible for it. It's a beautiful little building and very special to the island. It's part of childhood for so many locals and very popular with visitors, who come by the coach-load. Why anyone would want to smash it up is beyond my comprehension,' said Mrs Le Page.

Thieves have targeted the collection boxes twice in the last year, badly damaging the ones inside and outside the chapel by trying to break into them.

'Sadly you almost expect that in this day and age. We empty them every day.'

Vandals ripped up tulips planted by the parish in tubs at the school exit. Large hay bales were also moved into the road at night.

'It could have been lethal if someone had driven into one of those bales. If anyone sees things like this going on, I'd ask them to report it as soon as possible.'

Windows at the chapel have been smashed before and some have been covered with Perspex to protect them. The stained-glass window is due to be repaired by people who have previously fixed them.

Mrs Le Page said that the idea of the chapel was to keep it as accessible as possible.

'You can't make it secure without affecting visitors' access. We don't want it fenced off. It's a free attraction.'

A sign from the caretaker outside the chapel apologised for the state of the fence.

'The Little Chapel was vandalised on Saturday night. What a nice present for Our Lady's Mother's Day,' it said.

(Picture - Fence posts were probably used to smash a stained-glass window at the Little Chapel on Saturday night.)