Brew coup as Breda is made in Guernsey

GUERNSEY’S best-selling pint is now being brewed here.

0622194.jpgRandall’s MD Ian Rogers raises a glass of Breda at La Piette Brewery, the only place in the world where the brand is now brewed. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 0622194)

GUERNSEY’S best-selling pint is now being brewed here.

In fact, Breda lager is no longer made anywhere else.

Randall’s, which officially opens its La Piette Brewery at St George’s Esplanade this evening, has sealed a licensing deal with United Dutch Breweries and Inbev to brew the lager.

Randall’s MD Ian Rogers said that if they had not taken it on, the brand would have disappeared as its owners no longer wanted to make it.

On average, 5,000 pints of the full-bodied 5% alcohol lager are sunk across the Channel Islands daily. Drinkers in several local pubs have already unknowingly tasted the local brew over the past few weeks.

Brewery staff were sworn to secrecy about the deal.

Mr Rogers believes Randall’s has pulled off a coup by preserving arguably the island’s favourite brand.

He said the deal would also ensure that islanders were getting top-quality Breda. There had been complaints in the past couple of years about its taste.

‘We found out in spring 2007 that Inbev was going to stop doing Breda this summer. We saw it as an opportunity for us to continue the brand.

‘We approached Inbev about this and, unbelievably, they said yes, which means we are now the only Breda brewery in the world.’

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Holly Dowlen

If Breda's being brewed in Guernsey now surely the retail price will be cheaper? Good news!


One of the main things I miss about living in the UK now is a good pint of Breda. I can't believe it's not available over here. Well done Randalls for preserving this for future generations; it would have been a travesty to lose it! (p.s. I look forward to my free pint next time I'm over.)