Independent expert to review child protection

CHILD protection services face a Scrutiny review.

Deputy Martin StoreyCHILD protection services face a Scrutiny review.

Significant changes are being introduced as part of the implementation of the new children’s law, which is expected to come into force early in 2010.

The committee’s latest progress report reveals that it will commission an independent consultant to investigate this area once the changes have bedded in.

It has set up a panel, led by Deputy Martin Storey (pictured), to draw up terms of reference.

‘In the light of high profile incidents such as Baby P and the Doncaster cases, no system of child protection should go without asking serious questions of itself to make sure that it can safeguard, as far as is possible, against such tragic events ever happening in their jurisdiction,’ said Scrutiny.

The committee says that the main aim of the investigation is to assure islanders that the Guernsey system for the protection of children is as robust as it can possibly be. In particular, Scrutiny wants to ensure that ‘on the ground’ service delivery is effective.

Any recommendations from the review would be aimed at strengthening arrangements for protecting children.