Planning Applications - 16 September, 2008

Applications to the Environment Department, as published in the Guernsey Press.

Applications to the Environment Department, as published in the Guernsey Press.


Mr and Mrs E. Prentice – vary works previously approved to extend and alter dwelling at Northview, Rue a Fresne.

Mrs J. Dowinton – extend and alter office premises/barn and relocate oil tank at The Barn, Rue du Dos d’Ane.

Mr and Mrs P. Vivian – extend domestic curtilage at Nyallo, La Mare Estate, La Rocquette.

Miss B. C. Bell – install replacement windows at The Old School House, Rue des Eturs.

Mr B. Reeves and Miss L. McKenzie – vary works previously approved to extend and alter dwelling at Pieds Dans l’Eau, La Giffardiere, Albecq.

Mr and Mrs P. Guymer – erect a conservatory at Castaways, Sous les Courtils.

Mr and Mrs Le Page – fell leylandii and lop fir tree at Lapins aux Fougeres, Route de Cobo.

Mrs B. E. Miles – extend vehicular access and driveway (options 1 and 2) at Jardin du Soleil, Route de Cobo.

Nut Tree Ltd – create first-floor seating area and install external staircase and fencing at Rockmount Hotel, Cobo Coast Road.

Mertons Ltd – vary works previously approved to erect a sun lounge at Merton, Rue Cohu.

Mr G. Tradelius – erect stables, garage/store and a workshop at Soucique, La Charruee.


Constables of the Forest – replace metal flag poles with glass fibre ones at La Chambre de la Douzaine, Rue des Landes.

Mr and Mrs C. Roger – demolish existing and erect replacement hay barn (retrospective) (reconsideration) at Le Pre de Bas, Rue des Villets.

Mr and Mrs P. Paul – install a swimming pool at Les Petits Messuriers, Les Messuriers.


Mr and Mrs R. Rumens – demolish existing and erect replacement dwelling and extend domestic curtilage at The Bungalow, Les Ruettes.

K. D. Le Boutillier – install a boom to existing ariel mast at Tiverton, Route de la Croix au Bailiff.

Mr and Mrs A. Wilson – extend and alter dwelling at Gracelands, Rue du Tertre.

Mr and Mrs A. P. Northmore – extend and resurface driveway, install gate and relocate oil tank at Glenbrook, Les Huriaux.


Mr and Mrs J. E. Fitzgerald – extend and alter dwelling at Radipole, Les Hubits de Haut.

Mr and Mrs K. Howick – extend and make alterations at Yew Tree Cottage, Les Hubits de Haut.

Mr N. Greenway – erect a wall and resurface driveway at 6, La Hurette Lane.

Mr Delaney – replace conservatory with single-storey extension at Le Manoir, La Villette.

Mrs M. Le Q. Tostevin – vary works previously approved – increase width of lounge extension – at La Devise, La Motte Road.

Mrs E. Coquelin – extend and make alterations at Le Jardinet, Les Camps du Moulin.

Mr H. Masa – extend and alter dwelling at Jacaranda, Route des Blanches, Jerbourg Road.


Lumley North Ltd – raise ridge height of warehouse at Route de la Garenne.

Mr D. Etasse – demolish outbuilding and extend and alter dwelling at Amherst Lodge, Amherst.

Newtel Data Services Ltd – install two air-conditioning condenser units and an acoustic screen around existing ones and extend period of usage at Newtel Data Centre, First Tower Lane.

Mr S. Batiste – erect hoarding at Davos, La Ruette des Cotils.

Channel Islands Occupation Society – install handrails to bunker steps and replace bridges at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre, Amherst Road.

Coombe House Ltd – make alterations and extend (option A) at Coombe House, St Julian’s Avenue.

Mr and Mrs Clark – install solar panels at Queen’s Court, Doyle Road.

CHL Ltd – demolish section of wall and create temporary vehicular access at 4, Choisi, Les Gravees.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd – extend and alter dwelling at Pembroke House, Les Gravees.

Mr and Mrs A. Warren – erect a dwelling at Huntindone, Upper St Jacques.

Housing Department – fell leylandii trees, remove hedging and erect fencing at 17, Valnord Estate.

Seaquest Marine Ltd – erect an ‘A’ board at Church Square.

Raindrop Ltd – extend and make alterations at The Market 1.

Mr J. McEwan – strip and rerender front elevation, replace roof tiles and install new plastic windows (retrospective) at Jamdhin, 53, Mount Durand.

Mr and Mrs D. J. Smith – extend outbuilding to provide implement store at Sausmarez Lodge Farm, Queen’s Road.

Mr R. E. Cann – extend and alter dwelling at

Beaurepaire, Rue a l’Or.

Mr J. Hugo – demolish existing and construct four dwellings at Harcourt, Route Charles.

Mr I. McBoyle – install an oil tank and erect a wall (retrospective) at Abbey Court Hotel, Les Gravees du Sud.

Mr and Mrs C. Anderson – install two dormer windows and make alterations at Echo House, Stanley Road.

Mr G. Kaye – convert office into two-bedroom residential unit of accommodation at Grove House, Le Bordage.

Mr N. Clark – extend and alter dwelling at 10, The Strand.

Mr H. Orton – remove hedging, wall and railings to enlarge parking area (reconsideration) at Lindisfarne, 35, Mount Row.

Mr and Mrs P. Ockleford – demolish conservatory and erect a sun lounge at Mille Fleurs, Avenue du Manoir, Ville au Roi Estate.

Mr and Mrs B. Chapman – change shop to residential use at 14, Hauteville.

Mr A. Roberts – extend and make alterations and erect a garage at 67, La Corniche, Fort George.

Mr and Mrs Armstrong – erect glasshouse at La Forge, 120, Ruette Irwin, Fort George.

Seaquest Marine Ltd – erect an ‘A’ board at Victoria Pier.


Mr and Mrs W. Pipet – demolish conservatory and erect a sun lounge at Les Lucarnes, Route de Plaisance.

Mr and Mrs S. Mayor – extend and alter two dwellings (revised) at Ocean Breeze and La Vergee, Rue du Braye.

Mrs C. Brown – convert garage to habitable accommodation at Les Petits Grisiaux, Ruette du Val de Haut.

Mr I. Limond – install replacement windows and door at 4, Le Chateau Clos, Route de la Lague.


Aran Developments – vary works previously approved – install rooflights at Feldspar, Grandes Maisons Road.

Norman Piette – demolish existing store and erect two storage buildings at Bulwer Avenue.

Mr J. Blundell – erect a conservatory at Eastdale, Church Road.

Mr C. Archenoul – install new rooflight at La Petite Maison, Nocq Road.

Mr and Mrs T. Van der Linden – raise ridge height, install dormer windows, windows and rooflights and remove chimney at Coober Pedy, Les Sauvagees.

A. J. Troalic and Sons Ltd – erect signage and clad greenhouse at Villa Andorra, La Route du Braye.

Saltpans Investments Ltd – demolish packing sheds and stockpile non-hazardous and recyclable materials at Kenilworth Vineries, Saltpans Road.

Mr and Mrs P. Miles – extend and convert existing garage to a dower unit at Santana, Les Effards Road.

Mr and Mrs D. Evans – erect a garage and dower unit and refurbish bungalow at La Petite Marette, Les Osmonds Lane, La Route des Capelles.

Mr and Mrs Tostevin – erect a car port and agricultural/hay store at Willow Ranch, Les Osmonds.

Guernsey Housing Association – erect a terre a l’amende sign at Victoria Avenue.


Mrs A. Rigg – create a sand school at La Cour de Longue, Rue des Issues.

Le Grande Lande Residential Home Ltd – construct staff accommodation block (revised) at La Grande Lande Cottage, Les Buttes.


Dr G. A. Oswald – extend and alter dwelling at Les Messieres, Route de Pleinmont.


Bowman Haulage Ltd – change unit 5 to storage/distribution use class 39 (refrigerated storage) at Les Monmains Estate, La Hure Mare Road.

Fultura Ltd – install two wireless broadband access point modules at Guernsey Electricity, La Hougue Jehannet.

Mr M. Totty – vary works previously approved to erect a sun lounge and alter fenestration at Teilaro, 4, Clos de Baugy, La Grande Rue.

Mrs V. Travers – clad and alter shed at Chelston, Rue des Landes.

Mr and Mrs A. Brun – extend and alter dwelling and erect an attached garage and install rooflight (revised) at Notre Reve, Rue du Marais.

Mr K. Drysdale – create new vehicular access and parking, replace garage and construct a car port at The Red Cottage, Rue du Marais.

Mr M. Hesse – change use of apartments to permanent residential and self-catering at Swallow Apartments, La Cloture, L’Ancresse.

Mr and Mrs D. Woolland – extend dwelling at La Morada, Mont Cuet Road.

A. Robilliard – erect fencing at Petite Cache, Rue du Douit.

Mr and Mrs C. Falla – convert barn and pool room to create a separate unit of residential accommodation at Les Deux Pieces, Rue du Douit.

Mr D. A. Hollingsworth – extend and alter dwelling (options A and B) at Bilgola, Portinfer Road.

Mr B. Warr and Ms J. Carre – extend and alter dwelling (revised) at Cloudy Bay, Les Dicqs.

It is requested that anyone wishing to make representations about a particular application should submit them in writing to the Environment Department, at the address given below, within seven days of the publication of the above list.

In the interest of avoiding delays to applicants, working drawings and minor applications are not normally included as part of this list. However, a complete register containing details of all applications received is available for inspection by the general public at the department’s offices at Level 3, Sir Charles Frossard House, La Charroterie, St Peter Port, during the hours of 9am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays.

Please note that the content of any letters of representation are not treated as confidential by the department and will be disclosed, at their request, to the applicant once the application has been determined.