Three-year jail term for horse indecency

A MAN was sent to prison for three years yesterday for an indecent act with a horse.

A MAN was sent to prison for three years yesterday for an indecent act with a horse.

In March last year, Leeroy Le Gallais, 46, was found guilty of attempting to interfere with the same animal and a three-year probation order was imposed. But the Royal Court heard yesterday how Le Gallais had visited the Castel stable again in April when the latest more serious offence was committed.

Crown Advocate Graeme McKerrell told how the owner of Calico - a 20-year-old bay gelding - had checked on the horse to settle it for the evening at about 6.30 on Friday 25 April.

‘A horse rug was placed over the animal and secured with four straps,’ said Advocate McKerrell. The owner returned at 7.15am the next day to find the rug lying on the floor and a stool that had been left outside the stable had been brought inside.

As a result of the previous incident the owner contacted police and Le Gallais was arrested at 1pm.

DNA from forensic samples found on the horse matched that of the defendant. Advocate Sara Mallett told the court that her client had cooperated with police throughout and had pleaded guilty to the offence at the first opportunity.

Le Gallais had learning difficulties, she said, and an IQ rated at between 63 and 70 - those below 69 are deemed to be ‘extremely low’.

* Sitting as Magistrate, Mr Finch revoked the probation order and replaced it with a nine-month prison sentence to run concurrently.

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Not again.. What is this island come too..

Throw away the key this time.. please..


I wonder if this is going to be picked up by the national media?

Gollygate, the sick abuse in jersey and its cover up. People left contemplating suicide over their lost savings and our couldn't care less attitude. And now we have our very own homebred animal farm actor.

Yet those in politics will still wish to remain upbeat and cling onto the sad misconseption that we are well regulated and respected. A good place to do business?

This Island is becoming more of a laughing stock for the world by the day. What will tomorrow bring? One thing that i'm certain of, it will be interesting!

Paul Macca

The guy has an IQ of 63-70 - sending him to prison says it all about Guernsey - compassion? Understanding? Nah - throw away the key.


It is already in the sun online paper.

Should have locked him up for a lot longer than he got


I know this will put the cat among the pigeons, but it's only a horse for goodness sake. Men have received lighter sentences than that for abusing children on the island. Furthermore, the poor guy is obviously half-witted and probably can't help himself. Put him in a secure hospital where he can be properly monitored and/or rehabilitated. Prison won't make any difference - he'll just go through 2 years of hellish condemnation and victimisation and probably come out even worse than he went in. I know the lynch-mob will shout me down, but THIS is what I call blowing things out of proportion.


The guy obviously has mental health issues - why is there the need to mention his IQ? Putting him in prison will not solve the matter.

As for those chanting 'throw away the key', perhaps your ridiculously low IQ should also be mentioned.


Bridge - one hundred percent agree with you. Thank goodness for some common sense on here.

Just a pity that Guernsey is now known as a place where people perform sexual acts on horses and where leading politicians think it's "actually quite humorous" to be racist. So much for our outstanding global reputation.


I agree BRIDGE prison will not make a difference..he needs to be in a secure hospital where he can be monitored.

And yes as always all blown out of proportion, then again what do you expect from an ISLAND..not much else goes on to make the news hey..


The man is obviously unwell. A little more compassion for the man might do some of you some good.

"As for those chanting ‘throw away the key’, perhaps your ridiculously low IQ should also be mentioned." Exactly Chris.


Sorry may have been a bit hard on the guy saying throw away the key..

But he really does need help of some sort to keep him off the streets good this time.

leigh haines

i suggest bringing back the birch...we cant have people walking around thinking they can do or say as they please......on a more serious note, this man needs therapy at the very least, he should not be treated as a sex pest or a some american states you can marry your horse, so i suggest that when he gets out that he goes to live in one of them and enjoy the rest of his life.


As the saying goes, they do it once, they do it again. How do you think the horse owner feelsand how you'd feel if it was your animal that was interfered with?


Hes lucky he went nowhere near my horse!

Or i'd be in prison for murder.

I dont care how low his IQ is, that is just sick to do to a poor defenceless animal.

He needs serious mental help.


leigh haines

Not very intelligent with the above post! Read it and comment again! You have contradicted yourself many times in such a short posting?

leigh haines

yes...a very bad post i must say


Heh. "but it’s only a horse for goodness sake" comment up there.

This story made its way onto most of the more notorious internet chatboards yesterday.

leigh haines

Currently, the legal status of bestiality varies across the world. In some countries, such as Sweden, and Denmark bestiality remains legal. In Canada, the Netherlands, much of the United States, Australia and New Zealand, it is completely outlawed. In Great Britain, only penetrative acts are illegal. Countries such as Belgium, Germany and Russia are somewhere in between; they permit sexual activity with animals, but strictly prohibit the promotion of animal-oriented pornography.Notable legal views include Sweden, where a 2005 report by the Swedish Animal Welfare Agency for the Swedish government expressed strong concerns over the increase in reports of horse-ripping incidents. The Swedish Animal Welfare Agency believed current animal cruelty legislation was not sufficient in protecting animals from abuse and needed updating, but concluded that on balance it was not appropriate to call for a ban. In New Zealand, the 1989 Crimes Bill abolished bestiality as a criminal offense, instead viewing it a mental health issue. Some countries once had laws against single males living with female animals. For example, an old Peruvian law allegedly prohibited single males from owning a female alpaca..(wikipedia)


You people whose comment "it's only a horse" obviously have no compassion for animals. Animals like children have feelings and are aware when something is wrong, why do you think the horse was boxwalking, its a sign of extreme stress. Horses can get depressed. I really feel for the horse and the owners, so much for the law protecting the innocent. Prison is far to good for that person he will be out in less than a year.

Val Bolan

castration is the answer. for him and paedophiles alike. then they definately wont be able to reoffend.


leigh haines|

You appear hell bent on quoting facts grafted from the web. However you come across as vague, at the best of times, with reference to your own opinions! Why is this the case actually? Do you support this sickos views then?

If so then where will this sicko graduate to next then. If he checks out any of my kids then he won't be behind bars he will cease to exist. Simple as that really. Just like many of your cut and paste posts!

leigh haines

paul...i suggest you look up your own facts on the web and try to find out where it says you may kill another person just because he / she has another view on the world...this man has a sexual problem, but only because you dont like your views extend to gay sex as well? as a guernsey man i have heard of many animals being used for sex over here, cows,horses and even dogs..happens all over the world and you will never stop it. jailing a man who fancies horses will not "cure" him in the same way that the gay men and women can't be is in their nature to find the same sex attractive and that is the joy of being one of gods creations...animal sex is only wrong if you practice sex where the law prohibits it..end of is another subject all together about animal feelings and does not matter in this forum topic. as i posted before, when he gets out of prison he should go and enjoy the rest of his life in america living the life he wants to live..


Spends some States of Guernsey money on rehabilitation of this poor man. Get a horse whisperer to help the horse and all the locals who think that throwing away the key is money well spent, just take a nano second to think twice. The judge needs to think twice as well. Unbelievable that this has blown up into an international story, to the detriment of the island, when the end of this story should have been some supervision and hospitalisation for the poor guy so he can be returned to society as a healed man, not festering in prison, broken and humiliated. Or is that what Guernsey enjoys??? The tabloid certainly does.


I am stunned this man is getting mentioned in the same breath as Paedophiles....

Yes what he did was wrong and sick but to compare him to Paedophile is just wrong...

This should not be compared on the same level as Child abuse.

Captial Punishment

Anon needs to get a life; poor this and the rest of the do gooders - poor that - lets all go hug some trees and everything will be fine with counselling - hello, look at the statistics - reoffending is almost guaranteed. It wont, if it is not a horse, it will be something else - hopefully maybe your relative when the animals arent available anymore. Pity we have to waste our tax money on caring for these individuals, pity capital punishment isnt legal at the minimum.

He isnt going to get better - face up to it.


leigh haines

I am entitled to feel that my children and pets should be allowed to enjoy life without fearing sickos taking advantage of them!

Had I caught this excuse of a man wishing to get fresh with the things that I cherish then my actions would ultimately speak for themselves.

Maybe he should be an equestrian lover in a land that couldn't care less. My opinion would still be the same and my actions would do the talking.

We all need to stop feeling sympathy and actually start taking real action!


Amazing Capital Punishment way to go on mis-reading my comment round of applause.... Can you please re-read my comment I was by no means defending the man...Like I said before Yes the man is sick and should be punished.. but its not on the same level as child abuse surely, he aint Gary Glitter!!

You are well out of line to bring my relatives into this and also ...... why the hell would he abuse my family when he likes horses its the 2nd time he's been caught!....

leigh haines

he is not a "sicko" as you put it. he has a bond with this horse...right or wrong is up to the law.he needs sex therapy, not locking up for 3 years so we can feel "safer" in our beds..unless he gets help in prison he will come out feeling just the same sexual urges. it is just a shame that we seem to put animals before children, as these two cases just prove..


leigh haines|

He has a bond with horses? He is not a sicko? What the hell is this comment about then?

He has sickly bonded with this unfortunate horse. Animals don't talk with a voice that we understand. Does this make it ok for sickos to abuse them then?

Not in my book. They place trust in us humans. They still have feelings. Sickos tend to focus on the vulnerable just like paedophiles target the young and play on their ignorance of whats right and wrong so that they can satisfy their own sick actions.

Like I have posted earlier if this man was in my stable he would have had health issues thats for sure! He would be fighting for his life in intensive care.

Animals and chilren deserve to be to be protected with equal measures. Nobody has any rights other than to appreciate what beauty they bring into our lives.

Mr Haines seems to be the only person defending this sickos actions! Why is this exactly?


Unforunatley we are in a world where some animal lovers liken their pets to kith and kin. You have to wonder whether given a choice between shooting an animal or shooting a person, they'd have to think about it.

"Shouldn't be walking the streets"? He's fiddled a horse, not run amok in a play ground.

Treatment and possibly some form of curfew, but prison is just lazy justice.


Anon... I'm told it's the 3nd time... I can think of some punishments.. but don't they are legal any more.


"How do you think the horse owner feels" - Are you kidding?

"in some american states you can marry your horse, so i suggest that when he gets out that he goes to live in one of them and enjoy the rest of his life". Absolutely.


Isnt he mad rather than a criminal?


Between this bloke and Bernard what a wonderful impression of Guernsey the world is getting right now


leigh Haines: 'he has a bond with this horse'

A bond is where the animal trusts you to provide care for it and look after it. not subject it to your sick sexual fantasies!

you to must be deranged to even think of that as a bond.

I see it as sexual assualt. Rape.

Just because it happened to an animal doesnt make its any less severe, just think, maybe next time it will be your child.


Mmm - this all appears to be getting a bit silly!

Le Gallez has performed (again) a premeditated sexual act with an animal - which is (rightly) against the law.

The law has dealt with him. He has received a custodial sentence as a punishment (which also removes him from society for a while). Which is a good thing.

The problem will, unfortunately, reappear in three years time when he is released. The sensible action at that time is to assess whether he is still a danger to animals (or humans) - if it is deemed that he is then the only sensible course of action is to ship him off the the UK and and make sure he gets the treatment he needs in a secure facility.

There is no provision for that treatment in the Island - which is another debate.

The only other course of action from a local perspetive is chemical or physical castration - which I suspect won't be an option!

What he has done is almost as serious as rape or serious sexual assault of a human - lets not forget that.

Lets hope he gets the treatment he needs in order to protect animals and their owners.

Paul Macca

I think that the whole thing shows how silly Guernsey is. I rather think it was sexual relief Mr Le Gallez was after and not specifically an act of beastiality.

Lets not forget this is a very simple minded man (restricted gene pool?) who is probably pretty unattractive to the opposite (or same) sex. However, he will have needs and desires just like everyone else.

The most proactive thing would have been to fund a sentence of hard labour :-) in Amsterdam twice a month where he could service these needs and desires - probably little chance of him reoffending then and much cheaper than locking him up.

The Dutch have such an enlightened attitute to this kind of thing and it seems to work. Of course such activities could also be legalised in Guernsey to provide an even cheaper solution (prostitution - not beastiality) ..... on the other hand you could throw away the key.

Compassion, empathy and understanding are not qualities of the powers that be in Guernsey - and i speak from experience having already done my 9 year sentence on your beautiful but morally bankrupt island - Do something about the corruption and leave poor unfortunates like Mr Le Gallez alone - he obviously doesn't have 2 brain cells to rub together eh.