‘Zico’ making his mark in Melbourne

RYAN-ZICO BLACK is down under helping a football side reach the top of their league.

Ryan Zico BlackRYAN-ZICO BLACK is down under helping a football side reach the top of their league.

The 27-year-old local professional footballer (pictured), who has spent the majority of his career in the English Non-League system, currently finds himself in Melbourne.

After originally turning out for Sunshine George Cross in the Victorian Premier League, he dropped down to join Morwell Pegasus in the Victorian State League Division Two South-East on a semi-professional basis. They were near the bottom of the league but when Black joined them to pull the strings in the centre of midfield, they have won their last five matches and are now top of the table.

‘It’s going really well,’ said Black.

‘I was in and out of Sunshine George Cross because they had a massive squad.

‘Morwell offered me a good deal and the opportunity to play every week.

‘I jumped at the chance.’

Black has got another five weeks in Australia before he returns to the island for a friend’s wedding.

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this article is such rubbish, i am from guernsey and play football in new south wales and the league he is playing in is beneath the priaulx league back home by a mile, and the most he will be getting paid to play is approx $3000 whis is about 1500 pounds a year (O and he probs get a free membership to a gym aswell). the team i play for is in a better league than the one he is and we have won the league two years in a row and only lost 1-0 in the state grand final last year. If he was as good as he says he is he should have stayed at home and played priaulx football


With the World Cup coming up it is important he gets first team football.

Go Zico!


i hope you are havin a laugh dean. World cup, that is funny, he wouldnt get in the san marino side. world cup ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha