Auberge tops Good Food Guide local listings

THE AUBERGE has topped Guernsey entries in the 2010 Good Food Guide.

THE AUBERGE has topped Guernsey entries in the 2010 Good Food Guide.0838096

The St Martin’s restaurant was awarded a cooking score of five out of 10 by the guide, compiled by Which? consumer magazine, which puts it on a par with TV chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant at Claridge’s Hotel in London.

Head chef Daniel Green said a consistently high standard had helped the Guernsey restaurant.

‘Customers know what I do and I know what they want,’ said Mr Green, who has been head chef at the restaurant for four years, and has worked there for five.

The restaurant, which is owned by Lapwing Trading, has achieved the same score for the past five years. Unlike Ramsay’s £70-a-head menu, the Auberge gains its plaudits for £27.

‘To keep up with five in the current climate and still run a successful business is something I am very happy about,’ said the Peterborough-born chef, who is one of a team of five chefs at the restaurant.

His wife’s family brought him to the island after working in London for 13 years. It was there he met her and they now have a five-year-old daughter.

‘There was a lot to live up to when I arrived,’ he said.

He said there had been visitors to Guernsey who specifically came to the restaurant because they were included in the guide - which a restaurant cannot pay to be in.

Comments for: "Auberge tops Good Food Guide local listings"

Paul Le P

Congratulations to the team at the Auberge for this recognition.

Personally I'm not a great fan of the restaurant but what do I know? I've never liked the gourmet experience too much - big portions of hearty fare is my tipple!

Sarkdog Millionaire

Well done to Dan and his team. An excellent eatery. Fab food. Fine wine. Savvy staff. Top spot. Well deserved. Long may they prosper.

The epitome of Guernsey alfresco dining.


The Auberge is very nice - good food, good service, fantastic views, and consistent too.

But the noise! Their internal decor (all hard surfaces and little sound absorbency) means that noise from customers builds up very quickly and everyone ends up a) shouting, and b) unable to follow conversations at their own table. It's tiring, unrelaxing, and just takes the edge off what would otherwise be a pretty perfect place to have a meal, in my view.

It's a well known problem in the restaurant industry, and there are plenty of solutions. Please, Auberge management, get someone in to help you sort this out!

I for one would be there more often, and it'd definitely help attract the very important "grey pound".


Heartening to see the award, on a month's break to Guernsey in June this year, we were highly impressed with our dining experience at the Auberge.

Compares very well with 'posh scoff' eateries in London, the Auberge sost for our meal for two was £67 including wine. Superb value for the standard of cuisine etc.

The 'Grey Pound' is very much in evidence there and the lunctime when we ate, we were outnumbered by the older diners 5:1. (I'm 54 so draw your conclusions as to the average diner's age!)

Personally I didn't find the noise an issue but wonder if those using hearing amplification might struggle with adjusting their sets, so to speak ;-0

Neil Inder

Consistently good food, service and views. Well done Daniel, excellent job and a credit to our island.