Sark goes to the polls

VOTING is well under way in Sark for the island’s second fully democratic elections.

VOTING is well under way in Sark for the island’s second fully democratic elections.

A resident charged with crowd control at the Island Hall joked he had ‘kept the queue orderly,’ as the doors opened this morning at the polling station and one person was waiting to cast their vote.

It was a far cry from two years ago, when the world’s media descended on the island from 10am.

There was a steady stream of islanders arriving to ensure their voice was heard in an island that is still sharply divided.

Tony Ventress, one of the 21 candidates vying for the 14 available seats, was the first to cast his vote. He is hoping to be re-elected and said democracy anywhere had to be supported.

‘It’s more important than ever that the electorate turns out again,’ he said.

The island held its first full elections in 2008, with half the seats initially being for a two year term, and the rest for four years.

Sark resident Phyllis Rang, 86, sat as a conseiller for 39 years and said things in Sark had changed beyond recognition in recent years. She said the island was currently living under a ‘dictatorship ruling’ and that unnecessary regulations were being forced upon the islands.

Angie Dedman moved to Sark three years ago with her husband and said it was immoral for islanders not to exercise their right to vote – especially if they were going to criticise the decision.

She said the island was divided and that progress could only be made when the ill feeling was put to one side and the ‘bitching’ stopped.

The polling station closes at 6pm with results expected at approximately 10pm.

  • Results in Thursday's Guernsey Press. See below for subscription details.

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hooray for democracy! lets hope people get it right this time! No more closed doors and backroom politics!


Well the Sarkes have voted and once again despite his rants and raves in his propaganda newsletter, KDs opinions (as usual) were ignored by the populus of Sark. I wonder if Sark will once again get the back lash of voting against his wishes? How long will it be before the interest of the SEM are closed in protest? The islanders have been forced to have deplomatic elections and again they have shown that the SEM rants will not sway their minds. Well done Sark.